Code for reading chart:

Bk -- Book, referring to sections as described in Introduction

Tier Tier number as given in Journal

Seq Sequence of names as entered in the Journal

Journal Entry Name as read in Journal. Some names were unreadable and are indicated as such

Year- Year of death if known. Italics means an approximate date based on surrounding records.

Cemetery Probable cemetery of burial

PH -- Prospect Hill Cemetery, South Main Street, Brattleboro, Vermont

Asylum Thought to be cemetery behind Linden Lodge, or perhaps another unknown burial ground located on Asylum/Retreat property

GS Indicates gravestone, showing if the person has a gravestone that has been seen

Y Yes

N No or not known of

U Unknown

Gravestone Information includes reading from gravestones and a few comments, most often regarding tier, interments, and cross reference information

M. St. marital status as seen on Census or Town Records

Census Records Shows basic census information for some patients. The census year is given first. All records refer to patients listed in the Asylum in Brattleboro VT, unless other wise noted. There are a few entries from the 1880 Vermont Death Index and it is noted as such.

Birthplace/BVR/Other Sources Other information found. Most often this is from Brattleboro Vital Records (BVR). Many entries have been written out here, although there are many more where the entry only shows that they were recorded in the Brattleboro records and the birthplace if given there. A complete table of entries found can be seen in the book A Record of Burials at the Vermont Asylum, Later Known as the Brattleboro Retreat, 1837-1900, compiled by Marge Howe in 1999. Copies are available by contacting her directly.

BVR Brattleboro Vital Records

IGI International Genealogical Index on LDS web site