Pike Hollow Cemetery
Stratton, Windham County, Vermont

This cemetery is located at the end of Pike Hollow Rd in the Somerset Annex of Stratton. The first known burial there occurred in April, 1828 and it continues to be used. Pike Hollow Cemetery was originally the southwest corner of Samuel Willis's farm in Somerset. Joseph Pike had buried some of his children on this lot - a knoll located across from his father, Jotham Pike's farmhouse. Willis sold Jotham this corner (seven rods north by six rods west - or about 100 X 116 ft.) for five dollars on February 3, 1834, with the intension that it would be used as a cemetery by the whole neighborhood.

The cemetery and the neighboring schoolhouse were considered part of the farm which was owned by Adams Allen Grout (the old Willis farm) at the time this area was incorporated into Stratton in 1859, as indicated by a Stratton deed, but it should have remained with the Pike farm. It is surrounded by a stone wall with stone steps leading up from the road.

In 1962, the Pike Hollow Cemetery Association was formed to allocate lots, and provide general upkeep of the cemetery. Just prior to that time, the town had widened the road and the front wall was damaged. The Association evidently had the wall repaired. In September 1963, an addition of about half an acre was deeded to this Association by Ethel Eddy, extending the cemetery out on 21/2 sides. The addition has since been leveled out for use. Currently there are eight used plots in the new section, beyond the walls of the original lot. The Association gave the cemetery to the town on June 8, 1974, but no deed was issued until 1985.

Listings are in order by gravestone, starting in the upper left corner facing the cemetery from the road and ending in the lower right corner, following the rows and starting from the back of each row. Although more graves are evident here, the following graves are known to exist within this cemetery:

Upper Left Corner

Johnson, Millard O., 2/23/1897 - 7/21/1979
Johnson, Doris Eddy, wife, 7/23/1903 - 7/20/1966
Dennis, Barbara Johnson, daughter, 9/3/1925 - 6/6/1979

Eddy, Elmer Albert, 3/4/1855 - 7/2/1936
Eddy, Inez T. Pike, wife, 9/12/1855 - 11/1/1928
Eddy, Hermon Elmer, son, 6/13/1881 - 2/23/1917
Eddy, Bernice Wagner, wife of Hermon, 2/10/1883 - 6/12/1973
Eddy, Ethel Ann, daughter, 1/16/1887 - 5/13/1969
Eddy, Mabel Inez, daughter, 9/6/1885 - 2/16/1886

Styles, John C., son of Alva R. and Hattie W. Styles, 8/18/1898 - 5/2/1899

Styles, Alva R., 1/31/1861 - 8/5/1920
Styles, Hattie M. Winslow, wife, 8/8/1862 - 2/10/1935

Row 1

Pike, Abel J., 8/6/1846 - 10/28/1917
Isabel R., wife, 8/30/1847 - 10/7/1933
Edith A., daughter, 12/3/1870 - 4/30/1894

Lackey, Irma, daughter of H.W. and E.I. Lackey, age 1 y, 7 m

Lackey, Emeline I. Pike, wife of Henry W. Lackey, 9/6/1881 - 8/12/1912

Pike, Herbert E., son of EC and AM Pike, 6/28/1908 - 3/2/1913

Pike, Ernest C., 6/21/1876 - 11/30/1935

Reid, Minnie J., daughter of JW and M Reid, died 1/19/1863 - age 1 y, 9 m

Higley, Otis W., son of Warren and R. Higley, died 2/5/1843 - age 1 y, 2 m, 2 d

Row 2

Pike, Dorcas C., wife of Moses Pike, died 9/27/1881 - age 69 y, 8m, 7d

Grout, Abel, Jr., 10/10/1786 - 11/4/1875
Grout, Theodocia (Batchelder, wife, 2/14/1791 - 2/28/1868
No stone exists - the grave site is indicated by the stone of daughter, Dorcas C. Pike which has the following inscription, "buried beside one of the best of mothers. Theodocia, wife of Dea. Abel Grout." ...There exist two unmarked graves beside that of Dorcas Pike

Pike, L.B., 1/15/1837 - 7/9/1864 (dates not noted) (Civil War marker - Co. E, 10th Vt. Inf.)

Pike, Moses, died 12/7/1882 - age 74y, 7m

Pike, Joseph G., died 5/27/1853 - age 2y, 5m, 4d

Pike, Infant son, died 8/18/1832 - age 14 hours
Moses Wesley, died 3/19/1852 - age 7y, 10m, 2d

Grout, Caroline A. Pike, wife of James Grout, 7/24/1833 - 10/23/1861

Grout, James, 9/29/1831 - 3/1863 (dates not noted) (Civil War marker - Co. K. 9th Vt. Inf.)

