Eddy Cemetery
Stratton, Windham County, Vermont

This cemetery is located northwest of the intersection of the Stratton-Arlington Rd. and Willis Cemetery Rd, beyond the house that occupies that corner. It was a family plot originally situated upon the farm of Phineas Ward Eddy. The stones face east as expected (away from the road). To its west there once existed a millpond that had spread out over the lowland there. It is surrounded by a stone wall with a gate on the road side. This cemetery's first burial was in 1836 and it was last used in 1911.

Listings are in order by gravestone, starting in the upper left corner facing the cemetery from the millpond and ending in the lower left corner, following the pattern of the layout clockwise. The following individuals were buried there:


Knight, Herman G., son of George and Lucy Knight, died 5/4/1863 - age 1y, 5m, 15d

Eddy, Newton W., 10/23/1864 - 1/18/1902

Eddy, Clarissa A., daughter of O and MJ Eddy, dates not readable - but should read 11/19/1861 - 2/7/1864

Eddy, Orrin, died 12/26/1893 - age 77y, 7m, 5d
Eddy, Mary J. Moran, wife of Orrin Eddy, died 3/10/1911 - age 80y, 7m

Eddy, William Henry, 2/4/1829 - 2/24/1908
Eddy, (Phineas) Emery, brother of William Henry Eddy, 5/30/1830 - 2/29/1880

Eddy, Lucy E., daughter of PW and L. Eddy, died 3/28/1851 - age 31y

Eddy, Lois, wife of Phineas Ward Eddy, died 3/20/1836 - age 46y

Goddard, Mary, wife of Asa Goddard of Orange, MA, died May 19, 1855 - age 89y

A total of 10 gravesites

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