Organized 1761 
Local History and Genealogy



o        Official History of Guilford, Vermont 1678-1961 With Genealogies and Biographical Sketches, edited by Broad Brook Grange No. 151. Published by Town of Guilford VT Vermont Print 1961, reprint GHS, 1992.

o        Guilford Sketches, edited by Dorothy Scott Loos. Published by Guilford Historical Society. 1991.

o        Safe Thus Far, A History of the Guilford Congregational Church 1767-1997, by Larrimore C. Crockett. Black Mt. Press, Dummerston, VT . 1999.

o        Gazetteer and Business Directory of Windham County, VT 1724-1824, compiled and Published by Hamilton Child, 1884, pages 194-216, 545-554.

o        "History of Guilford,"Vermont Historical Gazetteer Vol. V, by Abby Maria Hemenway, 1891. Part III, pages 1-90.

o        A Book of Country Things, Walter Needham, 1965

o        Early History

Vital Records

o        Guilford Town Clerk
Barbara Oles (Mrs. Dale Oles)
School Road
Guilford, VT 05301


o        "Guilford Vermont Congregational Church Records 1779-1795," printed in Branches & Twigs, Summer 1992, Vol. 21:3, pp. 97-100.


**These cemeteries are listed in The Official History of Guilford VT, pages 381-408. Copy located at the Vernon Free Library
and at the
Guilford Historical Society.

Christ Church**




DAR 40:116

DAR 40:122

Blanchard-Old North
DAR 19:9 

DAR 6:54

Guilford Center
DAR 28:106, DAR 40:179

Weatherhead Hollow
DAR 19:14

DAR 40:120

 West Guilford/Hinesburg DAR 40:115

Wilkins Hill #1 

Maplehurst & Elmhurst

Wilkins Hill #2

Sarah Cutting




Burrows Plain

Not included in this list are the John Shepardson Cemetery, south of the Carpenter Hill Cemetery, and a small cemetery at the south part of Fairbank Farm, probably a family lot. Another is near the Packer Corners.
Stones are rough fieldstones with no inscriptions.

Burial Grounds of Vermont, published by the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, 1991, pp 405-406, with map.


Census Records

o        Windham County Census Sources


o        Official History of Guilford, Vermont 1678-1961, With Genealogies and Biographical Sketches, edited by Broad Brook Grange No. 151. Published by Town of Guilford, Vt. Vermont Print 1961, reprint GHS, 1992.

o        Hezekiah Stowell Family

o        Dickinson Family

o        Whitneys in Vermont - A Study

o        Ancestors of Virginia Grace Miller - Bullock/Whitney Family


o        Elisha Streeter, Methodist Minister

o        Royall Tyler (1757-1826) & The Royall Tyler Collection


o        Guilford in the Civil War


o        Guilford Town Reports

o        Guilford Town Clerk

o        Guilford Historical Society


Historical Societies

o        Guilford Historical Society
236 School Road
Guilford, VT 05301

o        Corresponding Secretary
Nancy I. Evans
121 Weatherhead Hollow Road
Guilford, VT 05301


o        Guilford Free Library
Cathi Wilken

Local Websites 

o        Guilford Central School

o        Virtual Vermont - Guilford

Books with local color

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