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Population 17572 (1790) 41588 (1990) with 789 square miles of land area

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Bellows Falls, Bartonsville, Cambridgeport, and Saxtons River - see Rockingham

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    Windham County Family Bibles

Books with Local Color

Wings of the Morning  by Frederic F. Van DeWater (1955).

Historical fiction which uses such Dummerston families as Kathan, Spaulding, Houghton, Aldrich, Harvey, Reynolds and French to relate their story of the controversy of Vermont becoming a state and the Westminster Massacre. The author was a resident of Dummerston, Windham Co., VT, and, on the book jacket is quoted, I've used my own town, Dummerston, as the principal site of the action, and most of the people in the story actually lived and did, or quite easily could have done, what I make them do.

Business & Industry

o        Tobacco Industry


See individual towns for specific cemeteries

Burial Grounds of Vermont, published by Vermont Old Cemetery Association (VOCA), 1991. Listing of all known cemeteries in the state by town. It also have maps of each town showing where each cemetery is located.

Vermont Old Cemetery Association

The Political Graveyard

Cemetery Records at Find A Grave.Com

Census Data

        See also individual towns for actual census data

o        Every ten years the U.S. Government takes a census of the country, by state, county and town. The first National Census was taken in 1790. Although Vermont was not admitted to the Union until 1791, a census of its population was also taken. Since then, censuses have been taken in years ending in "0." Nearly all of the 1890 census was lost during a fire. The last census to be released to the public was taken in 1920.

Sources of Windham County Census Data


1790 Census Charlestown, NH


1850 - 1880 Index of Persons listed as Black or Mulatto in Windham County

The following sites have census records for 1790-1930 that can be viewed.  Almost all of the records are indexed.



Church Records

o        Marriages 1814-1839 Performed by missionaries of the Baptist Church In West Vermont and Central New York, Copied and Compiled by Minnie Kellogg, Submitted by Rebecca Stacknow

County Clerk

Larry Robinson
Windham County Clerk
Route 30
PO Box 207
Newfane, VT 05345
Phone: 802-365-7979
Clerk 2/17/07


Divorce Law of Vermont.  (from the Albany Daily Advertiser, who noticed the law respecting divorcements passed by the Assembly of the state of Vermont at their last session). Vermont Divorces, heretofore so easily obtained, and so disgraceful to the religious and moral habits of the people of that state and to the patriotism and intelligence of its enlightened legislature, have received a check by the recent enactment of a law providing and declaring that "hereafter bills of divorce shall not be granted in any case except where both parties resided in the state at the time the act complained of was committed." This act puts an end to the shameful practices so long permitted of persons from other states stepping into Vermont and obtaining almost without assigning a cause, the dissolution of one of the most solemn contracts known in civil society - by which families are broken up and destroyed and vice and profligacy of the most abandoned character, openly tolerated and countenanced. Great praise is due to the legislature who have expunged from their statute book a law which has done so much mischief to society. (Spooner’s Vermont Journal, noticed 7 Dec., 1818).

Divorce Records for Windham County are held by the Windham County Court in Newfane (802-365-7979).  They have a partial index of these records.  There are no copies of these records in Montpelier or Middlesex.  The Windham County Court does not have time to look up records, but will allow individuals to search. 


o        Michael Roman's Ahnentafel on some Windham County Families, including surnames of Bruce, Morel, Ball, Charter, Whitney, Phillips, Stearns and Joslin. This Ahnentafel represents the ancestors of Hattie E. J. Bruce of Newfane and Brattleboro, VT. Her ancestors were, for the most part, early New England settlers, their roots extending back to England.


o        Vermont Genealogical Gazetteer - Windham County. There is some information here from The Vermont Historical Gazetteer relative to specific Windham County towns. Sponsored by Vermont-L mailing list and Rootsweb.

o        Fort Dummer

o        The "Great River" of New England - The Connecticut River - Connecticut River Museum Homepage

o        History of the Connecticut River  http://www.bio.umass.edu/biology/conn.river/

      The Green Mountain Boys: a historical tale of the early settlement of Vermont.  By the author of... By Daniel Pierce Thompson

