1746 Petition for the Protection of Township No. 4

~~~ Signed by folks in Middlesex & Worcester Counties ~~~

Communicated by James Lawrence Bass
Source: NEHGS Register, Vol 13, January 1859

Transcribed by: Janice Farnsworth <Farns10th@aol.com>

The document of which the following is a copy, is in my (Bass) possession. The chirography is somewhat obscure; but wherever the least doubt exists, as to a correct deciphering, I have affixed an interroation mark. Believing this waif of the olden time of sufficient historical and genealogical interest to merit a place in the Register, it is respectfully submitted.

 December 31, 1746

"To his Excelancy and the whol Court - the petition of us, the subscribers [listed below], humbly showeth that dwelling near the frontiers of this Province and being hartely Consarned for the Interest of it as being members of the same and pertickelorly that of the most Exterior Inland fronteers, we cannot but attempt a modest Representation of our sentements to your Excelancey and honnors, as followeth."

"We humbly conceve it would be for the Good of the Province in General as well as the fronteers in partickler that the Tounship called No. 4 on the Connecticut River [which became Charlestown, New Hampshire] with the Asshaweletts & should be protected & aprehend the Inhabitance to have ben a a grate safegard to all that Lye near the senter of the province, as an arguement of which we might aledg the Repeted skirmages those inhabitance have had with the Indian Enemy who in al prowebilety would have infected the Interior Parts and Consequently would have ben much more extencively mischeveas had they not ben prevented by such a

barrer, apprehending Lickewise that these places, if defended, may be of Singular sarvis to such volinteers on there Return as may be sent against the Enemy and that it cannot commode the publick to give the Enemy such a wide extent of Land unsettled as Lys within these Places

and tho we must express our loall gratetude for the paternall care of the Goverment in allowing supplys of Soulders to the towns to which many of us belong yet we cant but think it would have ben as conducive to the General savefty, as well as the welth of the Province to have placed them nearer the Enemies Cuntrey, for which Reson we shall for the futer Readily submitt to there Removefall to these Exterior Places even tho' it should not sarve our own privett defence and advantage - for these Resons not to mention the pitefall surcomstances of these poore inhabitance we humbly Intreet your Excelancey and honnors to Protect there strong and Costley Garisons, if such a gracious answer to our prayer suitable obediance we will allways submitt and your

petisioners will ever pray etc. December 31, 1746"

[Signed by the following Petitioners]


Lancaster [Mass.]

Nathaniel Wyman; Joseph White; Asale (?) Phelps; John Wilder; Jewett Kilborn; Phinehas Willard; Asa Whitcomb; Hez' Whitcomb; Daniel Jewett; Tho's Sawyer; Caleb Wilder; John Snow; John Hoslen (?); James Houghton; Edward Phelps; Ebez' Bemond; Jona't Osgood; Sam'll Sawyer; Benj'a Houghton; Jacob Fowl; Abijah Wyman; Eph' Wilder; Josiah White; John Bennett; Hocker Osgood, Jr.; Joseph Osgood; Eph'm Wilder, Jr.; Daniel Osgood; Eph'm Sawyer; Joseph Bennett; Benj'a Houghton; Ezra Sawyer; Ruben Rugg; Jona't Pow(e)rs; Jona't Wilder; Aaron Dresser; Menassa Dinel; Sam'll Carter; Jeremiah Haskel; Andrew Wilder; Zaccarey Boynton; Phin'a Bemond; Ephraim Roper; James Ross; John Whelock; Henerey Haskill; Mathew Clark; Stanton Prentice; Isrell Houghton; Joseph Whitcomb; Jona't Kendall; Josiah Ballard; Nathaniel Sawyer; Shewbell Baley; Edwar'd Robins; Assa Richardson; Thom's Burpee; John Crosbee; Eben'z Buss; Daniel Wilder; Nathaniel White; Eben'a Taylor.

Leominster [Mass.]

