SURNAMES:   Hale, Haven, Knight, Worden
RESIDED:       Dummerston VT, Halifax VT, Putney VT; Stonington CT

NOTE:    Sometimes the names and dates in old  Bibles are hard to read.  Please check to see if you can find confirmation in other sources that the information below is correct.

The Putney Historical Society, Putney, Vermont, has this Bible.  As we are paring our holdings at this time, we are offering this Bible to any family members that would take it and care for it.  The family info contained in it has been transcribed and is posted below.  If this is your family please contact me.  Ruth Barton @

WORDEN  Family Bible
Published by Luther Roby
Concord, N. H., 1848
Eliza. B. HAVEN
Married at Putney (VT)
May 27th 1834
Jesse E. WORDEN &
Betsey KNIGHT Married
March 11, 1886
Born Feb. 20th 1766
Died May 11th 1814
Rachel HALE
Born May 17th 1769
Married Sept 17, 1788
Name Birth Death
Gertrude Emogene Nov. 26th 1836 Dec. 31st 1841
Gertrude Louise E. Oct. 19th 1843 June 7th 1849
Eddie Radcliffe June 27th 1851 Aug. 14th 1864
Eliza B. WORDEN  [b. 26 Apr 1815 Dummerston,
d/o Ira Haven & Jemima Ward
Feb. 21, 1882
aged 67 yr 10 months
J. Edson WORDEN See below April 8, 1895
aged 87 yrs 8 months
Peter WORDEN, Jr  Jan 20th 1790  
Isaac WORDEN Feb 2nd 1792  
Samuel WORDEN Oct 4th 1793
Seth WORDEN June 20th 1796  July 31st 1838
Rachael WORDEN Sept 30th 1800  
Lewis WORDEN Aug 16th 1802 March 17th  1848
Almira WORDEN July 28th 1804 Dec 8th 1857
Nancy WORDEN Jul 26th 1806 March 4th 1812
Jesse E. WORDEN Aug 20th 1808 April 8th 1895
Aseneth WORDEN Sep 4th 1810 Aug 5th 1813
Esther WORDEN Dec 16th 1812  May 19th 1814
Transcribed by Ruth Barton June 2005