This is a work file of records and notes compiled by Rachel Duffalo and Elizabeth Hanebury.


Davis Lewis Lord Wills by Elizabeth Hanebury




Philura Parker


         SAMUEL LORD, the son of Samuel (Stephen) and Elizabeth (Dickinson) Lord, was born 28 Nov 1791 (Putney VR) and died 24 Feb 1854 age 63 yrs, died in Colchester South, Essex Co., Ontario, CANADA; interred in Putney, Windham Co., VT (CR/Putney VR) (Gs: East Putney Cemetery, 23 Feb 1854, age 62).

         Philura Lord, wife Samuel, formerly Philura Parker, to Watson [Lewis Co., north of Madison Co, with Oneida Co. between], N.Y., Jan. 22, 1826 (Putney VR, letter of dismissal from Putney Church).   The obituary of their son, George, says that he was born in New York in 1825 and that he moved with his parents to Vermont when he was about 4 years old; this perhaps explaining the gap in Putney birth/baptisms between Ruth bp in 1822 and Sterne bp in Sep 1830.  Interesting entry in Putney VR’s and perhaps misread or transcription error, “Mrs. Philura Leland from Brantingham [Lewis Co.] NY, 1 Jul 1830.” This was Philura Lord. Samuel Jr. was listed on the Putney Census for the years 1820, 1830 & 1840.  In 1850, they were living in the Oneida Association in Lenox, Madison County, New York.


           Census: 1850, Lenox, Madison County, New York, p. 239 – Samuel Lord, age 58, b. VT, farmer; Fillura Lord, age 56, b. VT; John R. Lord, age 17, b. VT, farmer; Hellen M. Lord, age 12, b. VT. Oneida Association.


He married PHILURA PARKER on 15 Jan 1816 (Putney VR); both of Putney.  Phyluny [Phylury/Philura] Parker, the daughter of Samuel Davenport and Ruth (Adams) Parker, was born 21 May 1794 (Putney VR) and died 24 Sep 1880 in Marietta, Washington Co., OH; buried 26 Sep 1880 Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio.  She was living with her daughter Ruth in 1860, 1870 and 1880 in Marietta, Ohio. 

      The Marietta Register, September 30, 1880, page 3:  "Deaths . . . LORD - In this city, Sept. 24th, Mrs. P. P. Lord, aged 87 years.  Funeral from the residence of Mr. John Newton [Helen's husband], Sunday, Sept. 26th."

Children of Samuel Jr. and Philura (Parker) Lord:

1.     _____ LORD [not named in record], infant of Samuel died 29 Sep 1816 (CR/Putney VR).

2.     _____ LORD [not named in record], child of Samuel Jr. died 19 May 1818, 3 wks (CR/Putney VR).

3.     ELECTA JANNETT LORD born 1 Apr 1820 (Putney VR); baptized 2 Jul 1820 (CR, "Elda Janet").  She died 18 Aug 1857(?) in Dodge, Dubuque, Iowa (ElizHgene). [She may have died after 1868 and before 1880].  She married HENRY RICHARDSON WILDER on 18 Jan 1843 (Putney VR, "E. Jaenett"); both of Putney.  Henry Richardson Wilder, the infant son of David and Ruth (Macintire) Wilder, was baptized 1 Nov 1818 (Putney VR).

           Their children; surname WILDER:  i. Ledru, b. ca1848 MI, d. young; ii. Everaid/Everett R., b. ca1850 MI, herder in unorganized territory of Nebraska in 1880; iii. Dort, b. Nov 1852 MI, farmer in Somerset MO in 1900; Leden H., b. Feb 1855 Iowa, lawyer in Center, Norton Co., Kansas in 1900.

            Henry married (2) OLIVIA _??__ by 1860; she d. by 1870.  He married (3) MELINDA __??__ by 1870.

            Census: 1850, Macomb, Macomb Co., Michigan, 29 Aug 1850 --- Henry R. Wilder, age 32, b. VT, farmer; Jenett Wilder, age 30, b. VT; Ledra/Ledru H. Wilder, male, age 2, b. MI; Everaid, male, age 5 mos, b. MI; Harriet Hier, age 52, b. VT.