Jona't White; Joseph Whelock; Tho's Wilder; Tho's Houghton; Garnor Wilder; Jona't Willson; Benj'a Whitcomb; Jonathan Carter; James Butler; Na't Carter; Tho's Debuenport; Will'm Dinel; Joseph Beman; Ab(i)jah Smith; Nathan Smith; Tho's White; Phillop Swetzer; Ebe'z Poley; Jona't Johnson; Ruben Gat(e)s; Stephen Buss; Simon Butler; John Phelps; Josiah White.

Lunenburg [Mass.]

Jonathan Hubbard; Thomas Prentice; Jonathan Bradstreet; Benj'a Goodridge; Samuell Johnson; John Hayward; John Grout; Wm Daves [or Downs]; Sam. Reed; Benj'a Foster; Jacob Stiles; Samuell Cumings; Thomas Carter; David Chaplin; Thomas Brown; Jeremiah Norcross; Josiah Bayley (?); Sam. Bradstreet; Jonathan Bradstreet; Ezekiel Wyman; John Gipson; Joshua Goodridge; Benj'a Coney; David Carlile; Moses Mitchel; Nath. Page; Jacob Warren; Phillip Goodridge; Eleazer Houghton; Jonathan Willard, Jr.; Joseph Fuller; James Kimbal; Wm. Haderson (?); Zachariah Whitney; Joseph Holt; Nathaniel Hastings; Patrick White; Charles White; Sam'll Page; Nathaniel Harwood; Jonathan Hubbard Jr; Jonathan Wood; Ebenezer Tarbell; John Jeneson; Aaron Brown; Jonathan Whitney; James Reed; John Scott; Reuben Dodge; Francis Butrick; John White; David Holt; Ephraim Wetherbee; Isaac Gibson; James Hilch; Abraham Sanderson; Hezekiah Wetherbee; Wm Canadee; Thomas Morrison; Robert Smith; John Smith; Wm Smith; Daniel Asleen; Thomas Dutton; Isaac Foster; Joseph Goodridge; Wm. Stewart; John Gipson; Josiah Dodge; Josiah Dodge, Jr; Eli Dodge; Jonathan Pearce; Abell Platts; Thomas Little; John Marlain; John Divul; John Mansfield; Sam'll Davill (?); Ephraim Whitney; Jacob Gould; Harington Gibson; Benj'a Ganey; Moses Gould.

Groton [Mass.]

John Gilson; Thomas Laurence; Aaron Woods; Francis Harris; Jonathan Holden; Abraham Moors; Shadrick Whitney; Phinehas Waight; Joseph Stone; Wm Bennit; Seth Walker; Isaac Holden; Henry Farwell; Isaac Green; Benj'a Chase; Benj'a Stone; Nathan Hubbard; Simon Pearce; Sam. Nichols; John Pratt; John Page; Wm Tarbell; Zera Farnsworth; Wm Parker; Jonas Varnum; James Lakin; Sam. Tarbell; Benj'a Bancroft; Benj'a Lawrence; Jonathan Shadick [probably intented for Jonathan Shattuck]; Peter Hubbard; Wm Simonds; Wm Lakin; Jabez Kendal; Benj Hassen [Hazen]; Ebenezer Nutten [Nutting] Daniel Nutten [Nutting] Isaac Phillips; Sam. Bowers; Joseph Parker; Nathaniel Lawrence.

Townsend [Mass.]

Daniel Taylor; John Connant; Joseph Baldwin; Jacob Baldwain; Isaac Spaldin; James Wilson; Ebenezer Wyman; Ephraim Stephen; Jeremiah Ball; Joseph Stephen; Wm Fletcher; Uriah Sarttle; Robert Avery; John Dutten; Zachariah Emery; Wm Robbe.

Harvard [Mass.]

Peter Atherton; Joseph Hutchings; Joseph Haskill; James Willard; Sam. Haskill; Tarbell Willard; Robert Holland; Oliver Atherton; Henry Willard; Wm Farr; Thomas Tunuley (?); Lemuel Willard; James Godfrel; David Whitney; Isaac Willard; Joseph Willard.

Bolton [Mass.]

Elias Sawyer; Nath. Wilson; Elisha Sawyer.

This document transcribed by Janice Farnsworth. Thank you Janice !!!!

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