Blodgett Cemetery
Stratton, Windham County, Vermont

This cemetery is located in the woods upon a knoll and along a small brook directly across from the Stratton Golf School, on the northwest corner of the intersection of Pike's Falls Rd. and North Rd. Originally, it was a private cemetery for the Blodgett family. The Blodgett farm was once located where the Stratton Golf School currently stands. There are no walls or fences to mark this cemetery's boundaries.

Listings are in order by gravestone (family or individual as applicable) starting nearest the brook and progressing toward Pike's Falls Rd. The following individuals were buried there:

Blodgett, Horace A., son of Jonas and Lucina Blodgett, died 1/20/1858 - age 7y, 3m, 27d

Blodgett, William A., son of J.Jr. and L. Blodgett, died 2/15/1845? - age 1y, 3m

Blodgett, Irene P., wife of Joseph Blodgett, died 3/10/1858 - age 46y, 15d

Blodgett, Cornelia, daughter of J and I Blodgett, died 2/21/1854 - age 20y, 6m, 6d

Blodgett, Cirene, daughter of J and I Blodgett, died 3/18/1841 - age 6m

Blodgett, Llewellyn, son of J and I Blodgett, died 8/5/1859 - age 8y, 5m, 3d

Hurd, _____, a son of Floyd and Zoe Hurd - lived 4 hrs. [unmarked - about 1936]

Hurd, _____, a stillborn daughter of Floyd and Zoe Hurd [unmarked - 3/21/1939]

Hurd, Harriet Janet, b. 10/19/1938 - died 11/6/1939 [unmarked]

A total of 9 gravesites

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