            Census: 1860, Dyersville P.O., Dodge, Dubuque, Iowa, 2 Jul 1860 --- Henry Wilder, age 41, b. VT, farmer; Olivia Wilder, age 27, b. NY; Everett Wilder, age 10, b. MI; Dort Wilder, age 7, b. MI; Ledro Wilder, age 5, b. Iowa; Odell Wilder, age 1, b. Iowa; Mont Wilder, age 9 mos, b. Iowa; Riley Beach, age 12, b. MI; Minerva Delap, age 11, b. NY.

           Census: 1870, Somerset, Mercer Co., MIssouri --- Henry R. Wilder, age 51, b. VT, farmer; Malinda Wilder, age 23, b. Ohio; Leden H. Wilder, age 15, b. Iowa, farmer; Odell B. Wilder, age 12, b. Iowa; Mont D. Wilder, age 11, b. Iowa; Janet Wilder, age 9, b. Iowa; Tecedel Wilder, age 4, b. Iowa; Warren W. Wilder, age 2, b. Missouri.

            Census: 1880, Sommerset, Mercer Co., Missouri, p. 7A --- Henry R. Wilder, age 61, b. VT, farmer, parents, b. VT; Melinda Wilder, wife, age 33, b. OH, parents b. OH; Dort L. Wilder, son, age 27, b. MI, parents b. VT; Odel B. Wilder, son, age 21, b. Iowa, farmer, parents b. VT; Mont Wilder, son, age 20, b. Iowa, farm labor, parents b. VT; Feceed Wilder, son, age 14, b. Iowa, farm labor, parents b. VT; Warren Wilder, son, age 12, b. MO, farm laborer, parents b. VT, Eugene E. Wilder, son, age 3 mos, b. MO, father b. VT, mother b. OH.

        Note: Helen Carson names children: Ledru, d. young; Everare, Dedru, and Dort, with one a farmer and one a lawyer.

4.     RUTH ADAMS LORD born 6 Mar 1822; baptized 3 Nov 1822 Putney, Windham Co., VT (Putney VR). Ruth died 23 Feb 1910 in Dakota Co., Minnesota; buried Corinthian Cemetery, Dakota, MN.   She married WILLIAM O. BENNETT on 2 Jul 1846 (Putney VR); both of Putney  William was born about 1820 and died after 1880.


            Their son; surname BENNETT: i. Ernest S., b. ca1855 CT, m. (1) Estelle __??__ and (2) Mary Turner..


            Census: 1850, Castleton, Rutland Co., VT --- William Bennett, age 29, b. VT, contractor on railroad; Ruth Bennett, age 28, b. VT; no children listed.


            Census: 1860, Davenport, Scott Co., Iowa --- William Bennett, age 38, b. VT, merchant; Ruth Bennett, age 38, b. VT; Ernest Bennett, son, age 5, b. CT; Philena LORD, age 66, b. VT.

           Census: 1870, Ward 4, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa --- William O’Bennett, age 49, b. VT; Ruth Bennett, age 48, b. VT; Ernest, son, age 16, b. CT; Philura Lord, age 76, b. VT.

           Census: 1880, 6th Ward, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa --- William O. Bennett, age 59, b. VT, commercial traveler, parents b. VT; Ruth L. Bennett, age 58, b. VT, parents, b. VT; Ernest S. Bennett, son, age 26, b. CT, book keeper; Estelle G. Bennett, dau in law, age 20, b. Iowa; Philura Lord, mother in law, age 86, b. VT, widow, parents b. CT; Bridget Driscoll, servant, age 18, b. Ireland.

            Census: 1900, St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota --- Ernest Bennett, head, age 45, b. Aug 1854 CT, parents b. VT, married 10 yrs; Mary L. Bennett, wife, age 41, b. Sep 1858, Iowa, father b. OH, mother b. Indiana, married 10 years, no children born or living; Ruth L. Bennett, mother, widow, age 78, b. Mar 1822 VT, parents b. VT, 4 children born, 1 child living; David Turner, father-in-law, widower, age 76, b. Apr 1824 OH, father b. NY, mother b. VA Edward Turner, brother-in-law, single, age 42. b. Sep 1859 Iowa, father b. OH, mother b. Indiana.

         Note: Helen Carson names son Ernest and daughter Adella [could this be Estelle?].

5.*   GEORGE H. LORD born 9 Apr 1825 in Lewis Co., NY (obituary); name does not appear in Putney vital records.  Named in mother’s obituary.  He died on 12 Apr 1904 in Marietta, Washington Co., OH (obituary); buried 13 Apr 1904 in Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Washington Co., OH.  He married (1) CAROLINE A. HOBBS in 1855 in Maine.  He married (2) MARY FRANCES NEWTON on 20 Dec 1864 in Washington Co., Ohio. 

