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1835 Revolutionary War Pensioners from Rutland
1840 Pensioners from VT - Kathy Leigh
Soldiers of King Philip's War
Danby - lots of data added to this site!
1790 Rutland, VT Census!

     A county in the S. W. central part of Vermont, has an area of about 960 square miles. It is in part bounded on the W. by Lake Champlain, and is drained principally by Otter creek and its branches, which supply water-power for numerous mills. It contains several small lakes and ponds, among which may be mentioned Lake Austin and Bombazine lake.The surface is elevated, and in the E. part mountainous. The soil is fertile, especially along the valley of Otter creek. Potatoes, wool, and grass are the staples. (1854 U.S. Gazetteer)

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Brandon Castleton Chittenden
Danby Fair Haven Hubbardton
Middletown Springs Mount Holly Pawlet
Pittsfield Pittsford Poultney
Wallingford Proctor Rutland
Wells West Rutland  

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1835 Revolutionary War Pensioners from Rutland
1840 Pensioners from VT - Kathy Leigh
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