Old Town Cemetery
Stratton, Windham County, Vermont

This cemetery is located in the woods about half a mile up Old Town Rd. from Stratton's Recreation Area. It is located within the Old Town Common, on the south side of the road and down from where the old meetinghouse had stood. This was the center of town from 1801 until the mid-1830s. It is off on the left from the approach and across from the old foundation of Stratton's first meetinghouse. The stone wall that bordered the Wardsboro Rd., as it was called, also marked the road side of the cemetery. This cemetery was in use by 1803 and probably not used after the early 1830s. Only two stones remain, although it is evident that many more graves exist therein. The following individuals were buried there:


Millett, D. R., child of T.W. Millett, died 3/1820 - age 21d

Hill, Dysa, wife of Eber Hill, died 12/3/1814

A total of 2 marked gravesites

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