6.     ELIZABETH D. LORD born 29 May 1827 in Lewis Co., NY and died 21 Jan 1910, possibly in Detroit with the Carsons; buried Union Cemetery Association, Macomb, Macomb Co., Michigan.  Elizabeth D. Lord of Putney married CHARLES BRIGGS of Boston MA on 18 Feb 1846 (Putney VR).  Charles, the son of ___ and Rebecca (---) Briggs, was born 24 Nov 1820 Vermont and died 22 Aug 1894 in Macomb, Macomb Co., MI; buried Mount Clemens Cemetery. 

         Children of Charles and Elizabeth D. (Lord) Briggs:

            a.   EUGENE C. BRIGGS born Nov 1846 VT

            b.    JOHN BRIGGS born ca1849 VT; died age 3.

            c.    GEORGE W. BRIGGS born Jan 1851 NH.

            d.    IRA H. BRIGGS born May 1854 MI.

            e.    ISABELLA M. BRIGGS "Belle" born Sep 1856 MI.

            f.    ROLLIN P. BRIGGS born 12 Oct 1862 MI, died age 8

            g.   Twins boys BRIGGS, died a few hours old.

            h.  HELEN L. BRIGGS “Nellie” born Jul 1864 in Macomb MI  (age 15, 1880 Macomb) (age 70, letter written 17 Dec 1934).  She died 6 Feb 1945 in Highland Park, Wayne Co., MI.  Helen married FRANKLIN L. CARSON about 1883 in Macomb Co., MI.  Frank, the son of Amos and Maria (Adams) Carson was born in Oct 1854 in New York and died before 27 Dec 1930 in Highland Park, Michigan. Their children; surname CARSON: i. Unknown; ii. Louella, b. Feb 1884 MI; iii. Ruth, b. Oct 1890 MI.

         Note: Helen Carson says there were 9 children, one child, second oldest, d. age 3; twins boys died a few hrs old; son, d. age 8; 5 survived, including Helen.  Helen “Nellie” had at least two daughters, one named Louella.


           Census: 1850, Tate, Clermont Co., OH --- ONE Titus C. Briggs, age 37, b. VT, school teacher; Elizabeth Briggs, age 23, b. NY.

            Census: 1860, Utica P.O., Macomb, Macomb Co., Michigan --- Charles Briggs, age 39, b. VT, master mason; Elizabeth Briggs, age 33, b. NY; Eugene C. Briggs, age 13, b. VT; George W. Briggs, age 9, b. NH; Ira H. Briggs, age 6, b. MI; Isabel M. Briggs, age 3, b. MI.

           Census: 1870, Macomb, Macomb Co., Michigan --- Charles Briggs, age 49, b. VT, farmer; Elizabeth Briggs, wife, age 42, b. NY.  No children listed.

           Census: 1880, Macomb, Macomb Co., Michigan, p. 461D --- Charles Briggs, age 59, b. VT, brickmason, parents, b. VT; Elizabeth Briggs, wife, age 53, b. NY, parents b. VT; Helen L. Briggs, dau, age 15, b. Michigan.

            Census: 1900, Macomb, Macomb Co., Michigan --- Elizabeth Briggs, mother in law, widow, age 73, b. May 1827 NY; parents b. VT, 9 children born, 5 children living; living with dau Isabelle GAMBER and her husband Leonard Gamber.

7.     STERNE PARKER LORD born abt Jul 1830 in Putney, Windham Co., VT; baptized 5 Sep 1830 in Putney (Putney VR).  Sterne died after 1908 in Iowa (?). He married ANNA B. __??__ "Annie" [possibly McKEE].  Annie was born in 1847 in Canada. 

                    According to Helen Carson, they had two children: Morris and Ruth.  Helen Carson states that, “his wife ran away when the children were small and he never found a trace of them.”

            Children of Sterne P. and Annie (---) Lord:

            a.    MAURICE/MORRIS B. LORD born Dec 1866 Iowa. 

            b.    HELEN LORD "Nellie" born abt 1869 Iowa.


