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Freemen 1800

From The History of Danby, Vermont, by J. C. Williams, 1869

Danby Freemen in 1800

Benjamin Kelley

Jacob Wynn

Joseph Irish

David Irish Jr.

Hatsel Kelley

Ebenezer Smith

Abel Irish

John Harrington

Gideon Irish

Richard Calkins

Enoch Congor

Stephen Calkins

David Irish

Alexander Barrett

Benjamin Sherman

William Lewis

William Cook

Peter Lewis

Deliverance Rogers

Abel Haskins

Gersham Congor

John Sealey

Isaac Wilber

David Nichols

James Nichols

Rufus Colvin

Rufus Rogers

Darius Lobdell

Joseph Ross

Henry Frost

Abraham Brown

Micajah Weed

Nathan Smith

Chad. Phillips

James Bates.

John Harrington Jr

Joseph Bates

Pardon Kelley

Nicholas Cook

Jonathan Seley

Sylvanus Cook

Stephen Sava

John Barlow

Abner Blackmore

Jacob Shippee

Sampson Harrington

Henry Wilbur

Adam Johnston

Daniel Southwick

Peter Harrington

George Cook

Miner Hilliard

Nathaniel Harrington

Thomas Griffith.

Henry Chase

Jonathan Griffith

Ishmael Matteson

Nathan Lapham

Elisha Southwick

Moses Keith

Charles Wells

Samuel Dow

Charles Nichols

Seth Wood

John Rogers

Joel Micks

Anthony Nichols

James Bowling

Ezekel Ballard

Abraham Staples

Joseph Button

Daniel Sherman

Thomas Potter

Daniel Cook

Jacob Bartlett

Isaac Ballard

Nathaniel Wait

Nathan Ballard

Joseph Rogers

Joseph Harris

James Soule

Henry D. Hitt

Obediah Edmunds

Snow Randall

Jonathan Wood

Constant Viol

Daniel Cook

Levi Thornton

Mathew Wing

Richard Chatsey

Mathew Wing Jr.

George Griffith

Timothy Bull Jr.

Levi Sherman

Crispin Bull

Thomas Harrington Jr.

Joseph Bull

Noah Wood

Zoeth Allen

Isahad Thayer

John Allen

Prince Allen

Bradford Barnes

Asa Brown

Lemuel Griffith

Daniel Brown

Elisha Fish

Daniel Parris

Stephen Rogers

John Fay

David Griffith

Elisha Brown

John H. Andrus

Parris Brown

Jonathan Irish Jr.

Reubin Fisk

John Allen Jr.

Henry Signor

John Buxton

Benoni Fisk

Joshua Colvin

Benjamin Fisk

Amos Colvin

Oliver Thayer

Caleb Parris

David Matteson

William Edmunds

Job King

Charles Kingsbury

Joseph King

Peter Wooden

Daniel Hill

Isaac Rogers

Abel Horton

Benjamin Thompson

Joseph Armstrong

Nathan Spaulding

David Comstock

Caleb Phillips

Stephen Williams

Amos Brown

Hosea Williams

Daniel Kelley

Daniel Bromley

John Northrup

Henry Clark

Israel Phillips

Stephen Colvin

Titus Colvin

Caleb Colvin

Timothy Buxton

Dennis Canfield

John Lewis

Luther Colvin

Nathaniel Smith

John Clark

Thomas Harrington

Nathan Clark

Paul Hulett

Moses Vail

Ezekel Smith

Ephriam Seley

John Sayles

Harris Otis

Reubin Colvin

Roswell Dart

Elkanah Parris

Edmund Grinman

Ebenezer Nichols

William Lee

Amasa Smith

Seth Cook

David Gilmore

Aaron Hill

Bethuel Bromley

John Hill

Reubin White

Elisha Tryon

Jacob Eddy

William Bromley Jr.

Hosea Eddy

William Bromley

John Palmer

John Signor

Henry Herrick Jr.

Jacob Lewis

Nathan Weller

Gilbert Palmer

Gardner Harrington

Edward Vail

John Weller

Elihu Sherman

Richard Latten

Nathan Saulesbury

Jonathan Irish

Henry Herrick

Jonathan Staples

James Conkright

Edmund Potter

Daniel Remmington

Jonathan Remmington

Joseph Remmington

Elisha Harrington

John Johnson

Jabeth Matteson

Lot Harrington

Andrew White

Oliver Harrington

Levi Taft

- - -

The above list contains two hundred and two names, and is supposed to be an accurate list of the freemen in town at that time. We find by comparison, that there are fifty nine names found upon the roll of 1778, which are not found upon the roll of 1800, some of whom had removed from town, and others had died.

Caleb Clark

John Broughton

Moses Clark

Solomon Baker

Joseph Carr

Timothy Barnum

Simeon Holton

Samuel Irish

Enoch Eddy

John Safford

Phillip Griffith

Joseph Searle

Daniel Hulett

Zebulon Sprague

William Harrington

Israel Seley

The above list contains twenty-eight names, and it is with feelings of sadness that we read over the names upon these rolls, of men who once lived and moved upon this stage of action, but have long since passed to "that bourne from which no traveller returns." In them we read our own fate. There are but few of those men now living, less than half a dozen perhaps, over whose heads the winters of four score years and ten have passed.

John White

Caleb Morey

Henry Wilbur

David Carrish

Cristopher Sherman

William Louin

John Russell

Matteson Taft

Gideon Barnum

Plin Adams

Abraham Chase

Philander Barrett

Above  will be found a list of names taken from rolls made at intervening periods, and which are not found upon either of the other rolls, showing who had been residents of the town previous to 1800, but had passed off.

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