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This cemetery is located on Route 142 between Northfield MA and Vernon VT. It can be found in a farmer's field, high on a bluff above the Connecticut River.

Sarah Newell, wife of George Semour
daughter of Arad and Sarah Hunt
Born May 7,1821
Died at Litchfield,Ct,
April 21, 1843.

In Memory of Mrs. Martha Bridgman
Wife if Capt Orlando Bridgman
who died April ye 3d, 1766, in the 68th year of her age
and the first person buried in this yard.

Sacred to the memory of
Capt Orlando Bridgman
who departed from this life
June 4th, 1771, in the 70th year of his age.
Whilst living men my tomb do review
Remember well there's room for you.

The Hon. John Bridgman, Esq.
A man of splendid abilities and eminent usefulness in his day,
An implacable enemy of vice, superstition and bigotry
and ardent lover and friend of Virtue and religion,
Cheerful in prosperity, in adversity, placid and submissive.
Christan piety and morality, probity, and fidelity, Justice, and temperance.
Humility, industry and good economy adorn'd his LIF.
Feb 26, 1805 AEt 68.

Sacred to the memory of Mrs Ruth Bridgman
Consort of John Bridgman,Esq.
who died
June 1,1797, in the 58th year of her age.
Behold and see as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I,
As I am now, you soon will be
Prepare for death and follow me.

The unfortunate Miranda,
daughter of John & Ruth Bridgman,
whose remains are here interred,
fell a prey to the flames that consomed
her Father's Hoose, on ye 11th of June 1791, aged 28.
the room below flamed like a stove,
Anxious for those who slept above,
She ventured on ye trembling floor
It fell and she rose no more.

In memory of Amos Tute
who died April 17th, 1790,
in the 60th year of his age.
Were I so tall to reach the pole
or grasp the ocean with my span
i must be measured by my soul,
The mind is the standard of the man.

Mrs. Jemima Tute
Successively relict of Messrs.
William Phips,. Caleb Howe & Amos Tute.
The first two were killed by the Indians,
Phips on July 5th, 1743 & Howe, June 27th, 1755.

Here lies the body of James Tute
who departed___this life April __the___14th, 1775,
age about 90 years.

Hon Jonathan Hunt
born in Northfield,Mass September 23,1738,
died in Vernon, June 1, 1823, aged 85.

Susannah, widow of Jonathan Hunt, died June 29, 1834, AE 85.

Gen. Arad Hunt, died Feb 18,1825, in his 82 year.

Sally Hunt wife of Arad Hunt, died Sept 15, 1846, aged 52.

Arad Hunt, died Aug 30, 1833, aged 43.

Here lies cut down like unripe fruit

A son of Mr. Amos Tute
and of Mrs. jemime Tute, his wife,
Called Jonathan; of whose frail life,
The days all summed how short the account,
Scarcely to fourteen years amount,

Born the 12th of May was he,
In seventeen hundred and sixty-three;
To death he fell a helpless prey,
On April V & Twentieth day,
In seventeen hundred seventy-seven

Quitting this world, we hope for heaven
Behold the amazing alteration,
Effected by innoculation,
The means employed his Life to save,
Hurried him headlong to the grave.

Full in the bloom of youth he fell
Alas what human tongue can tell,
The mother's grief, her anguish show
Or paint the father's heavier woe.

Who now no natral offspring has
His ample fortune _____to possess,
To fill his place stand in his stead
Or bear his name when he is dead.

So God ordand, His ways are just,
Tho' empires crumble into dust;
Life and the world mere bubles are
Let loos to these, for Heaven prepare."