Oak Hill Cemetery, Bellows Falls, Windham Co., VT

Martha (Miller) Wilcox, died 10 Dec 1924, age 64-3-14 Putney VT (Rockingham Town Records, Burial Certificate).  No headstone or grave marker of any kind found in June 2007 (Gary Mosher).  Contributed by Gary Mosher.

Born in Westminster Vermont, Martha Frances Miller, called "Mattie" (Westminster VR); died in Putney VT from a hemorrhaged ulcer of the stomach, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Section 18, Lot 73 (Burial Certificate). 

Roscoe A. Wilcox, born 25 Nov 1903, died 20 Jul 1997.  Contributed by Gary Mosher.

Social Security Number issued by Railroad Board, d. 29 July 1997.

Transfer burial certificate on Roscoe; he was brought up here from Wilmington NC on July 29, 1997 for burial; no further information  (Rockingham Town Records/Gary Mosher, July 2007)

Roscoe A. Wilcox, the son of Ernest H. Wilcox (Chester Wilcox & Rosetta, Samuel Wilcox & Martha, Joseph Wilcox of Richmond RI & Prudence Dalrymple of Northbride MA ), was born 25 Nov 1903 in Massachusetts and died 20 Jul 1997 in Wilmington NC; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Bellows Falls VT (Rockingham Town Records).   He married Flora Spicer.  

In 1910, Roscoe was living with his father in Greenfield MA; mother not listed (father b. VT, mother b. MA).  He had an older brother Merle Wilcox.  Roscoe's Wilcox line lived in Guilford and Halifax and went back to Rhode Island.  There is no close connection to any of the Westminster Wilcox lines.  Roscoe worked for the Railroad.   In 1920, Roscoe was 16 years old and was a servant to Burke F. Graves in Greenfield MA.  In 1930, Roscoe and his wife Flora M., were living in North Westminster with her parents, Fred B. and Flora E. Spicer.  Roscoe was age 26 and Flora was age 30, they were married about 1924.  Roscoe was a train inspector for the railroad.   In 1954, Roscoe and Flora are listed in the Bellows Falls City Directory  "Spicer, Flora, emp. Greenfield Mass, bds Forest, Gageville Cleo, emp Greenfield, Mass, bds Forest Gageville."  "Spicer, Fred B., h. Forest, Gageville."