           Anna "Annie" left home by 1874 and was living with CHARLES GIBSON in 1880 in Arcadia, Trempealeau, Wisconsin as his wife; it is not known if they actually were married. The Lord children, Morris and Nellie, were living with their mother in 1880 and were listed with the name Gibson on the census.  Charles Gibson was born about 1846 in Virginia.  Annie was living with her son Morris/Maurice in 1900 and 1910 in Veblen, Marshall Co., South Dakota. 

                    Her children: surname GIBSON:  i. Samuel R or K., b. ca1874 Wisconsin; ii. Bertha Gibson, b. May 1883 Minnesota.

           Census: 1880, Arcadia, Trempealeau, Wisconsin --- Charles Gibson, head, age 34, b. Virginia, father b. Virginia, mother b. NH, laborer; ANNA GIBSON, wife, age 27, b. Canada, parents b. Canada; Morris Gibson, son, age 13, b. Iowa, father b. Virginia, mother b. Canada; Nellie Gibson, dau, age 11, b. Iowa, father b. Virginia, mother b. Canada; Samuel R. Gibson, son, age 6, b. WI, father b. Virginia, mother b. Canada; John Downey, single, boarder, age 21, b. Ohio, parents b. Ireland, laborer; George Burt, single, age 23, b. PA, parents b. Scotland, laborer.          


          Census: 1900, Veblen, Marshall Co., South Dakota --- Maurice Lord, head, single, age 33, b. Dec 1866 Iowa, father b. VT, mother b. NY, farmer; ANNA GIBSON, mother, widow, age 50, b. May 1850 NY, father b. Ireland, mother b. Canada, 9 children born, 4 children living; Bertha Gibson, half-sister, age 17, b. May 1883 Minnesota, father b. Virginia, mother b. New York, at school.


          Census: 1900, Grant Twp., Roberts Co., South Dakota --- Saml K. Gibson, head, age 24, b. Jan 1876 Wisconsin, father b. Missouri, mother b. Canada, occupation [illegible - none?]; Mary B. Gibson, wife, age 18, b. Feb 1882 Minnesota, father b. Minnesota, mother b. ?, married 3 years, 2 children born, 1 child living; Clive S. Gibson, son, age 2, b. Oct 1897 S. Dakota, father b. Wisconsin, mother b. Minnesota.


           Census: 1910, Veblen, Marshall Co., South Dakota --- Morris B. Lord, head, single, age 43, b. Iowa, father b. VT, mother b. NY, farmer; ANNA B. GIBSON, mother, widow, age 60, b. NY, father b. Ireland-Scotch, mother b. Canada-French, 4 children born, 4 children living; Berthe C. Gibson, sister, single, age 26, b. Minnesota, father b. Ireland, mother b. NY; Clive S. Gibson, nephew, age 12, b. SD, father b. WI, mother b. SD; Gladdis Gibson, niece, age 10 b. SD, father b. Minnesota, mother b. SD.      Note: Clive S. Gibson, d. 6 Feb 1935 in Marshall Co., South Dakota (South Dakota Death Index).


            Census: 1850 - Sterne/Stearn Parker Lord - entry not found.

            Census: 1860 - Sterne/Stearn Parker Lord - entry not found.

            Census: 1870 - Somerset, Mercer Co., Missouri - Sterns P. Lord, age 49, b. VT, farmer; Annie Lord, age 23, b. Canada; Maurice Lord, age 3, b. Iowa; Helen Lord, age 1, b. Iowa; Charles H. McKee, age 19, b. Canada.

          Census: 1880, Taylor, Dubuque Co., Iowa --- Stearns/Steanes Lord, age 52, b. VT, parents b. VT, laborer, married [only person in household].

           Census: 1900, Farley, Taylor Twp., Dubuque Co., Iowa --- Sterns Lord, head, widower, age 69, b. Jul 1830 VT, parents b. VT, day laborer.  Owned home.

8.     JOHN RANSON LORD [also called John Randolph Lord] born 1 Sep 1833 in Putney, Windham Co., VT (Putney VR) and died in Aug(?) 1899 in Niagara Falls Center, Ontario; buried Fairview Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  He married (1) GEORGIANA SEARS in 1880 in Lenox, Madison Co., NY [m. 4 Sep 1896 in Niagara Falls, Welland Co., Ontario, Canada].  Georgiana, the dau of Freeman and Ann (Cooley) Sears, was born 25 Aug 1838 MA and died on 8 Jan 1924 in Niagara Falls Center, Ontario.  John married (2) SUSAN LEONA WORDEN (Community Marriage, Oneida, Madison Co., NY).  Susan, was born in 1844/1845 and died 4 Jun 1923 in Sherrill, Vernon Twp, Oneida, NY; buried Oneida Community Cemetery, Kenwood, Oneida, Madison Co, NY.  Susan married (2) Gilbert HAMLIN in 1882 in Oneida, Madison Co., NY.


