SURNAMES:    Winslow, Daggett
RESIDED:         Freetown MA, Fall River MA, Newfane VT

NOTE:    Sometimes the names and dates in old  Bibles are hard to read.  Please check to see if you can find confirmation in other sources that the information below is correct.

The Putney Historical Society, Putney, Vermont, has this Bible.  As we are paring our holdings at this time, we are offering this Bible to any family members that would take it and care for it.  The family info contained in it has been transcribed and is posted below.  If this is your family please contact me.  Ruth Barton @  

Loose page in front of Bible

This Bible is not in good shape.  The page that tells when and where
published is torn off so that info is not available.

Two entries at top totally unreadable--water damage. 
Presume they are husband and wife, parents of the children listed below. The parents are Isaac WINSLOW and Joanna DAGGETT of Freetown, Bristol Co., MA

Betsey WINSLOW  Born January 20th ----
Elizabeth WINSLOW  Born March 17th 1788
Lucy WINSLOW  Born September 12th 1790
Alfred WINSLOW  Born September 7th 1792
Lois WINSLOW  Born February 9th 1795
Leanna? [Joanna?] WINSLOW Born May 18th or 13th 1798
Alfred WINSLOW   Born July 25th 1800?
William WINSLOW  Born June 10th 1801?

William WINSLOW died August 19, 1856

Note:    The last 3 children listed in "Births" are not found in current online listings of children in this family.  In 1850, there was one William Winslow, age 48, b. MA, living in Newfane VT with his wife Adeline.  (R.Duffalo)

Transcribed by Ruth Barton  June 2005