Burials and Deaths at Vermont Asylum later known as the Brattleboro Retreat, 1837-1900

Compiled by Marjorie Howe

This book is an ongoing project to identify the names and burial locations of those who have died at the Asylum and have become lost souls with no burial markers. The book has 55 one-sided pages.

Brattleboro Retreat Cemetery

Locust Ridge Cemetery

Locust Ridge Cemetery, Brattleboro, Windham Co., Vermont

Compiled by Marjorie Howe

Also an important cemetery for the area researcher.
It has many connections with early
Fort Dummer families.  Earliest burial 1776, 72 pages printed both sides, all name index of approximately 400 surnames, cemetery still in use.

Prospect Hill Cemetery

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, Windham Co., Vermont

Available now
Marjorie Howe

Loaded with families connected to surrounding towns.  It has 220 pages, printed on both sides, earliest burial 1796 through 1900's, all name index with approximately 1150 surnames.  This was one of the main cemeteries in Brattleboro.

Meetinghouse Hill Cemetery

Typed copy held by the
Brooks Memorial Library

Cotton Mill Hill




St. Michael's


Brattleboro Area Jewish


Brooks Street




Glen Street


Hamilton Road


West Brattleboro


Winchester Road


The Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro has a card index of inscriptions for many of the cemeteries. This can be helpful in research, but it is incomplete and sometimes the cards are inaccurate.

A book of these inscriptions taken from the cards located in the Brooks Memorial Libary called "Some Cemeteries of Brattleboro, Windham Co., Vermont," has been published by Alison Gene Franks (1997). This book includes partial listings for the Carpenter Cemetery, Meeting House Hill Cemetery, Old Brattleboro Village Cemetery (West Brattleboro or Steadman), Prospect Hill Cemetety, Ward-Robinson Cemetery (Mixer Cemetery), and the West Brattleboro Cemetery (Richardson Cemetery). Entries have not been verified.


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