                   Census: 1850, Lenox, Madison County, New York, p. 239 – Samuel Lord, age 58, b. VT, farmer; Fillura Lord, age 56, b. VT; John R. Lord, age 17, b. VT, farmer; Hellen M. Lord, age 12, b. VT.  Living with Oneida Association.


                   Census: 1860, Wampsville P.O., Lenox, Madison Co., NY --- John R. Lord, age 27, b. NY, silk merchant.  Living in Oneida Community.


                  Census: 1870, Lenox, Madison Co., NY --- John R. Leonard, age 37, b. VT, commercial traveler.  Living in Oneida Community.  Note included with census copy: "The 1061 Family to the 1062 family inclusion comprises a list of names known as the "Oneida Community," living a socialists. They are one family but occupy 6 dwellings."


                    Census: 1880, Lenox, Madison County, NY, p. 257C --- ONE Jno. R. Lord, self, married, age 47, b. VT, parents b. VT, salesman, married during census year; Georgiana Lord, married, age 41, b. MA, parents b. MA, superintendent, married during census year.

         He may have had a dau Johanna/Joanna.

9.     HELEN MARIA LORD born 7 Jan 1838 Putney, Windham Co., VT (age 12, 1850 Lenox) (Greg Vaut, birth date) and died 31 Oct 1910 in Minnesota or North Dakota; buried Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN. Listed in 1850 Census with parents.  Initials given in mother’s obituary. 

                    She married (1) CHARLES WALKER on 15 May 1856 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Charles, was born about 1834 in Vermont and died before 1870.

                    Helen married (2) JOHN NEWTON (his 4th marriage), owner of “The Castle,” his home in Marietta.  John, the son of Orin and Almira (Fuller) Newton, was born 15 Apr 1817 in Marietta OH and died in 1886.  He was the half brother of Mary F. Newton, 2nd wife of Helen’s brother, George H. Lord. 

                    Helen married (3) FOSTER LAMSON BALCH of Minneapolis, Minnesota on 23 Jan 1889, probably in Marietta OH. She left Marietta shortly after.  Helen had no children. Foster L. Balch, the son of Dan Shaw and Dorothy Marston (Whittier) Balch, was born 19 Sep 1835 in Canaan, Grafton Co., NH.  He married (1) Nancy McArthur Morris on 14 Jan 1863. Nancy was born 4 Oct 1829 in Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio.  Children. 

            Census: 1860, Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH --- Charles Walker, age 26, b. VT, engineer; Ellen Walker, age 21, b. VT.     

            Census: 1870, Marietta, Washington Co., OH ---  John Newton, age 53, b. OH, banker; Helen L. Newton, age 33, b. VT; 2 servants.  Value of real estate $15,000, value of personal property $20,000.    

            Census: 1880, Marietta, Washington Co., OH, p. 301B --- John Newton, age 63, b. OH, retired manufacturer, father b. CT, mother b. MA; Helen L. Newton, wife, age 43, b. VT, parents b. VT; Catharine Farrell, other, single, age 30, b. OH, domestic servant, parents b. Ireland; Leo Finkle, other, servant, age 18, b. OH, hosteler, parents b. Germany.

            Census: 1900, Lakeville, Dakota Co., Minnesota --- Foster L. Balch, brother, age 64, b. Sep 1835 NH, parents b. NH, contractor, married 37 years; Ellen L. Balch, sister in law, age 62, b. Jan 1838 VT, parents b. VT, married 37 years, no children born or living - living with Foster's brother Fred Balch.



Caroline Hobbs

Mary F. Newton


         GEORGE H. LORD, the son of Samuel and Philura (Parker) Lord, was born 9 Apr 1825 in Lewis County, New York (obituary); name does not appear in Putney vital records.  Named in mother’s obituary.  He died on 12 Apr 1904 in Marietta, Washington Co., OH (obituary); buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Washington Co., OH.  Members of the Congregational Church.  He returned to Putney with his parents from New York State at about the age of 4 years.

           George Lord left home about age 20, worked on the railroad.