2nd Link -- The Green Mountain boys: a historical tale of the early settlement of  Vermont, by the author of "May Martin, or The money diggers."   By Daniel P. (Daniel Pierce) Thompson, 1795-1868

Historical Societies

o        Vermont Historical Society Library

o        Windham County Historical Societies

o        Brattleboro Historical Society

o        Vermont Historical Societies

o      Connecticut Valley Historical Museum, with Genealogy and Local History Library, Springfield MA.

o        NEHGS -- New England Historical & Genealogical Society.
New England Ancestors.org -- New site of the NEHGS

o        Genealogical Society of Vermont

o        New Hampshire Historical Society


o        Brooks Memorial Library - Brattleboro, Vermont --- has an excellent collection of history and genealogy for Vermont and New England.

Mailing Lists

o        Mailing Lists Relative to Windham County

Maps & Places

o        Map of Windham County - 1895 (Large file - it takes a long time to load)  **Broken Link**

o        Map of Windham County Townships

o        A Gazetteer of Vermont Places Real and Imagined

o        National Register Properties


Soldiers, Sailors, and Patriots of the Revolutionary War, Vermont, compiled by Carleton E. Fisher and Sue G. Fisher (Picton Press, 1992).

Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, abstracted by Virgil D. White.

Vermont in the Civil War by Tom Ledoux

List of Windham County Men Drafted in Brattleboro July 17, 1863

Windham County, The War of the Union

More Books & Links

Roster of New Hampshire Soldiers in the Battle of Bunker's Hill - National Park Service-Boston

Vermont in the War of 1812 - A List of Pensioniers of the War of 1812, William G. Shaw, 1904

1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services, Typed and reformatted by: Kathy Leigh, March 11, 2001


o        Brattleboro Reformer

o        The Vermont Chronicle

Index to transcribed abstracts of the marriage and death notices from the VERMONT CHRONICLE. The CHRONICLE was published weekly in Bellows Falls, VT from April, 1826 to October, 1828, then in Windsor, VT from Oct, 1828 to April 1898. (However, marriage and death notices seemed to have stopped sometime in the early 1880's) http://www.middlebury.edu/~swilson/introvc.html

o        Vermont Newpaper Project

o        Articles from Windham County Newpapers 1781-1884 (VT GenWeb Project)

o        Marriage and Death Notices from the Vermont Chronicle

o        Spooner's Vermont Journal  - Old Newspaper Notices and Gleanings from the early editions (printed in Windsor, Vermont).


o        1746 Petition for the Protection of Township No. 4

o        See also Westminster Website


Postcards  Penny Postcards from Vermont

See Vermont as it was 200 Years Ago - A digital archive of historic & current photo pairs. 
Type in "Windham County" and/or the name of a village to do an image search.

Probate Courts

o        Marlboro District Probate Court
West River Road
, P.O. Box 523, Brattleboro VT  05302

Contains towns of Brattleboro, Dover, Dummerston, Guilford, Halifax, Marlboro, Newfane, Somerset, Stratton, Vermon, Wardsboro, Whitingham, and Wilmington.

o        Westminster District Probate Court
39 Square,
P.O. Box 47, Bellow Falls VT  05101

Contains towns of Athens, Brookline, Grafton, Jamaica, Londonderry, Putney, Rockingham, Townshend, Westminster and Windham.


o        Windham County, Vermont Queries - Rootsweb

o        Windham County Queries Board of the Vermont Local History Network
See more Windham County Queries - Please do NOT post here.


o        Windham County Resources

o        Insolvent Papers 1814-1860, Warren County, New York ... "Insolvent papers contain petitions for insolvency, list of creditors and in most cases the town of residence of creditors, an inventory of both real and personal property, a list of moneys owed to the insolvent, a notice of publication and a final assignment of properties. These can provide a vast amount of information. ... One creditors list started with a list of creditors in Hampshire county, Mass, then continued with a list of creditors in Windham county, Vermont............"

