Willis Cemetery
Stratton, Windham County, Vermont

This cemetery is located at the end of Willis Cemetery Rd on the right hand side on the approach. It was first used by the Grant and Pike families and others who occupied Stratton Gore. Originally, it may have been a family plot upon the farm of Nevinson Grant1. It was referred to as South Cemetery in Stratton's early records. Later the Willis family for whom the cemetery was named owned the farm, located on its west side. Willis Cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall with an opening near the road at its southwest corner. This cemetery was in use by 1795, and it is still used today. Here lies buried Robert Penn Warren, America's first Poet Laureate.

Listings are in order by gravestone, starting nearest the gate and progressing back and forth through the rows. Although more graves are evident, the following graves are known to exist within this cemetery:


1The exact location of Nevinson Grant's farm has not been ascertained. The fact that his daughter, Anna Moulton Grant (see below), was probably the first to be buried here, indicates that this cemetery may have been upon his farm. Nevinson was one of the first to settle in Stratton Gore and the farm beside this cemetery was a prime site for his farm.

Back Left Corner

King, Andrew Willis, April 22, 1914 - March 1, 1992

Row 1

Gates, Mrs. Persis, wife of Elias Gates, died 11/16/1868 - age 86
Gates, Louisa, daughter, died 11/16/1868 - age 56

Gates, Elias -- Field stone - unknown, possibly Elias Gates

Willis, Daniel, 9/18/1814 - 12/24/1897

Willis, Abigail, wife of Daniel Willis, 9/26/1814 - 4/18/1900

Willis, Clifford, son of D and A Willis, died 7/15/1859 - age 3y, 6m, 8d

Willis, Alton E., son of D and A Willis, died 3/2/1863 - age 5y, 9m, 12d

Willis, Frank S., son of D and A Willis, died 5/24/1863 - age 12y, 3m, 5d

Willis, Anna, wife of EA Willis, died 9/10/1881 - age 23y, 7m

Row 2

Sprague? -- M. (or W.) S. -- W.H.S., died in 1833. Field Stone.

Sprague? -- possibly Mary Sprague, wife of Hasey Sprague

Sprague? -- M.S. -- W.I.S., died in 1842. Field Stone. Probably Mary Sprague, wife of Israel Sprague.

Sprague? --H.F.S., died in 1844. Possibly Hasey Floyd Sprague. Field Stone.

Field stone - unknown

Row 3

Hartnell, Holloway, died 11/25/1866 - age 66y, 9m, 6d. Should read "Hartwell'

Pike, Wm. G., Capt., died 9/9/1865 - age 87y, 10m, 19d

Pike, Myranda, wife of William G Pike, died 10/21/1852 - age 71y

Pike, Samuel, died 11/6/1815 - age 85y
Pike, Anna, wife, died 2/20/1825 - age 85y

Row 4

Grant, Anna Moulton,1 died in 1795. Field Stone.

Pike, Priscilla E., daughter of W and M Pike, died 9/16/1816 - age 12d)

Knight, Philomela E., daughter of L. and FA Knight, died 8/16/1825 - age 11m, 2d

Pike, Mary F., daughter of W and M Pike, died 10/4/1825 - age 4y

Ballard, Sarah, wife of Stephen Ballard, died 9/5/1871 - age 73 (stone is broken and on the ground)

Ballard, Stephen, died 9/11/1863 - age 73

Row 5

Hale, Levi, died 7/15/1842 - age 77y
Hale, Mercy, wife, died 10/19/1853 - age 79y

Hale, Israel, son of Levi Jr. and Cynthia Hale, died 10/20/1825 - age 18d
Hale, Sarah M., daughter of Levi Jr. and Cynthia Hale, died 2/2/1836 - age 10y
Hale, Lucien, son of Levi Jr. and Cynthia Hale, died 10/21/1831)

Forrister, Moses Esq., died 10/25/1868 - age 89

Forrister, Patty, wife of Moses Forrister, died 5/6/1864 - age 80y, 3m, 18d

Hescock, Eliza Forister, wife of Oliver P. Hescock, died 11/9/1850 - age 38y, 11m, 4d

Forrister, Stephen J., died June 14, 1863 - age 53y

Forrister, Elizabeth P., wife of Stephen Forrister, died 9/28/1894 - age 85y, 6m

Forrister, Stephen B. J., son of S and E Forrister, died 3/28/1844 - age 5y, 4m, 13d

Forrister, Mariette E., daughter of S and E Forrister, died 6/21/1863 - age 15y, 5m

Forrister, Roderick B., died 7/30/1890 - age 68y, 6m, 12d

Forrister, Caroline A. Adams, died 7/22/1907 - age 77y, 5m, 21d (wife of Roderick Forrister)

Forrister, Laura Ann, daughter of R and C Forrister, died 8/24/1867 - age 16y, 3m

Forrister, infant son of R and C Forrister

Warren, Eleanor Clark, wife of Robert Penn Warren, born 7/6/1913 in Los Angeles, CA. (died 2/16/1996 in Boston, MA.)

Warren, Robert Penn, born 4/24/1905 in Guthrie, KY, died 9/15/1989 in Stratton, VT

Row 6

Lowe, Sarah E., wife of Clarence A. Lowe, died 9/26/1893 - age 24y, 2m, 10d

Lowe, (?), daughter of William and Mary Lowe, died 7/24/1844 - age 2y

Lowe, Aaron, died 1/19/1898 - age 74y, 26d)

Lowe, Elvina A., wife of Aaron Lowe (2/28/1841 - 5/20/1900) (stone is broken and unreadable)

Row 7

Lackey, John J., 3/8/1816 - 3/31/1898

Lackey, Rosanna L., wife of John Lackey, 1/15/1843 - 5/28/1901


1 A book called Cemetery Inscriptions from Wardsboro, Stratton, Jamaica, and Dover, Vermont written by Wyer and Ward and published in 1918 states that this fieldstone was interpreted to read "ANNA OULIOH G N" died 1795. The lettering has definitely been worn since 1918, Anna is clearly visible; as are letters of the last name; however upon consideration of the circumstances, the author believes that an "M" came before the "O" and that the "I" was actually a "T" and the "H" an "N", - MOULTON. The G N is no longer visible, but these letters obviously were there in 1918. The G N was probably the remnants of GRANT. Therefore it is very likely the gravestone of Anna Moulton Grant - who was very likely a daughter of Nevinson and Sarah (Moulton) Grant, named for her grandmother, Anna Moulton.


A total of 49 marked gravesites

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