Pike, Edward F., son of AH and Mary E. Pike, died 8/27/1872 - age 16y, 2m, 23d

Pike, Sarah M., daughter of AH and Mary E Pike) (died 11/1/1865 - age 18y, 3m

Pike, Mary R., daughter of AH and Mary E. Pike, died 2/11/1863 - age 14y, 18d
Pike, Eugene P., son of AH and Mary E. Pike, died 2/13/1854 - age 4y, 7m, 18d

Pike, Philetus, son of AH and Elvira Pike, died 11/22/1854 - age 2y, 4m, 1d

Pike, Elvira, wife of AH Pike, died 1/16/1844 - age 27y, 8m

Pike, Alexander H., died 7/9/1902 - age 92y, 5m

Pike, Mary E., wife of AH Pike, died 8/29/1877 - age 50y, 11m, 11d

Row 3

Holman, Richard, 8/1/1912 - 5/11/1997

Holman, Marjorie Eddy, wife of Richard Holman, 5/28/1907 - 2/18/1969

Holman, Charles E. , 10/21/1878 - 7/23/1941
Jennie E., wife, 12/19/1880 - 5/21/1962

Holman, Lauretta C., daughter of Charles and Jennie Holman, 4/18/1905 - 2/5/1967

Holman, Mildred Cannon, wife of Kenneth Holman, 2/20/1910 - [still living in 2000]

Holman, Kenneth B., 1/27/1908 - 3/22/1996

Prentiss, Orlando J., son of FJ and HM Prentiss, died 3/9/1860 - age 7m,23d

Prentiss, Carrie A.,daughter of FJ and HM Prentiss, died 7/7/1858 - age 5m, 3d

Pike, Hannah, wife of Jotham Pike, died 9/22/1836 - age 56y

Pike, Jotham, died 5/30/1858 - age 78y, 2m, 9d

Row 4

Estabrook, Henry W., deacon, 1/16/1836 - 6/11/1919
Estabrook, Rose H. Pike, wife, 7/15/1837 - 8/19/1891
Estabrook, Ralph E., son, 8/13/1873 - 10/14/1873
Estabrook, Roscoe T., son, 8/13/1873 - 4/12/1910
Estabrook, Arthur A., son, 3/8/1861 - 6/14/1915
Estabrook, Joseph H., son, 11/18/1859 - 9/24/1918

Lyman, Fidelia L., daughter of R and T Lyman, died 12/8/1869 - age 29y

Pike, Morilla M., daughter of J. and S. Pike, died 11/22/1861 - age 20y, 6m, 13d

Pike, Joanna R., daughter of J. and S. Pike, died 4/29/1837 - age 1y, 4m, 2d
Pike, Emily A., daughter of J. and S. Pike, died 4/7/1852 - age 5y, 8m, 15d

Pike, twin infants, children of J. and S. Pike, died 4/22/1828 and died 1/8/1830

Pike, Salome, wife of Joseph Pike, died 2/22/1884 - age 79y, 6m, 14d

Pike, Joseph, died 9/11/1877 - age 75y

Cushman, Marena J., wife of Leicester Cushman, 2/25/1839 - 8/4/1921

Row 5

Johnson, Addie M., daughter of O. and M. Johnson, died 8/3/1865 - age 1y, 10m, 8d

Rice, Jotham P., son of P. and E. Rice, died 3/3/1844 - age 11y, 4m, 20d
Rice, Rienzi P., son of P. and E. Rice, died 2/17/1844 - age 4y, 4m, 22d

Rice, Sydney, son of P. and E. Rice, died 10/5/1836 - age 1y, 5m, 20d
Rice, Cevinda H., daughter of P. and E. Rice, died 4/4/1839 - age 1y, 9m, 15d

Rice, Emily, wife of Perez Rice, died 1/24/1886 - age 82y

Rice, Perez, died 12/29/1863 - age 65y

New Section Burials (on west and north sides of the old cemetery)

Hromada, Robert, 11/10/1896 - 12/9/1977

Hromada, Mirth, wife of Robert Hromada, 12/12/1896 - 4/10/1983

Alexander, Irma (Hromada), 1917 - 5/4/1998

Fletcher, Wendell, 8/16/1914 - 6/24/1974

Fletcher, Wilma, wife of Wendell Fletcher, 2/2/1922 - 7/14/1994

Theriault, Marjorie Elizabeth "Betty" (Johnson), 2/7/1929 - 7/4/1997

Bills, Melbourne Lee, 7/30/1927 - 5/2/1999
Bills, Inez Alice, 8/26/1927 - 2/4/1998

A total of 79 gravesites

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