o        LinkVermont.com

o        Vermont Prehistory

o        Historical Societies

o        Cyndi's List

o        USGenNet

o        Rootsweb

o        People of Colour in Vermont & New England

o        Founders of Fort No. 4, Charlestown, NH -- from History of Charlestown, NH by Rev. Henry H. Saunderson (1876) ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/nh/sullivan/charlestown/history/family/   Broken Link

o        Abenaki Indians http://hmt.com/abenaki/    Broken Link

o        Contacts

Town Meetings/Reports

Every March each town in Vermont conducts an open town meeting to go over town business and vote on officers for the town, the budget and any town issues that need to be discussed and/or decided upon. Before this meeting is held, a printed copy of the town report is sent out to every taxpayer in town. In this is included: the minutes of the past year's Town Meeting; the agenda for the present year's meeting; a listing of all town officers and paid and volunteer employees, including the school staff; a report from all town organizations, committees and so forth as to what they had accomplished in the past year and hope to accomplish in the year to come; the town budget for the coming year; and at the end of each Town Report is listed all births, deaths and marriages that occurred in town in the past year.

The information in these reports can be valuable to genealogists because they include the vital records and the names of many of the people living in town that year. The Town Report has been published in Vermont towns for many years and old copies are usually available to look at, at the Town Clerk's Office and often at the local library. Often, groups of them for various towns can be purchased at used book sellers.

Larger towns like Brattleboro also had in the past, what could be called City Directories that listed the people living in the city, on what street, and most often what their occupation was. These are also printed by one year or two year intervals. The Brattleboro library, Brooks Memorial, has a set of these for Brattleboro with the earliest being 1874. When telephone books became popular, the directories, as such, were discontinued.

Vermont Today

o        LinkVermont.com

o        Covered Bridges

o        Virtual Vermont -- Sometimes includes some historical background with the town information. Be sure to check their history pages too for some interesting reading on Vermont history.

Vital Records

o        Town Clerks --   Guide to Vermont's Town Clerks, Treasurers and & County Clerks

o        Town Reports

o        Articles from Windham County Newpapers 1781-1884 (VT GenWeb Project)

o        International Genealogical Index - This is an excellent "index" of names and records, but is not to be considered a "primary" data source.

o        Vermont Department of Public Records

o        Old Style Calendar Dating -- System used by the English in Early Colonial America

o        Marriages from the day book of Thompson Barron, Unitarian Minister 1838-1860, Windsor County, VT, Cheshire and Merrimack Counties, NH Contributed and transcribed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Nancy Ratay http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/nh/state/vitals/marriages/marriagesbarron.txt


    The New Hampshire GenWeb Project


    New Hampshire Genealogy GenWeb Project - Cheshire County

    US Genweb Archives Project - Windham County

Warnings Out

During the period of 1768 to 1818, Vermont towns had a policy of "Warning Out," and persons who might seem to have no visible means of support and were judged to be a burden to the town, were given notice. Some of these people left at the warning, while others remained. The rules and enforcement of warnings varied by town. Records of those "warned out" with names and date of warning are included within the town records.

o        Alden M. Rollins has researched these records and has published two volumes of these warnings (published by Picton Press, PO Box 250, Rockport, Maine 04856).

Vermont Warnings Out - Northern Vermont.
Vermont Warnings Out - Southern Vermont.

o        These warnings may also be found included within published vital records of the towns, such as Putney and Rockingham.

Web Links

The Vermont Genealogy Web Project (VTGenWeb)

The Vermont GenWeb Archives

Vermont Life Magazine

Cheshire County New Hampshire, Gazetteers

Ray Brown's Place for New England Genealogy

Ohio Migration Trails

Eastern Townships of Quebec

New England Lost Ski Areas Project (NELSAP) - Vermont Ski Areas

Vermont Genealogy

 Franklin County Massachusetts Publication Archive Index 

US Genweb Archives Project - Windham County

Boston Weekly Journal - extracts by Marilyn Labbe


We hope that you will have data that relates to Windham County that can be added to this site. Gedcoms, histories, cemetery listings, photographs, contacts, resources, etc. are all welcome.  If you have anything to contribute or have any questions, please contact.

Windham County Coordinator  


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