Putney, Windham Co., Vermont

Heads of Households

1771 Census
Putney, Cumberland Co., New York

On 16 January 1771, the Governor of New York, his Excellency The Right Honorable John, Earl of Dunmore, Captain and General and Governor in Chief of the Province of New York requested that a complete census be taken. The following list of heads of households in Westminster has been extracted from that census.

Philip Alexander

Jonathan Houghton

Joseph Perry

Elisha Allen

Nehemiah Howe

Daniel Pierce

John Arver

Benjamin Hutchins

Eliphalet Pierce

Isaac Baird

Joshua Hyde

Ephraim Pierce

Jethro Brown

Moses Johnson

Joseph Pierce

John Butler

Charles Kathan

William Pierce

Abraham Cady

Michael Law

John Roberts

Jonathan Clough

Dennis Lockling

Noah Sabin

Moses Cole

Joseph Lord

Samuel Skinner

Francis Cummings

Stephen Lord

James Snow

James Cummings

Samuel Minott

Leonard Spaulding

Joseph Cushing

Abijah Moore

Thomas Temple

Matthew Cushing

Jonas Moore

Samuel Wheat

Aaron Garey

Samuel Morse

Thomas White

Andrew Grimes

Joshua Parker

William Wildman

Amos Haile

John Perry

Benjamin Wilson

Joseph Hartwell




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