North Cemetery

This cemetery is located at the end of Stone Chimney Rd., in the northeast quadrant of Stratton, near the Stratton Ski area's Sun Bowl. The old cemetery was 0.22 acres, but it has since been enlarged to include 1.4 acres. The stones face the mountain, therefore, the road comes in behind the cemetery. The earliest existing stone there is dated 1802. It evidently went unused for 1311 years, from 1858 until 1989, when Paul Brazer was interred therein. A fence was built around the entire 1.4 acres in 1991 and a gate was placed near the road.

Listings are in order by gravestone, starting in the upper left corner facing the cemetery from the mountain and ending in the lower left corner, following a counter-clockwise pattern around the plot. The following individuals were buried there:

1This gap is evident from last marked grave 1858; however, there may have been unmarked graves made there after 1858.


Kidder, Sarah, died 2/29/1844 - age 77y

Kidder, Wright, son of Ashbel and Mary Kidder, died 10/13/1833

Kidder, Ezra, son of Ashbel and Mary Kidder, died 5/20/1842

Estabrook, Adelbert E., son of Ezekiel and Betsy Estabrook, died 5/13/1848 - age 10m, 6d

Estabrook, Angela M., daughter of Ezekiel and Betsy Estabrook, died 6/1/1846 - age 2y, 10m, 19d

Estabrook, Lyman W., son of Ezekiel and Betsy Estabrook, died 9/8/1831 - age 2y, 2m, 6d

Styles, Mary S., daughter of William and Mary Styles, died 7/1/1858 - age 12y, 6m, 4d

Styles, Mary, wife of William S. Styles, died 4/3/1852 - age 24y, 2m, 9d

Johnson, Olive, wife of Elisha Johnson, died 9/20/1846 - age 71y

Brazer, Paul E., 3/31/1911 - 8/18/1989
Brazer, Madeline, 9/3/1917 - 11/22/1997

Estabrook, Ezra, died 2/3/1851 - age 80y

Estabrook, Eunice, wife of Ezra Estabrook, died 4/4/1841 - age 57y

French, Joanna -- Jo F., died 9/21/1802 ( infant daughter of Jacob and Sarah French)

Waite, Calvin, died 7/16/1823 (the stone has disappeared)

A total of 15 gravesites

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