He married (1) CAROLINE A. HOBBS in 1855 probably in Wells, York Co., ME.  Caroline, the dau of Thomas and Lydia (---) Hobbs, was born about Sep 1825 in Wells, York Co., ME and died 2 Aug 1861, age 35 yrs 11 mos in Wells, York Co.,  ME (Gs: Hobbs Crossing, Wells ME, wife of George A. Lord). 


Children of George H. and Caroline A. (Hobbs) Lord:

a.      WILLIAM HENRY LORD born about 1855/1856 and died 21 Jul 1926 in Marietta OH.  He married MINDWELL SOPHIA BUCHANAN.  Mindwell Sophia Buchanan was the daughter of Cyrenus and Lydia (Lord) Buchanan. [Lydia of the Connecticut Lords].  Mindwell died in 1946 in Marietta OH. William was a conductor on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad for many years.  Resided Marietta.

b.      THOMAS LORD born about 1858/1859 and died before 12 Apr 1904 while living in the west.  He was an employee of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company.


He married (2) MARY FRANCES NEWTON on 20 Dec 1864 in Washington Co., OH.  Mary Frances, the daughter of Orin and Elizabeth (Fuller) Newton, was born 25 Jan 1835 in Marietta, Washington Co., OH.  Mary was the half sister of Stephen Newton and John Newton, the sons of her father Orin and Almira (Fuller) Newton.


Children of George H. and Mary F. (Newton) Lord:

c.      BLANCHE N. LORD born 4 Sep 1873 in Marietta, Washington Co., OH (age 6, 1880 Harmar) (Birth Records 1867-1914, Washington Co., OH, Probate Judge). Blanche married ____ MEISNER.  Resided Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Caroline A. Hobbs married (1) WILLIAM C. GREEN about 1847/1848 in Wells, York Co., ME.  William was born about Jul 1818 and died 5 Apr 1849, age 30 yrs, 9 mos.  They had a son Thomas W. Green, born Dec 1848 in Wells ME and died 8 Jan 1852, age 3 yrs 1 mo in Wells, York Co., ME (Gs: Hobbs Crossing, Wells ME).




Census: 1850, 7th Ward, Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, p. 255, 25 Jul 1850 --- Lydia Farwell, age 58, b. ME; Elizabeth Farwell, age 28, b. ME; Helen Farwell, age 20, b. ME; Horatio Farwell, age 14, b. ME; Henry L. Farwell, age 29, b. ME, mariner; Charles Farwell, age 24, b. ME, mariner; John Crowley, age 19, b. N.J., machinist; Geo. H. LORD, age 25, b. ME, R.R. baggage master; Norman Edgerly, age 20, b. ME, brakeman; Danl F. Allen, age 27, b. ME, bridgebuilder.

Census: 1850, Ward 2, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA, p. 364, 13 Sep 1850, public house, Geo. H. Lord, age 25, b. VT , railroad.

Census: 1850, location unnamed, Yuba Co., California, 25 Oct 1850 -- ONE George H. Lord, age 27, b. NY, miner.

Census: 1860, Harmar, Washington Co., OH --- George H. Lord, age 35, b. NY, R.R. conductor; Caroline Lord, age 34, b. ME; Willie H. Lord, age 5, b. MA; Thomas S. Lord, age 1, b. Ohio.

Census: 1870, Marietta P.O., Harmar, Washington Co., OH, 29 Jul 1870 --- George Lord, age 42, b. Mass., conductor on R.R.; Elizabeth Lord, age 37, b. OH; George Lord, age 16, b. Mass.; Mary Lord, age 14, b. MA; George Crafts, age 26, b. NY, laborer; Elizabeth Turner, age 23, b. NY, domestic svt.

Census: 1880, Harmar, Washington Co., OH, p. 250B --- George H. Lord, age 56, b. NY, married, Railroad conductor; Mary F. Lord, wife, age 47, b. OH, parents b. MA; Blanch Lord, dau, age 6, b. OH; William H. Lord, son, age 24, b. OH, brakeman, father & mother born NY; Thomas Lord, son, age 21, b. OH, brakeman, father & mother, b. NY; Elizabeth Newton, mother, widow, age 77, b. VT, father b. CT, mother b. VT.


Obituary of George H. Lord, “The Daily Register” (Marietta, Ohio), April 13, 1904:


"Death Comes To G. H. Lord.  Well Known Business and Railroad Man, Who Succumbed to General Breaking Down.

