G. A. R. --- W. H. Greenwood Post #90, Putney, Windham Co., Vermont
Submitted by Ruth Barton, Dummerston, Vermont

This is an index to a large book that apparently lists all members of G. A. R. - W. H. GREENWOOD Post #90, Putney, Vermont.  This book was given to the post by Mrs.  Eva D. GREENWOOD, whose late husband the post was named for.  There is a page for each member.  Some have a lot of information, date of enlistment, date of discharge, outfit he served in, battles participated in, etc.  Some, like the surname I'm interested in, have nothing but the name entered at the top of the page.  There is far too much in this book to post here but if anyone is interested in any of these please feel free to e-mail me at mrgjb@sover.net and I'll be happy to look for you.  Ruth H. Barton


NAME                                    WAR SKETCH PAGE

BAILEY, Lyman P.                                     9

BLANCHARD, Ira S.                               10

BLANCHARD, John                                11

BLOOD,  Dorr                                         12

BRAINERD, Harvey H.                            13

BRAGG, Henry V.                                    14

BRITTON, Geo H.                                   15

BROWN, Chas F                                     16

BROWN, Geo D                                      17

BUXTON, Otis F                                     18

BEEBE, Silas F                                         19

BURNHAM, Henry J                                20

BELL, John                                               21

BELL, George                                           22


CAREY, Gilman                                        24

COBB, A. C.                                            25

COOK, Austin S.                                      26

CROSBY, Ariel                                        27

COOK, George S.                                    28

COBB, Fred R.                                         29


DAGGETT, Albert M.                              30

DINSMORE, Harlow                               31


GALE, Marshal H.                                    32

GOODALE, Chancy                                 33

HALL, Frank J.                                         38

HEADLE, Elwin R.                                   39

HOUGHTON, Geo H.                              40

JOHNSON, W. R. F.                               42


KERR,  A.D.                                            43


LYNDE, Lewis H.                                    44

MINER, Chas. F.                                      47

MILLER, John                                          48

MOONEY, Patrick                                   49

MARSH, Henry C.                                   50

PARSONS, A. D.                                     54

PEMBER, Milton H.                                 55

PHILLIPS, Chas. A.                                 56

PHILLIPS, Geo. H.                                  57

PIERSON, George                                   58

PRATT, Richard M.                                  59

PROUTY, Isaac R.                                   60

PIERCE, Franklin C.                                 61

RICHARDS, Dennis                                 65

ROBERTS, Horace E                               66

RANNEY, A. P.                                      67


SHELLEY, Leroy                                     71

SLEEPER, M. V.                                      72

SLEEPER, Geo. W.                                  73

SMITH, Orlando                                       74

SMITH, H. J.                                            75

SHATTUCK, S. A.                                  76

TIMOTHY, James                                    79

TOBEY, Thomas E.                                  80

WHITMAN, M. D.                                   83

WHITNEY, James P.                                84

WILLARD, J. D.                                      85

WILLARD, John L.                                  86

WILDER, S. A.                                        87

WOOD, Ephraim                                      88