"George H. Lord, a respected citizen and pioneer railroad man, of
Marietta, died, this morning, at 2:10 o'clock, at his residence on Fifth street.  Mr. Lord had been feeble for the past several  months, but was able to walk about town until a short time before his death.  He had had the grip, this winter, and this trouble, with a general breaking down, a result of old age, ended his life.  He was widely known in Marietta and surrounding country, where he had spent the great portion of his life.  Having been engaged in mercantile business sin Marietta for a period of nearly ten years, he was well acquainted in business circles, where he bore a spotless reputation and held the good will and highest regard of all.  He was a devoted member of the Congregational church of Marietta, and to this institution he gave his undivided support and attendance at all times.  In politics he was all the time a Republican, and although he was not an aspirant to office at the hands of his party, he was nevertheless deeply interested in all things pertaining to the good of that cause and supported it at every issue.  In his family he was a devoted father and lovable companion and his good humor and light hearted ways were much in evidence.

"George Henry Lord was born in
New York state, April 9th, 1825, and was consequently seventy-nine years of age, having passed his seventy-ninth birthday, last week.  When a young man he entered the railroad business, in which occupation he remained, with the exception of ten years spent in the mercantile business, until 1893, when he retired from active life.

"His first railroading was done on the
Boston and Portland railroad, which is now the Boston and Maine road.  From that road he came to Sandusky, this state, where for many years he ran on the Ohio & Sandusky road.  In 1857, he came to Marietta, where he accepted a position as conductor on the old M. & C. road, which is now the B. & O.  There he remained and finished his work as a conductor.  Having spend the greater part of his life in this business, he was widely known and held a good reputation among the railroad men of this country.  At one time he retired from railroading and was engaged in the mercantile business at Marietta, but at the end of ten years he resumed his duties as conductor on the B. & O. road and remained in this capacity until 1893, when he retired.

"Mr. Lord had been married twice, his first union being to Caroline
Hobbs, of Wells, Maine.  To this union two sons were born, Thomas and William; the latter survives.  Mrs. Lord died in 1861.  Later Mr. Lord was united in marriage to Miss Mary F. Newton, of Marietta, and she, with her daughter, Mrs. Blanche N. Meisner, of Niagara Falls, survives.  His son, William Lord, is engaged in the railroad business, having held the position of conductor on the B. & O. branch for several years.

"The time for the funeral, which has not yet been set, will be some time Friday.  The services will be held from the residence and interment will be made in Oak Grove."

History of Marietta and Washington County, by M. R. Andrews, 1902, page 1417:

"George H. Lord, for many years a genial conductor on the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad, and one of the substantial citizens of Marietta, was born in New York State, and moved with his parents to Vermont when about four years of age.

"Mr. Lord lived in
Vermont until he attained the age of 20 years, and at that time began his railroad career, working first on the old Boston & Portland Railroad as brakeman.  His service in this position was so satisfactory that he was promoted to the position of conductor in 1848.  He ran a train on that road for eight years, and then left the employ of that company and engaged with the Ohio & Sandusky Railroad Company, running a train there for a year, when he went to Marietta, and served as conductor on the C. & M. Railroad.  He also ran a passenger engine on that road until 1891, and then retired.  In a period of 46 years' service he never had an  accident in which a man was killed, and he, during that time, never received a permanent injury.  By his judicious investment and business sagacity Mr. Lord has accumulated considerable property.  He now resides at his comfortable home at No. 232 Fifth street, where he has lived since 1857.

"Mr. Lord has been twice married.  His first union was with Caroline Hobbs, of Wells,
Maine, whose death he was called upon to mourn in 1861.  She left two sons, namely: William and Thomas.  William lives in Marietta; he graduated from Marietta College, and is now a conductor in the passenger service of the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad Company.  He has recently erected a fine house at No. 423 Fifth street.  Thomas died while living in the West.  He was in the employ of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company, and always performed his duties to the satisfaction of all concerned.

"The subject of this sketch chose for his second wife Mary F. Newton, a sister of Stephen Newton, who is well known in
Marietta.  They have one daughter, Mrs. Blanche N. Misener, of Niagara Falls, Ontario.  The family are consistent members of the Congregational Church.

"Politically Mr. Lord is a Republican, and is active in his partisanship.  In fraternal circles he was formerly the owner of a policy of insurance in the O. R. C."