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Andover Town Clerk: RR 1 Box 179 - Chester, VT 05143 Phone: (802) 875-2765.

Andover was granted a charter on October 13, 1761, by the Province of New Hampshire, to Nathaniel House and his associates of Lebanon, Connecticut. At a proprietors meeting held on August 25, 1762, Israel Woodward, William Sims, Ezekiel Thomas, Nathaniel House and Elisha Bill were appointed a committee to divide the grant into lots But it wasn't until 1768 that an attempt was made to settle the town. This attempt was quickly abandoned and the first permanent was made in June of 1776.

The first settlers to Andover were Shubael Geer and Amos Babcock in 1768. Their stay was short but Shubael had son, William, born during this time. In June, 1776 Moses Warner, John Simonds, John Simonds Jr., Eli and Jacob Pease, and James Keyes came from Enfield, Conn., to establish the first permanent settlement. By 1780 Frederick Rogers had settled in town and opened a tavern. In 1781 Samuel Brown and Thomas Adams became residents of Andover. Joel and Samuel Manning, from Townsend, Mass., arrived in 1789 followed shortly by their brother's Joseph and Benjamin. Samuel Pettengill came from Andover, Mass., about 1790. Ebenezer sold his farm in 1794 to John Manvur, a native of Dracut, Mass., who moved from Temple, NH. Ebenezer stayed in Andover a short time before moving to Ludlow, where he died. The following settlers also arrived during this time period: Abner Gutterson came from Milford, NH in 1794; Moody Stickney in 1795 and eleven years later sold his farm to his brother Joseph; Joshua Jacquith came in 1787; Samuel Burton came from Wilton, NH in 1791; Jonas Adams came from Jaffrey, NH in 1794; and Hart balch came from Dublin, NH in 1788. After the American Revolution Andrew Bradford settled in town. David Howard became a resident in 1791 having come from Uxbridge, Mass. David Bachelder moved into town in 1796.

Prominent families of Andover: Fellt Family, Dorwin Benson, Hibbard and Bezaleel Chase, Benjamin and William Fuller, Gutterson Family, Larkin Family, Manning Family, Henry J. Parker, Peter and George Washington Putnam, Rowell Family, Stickney Family, Walker Family

The first town meeting was held on March 27, 1780, at Frederick Rogers house. Moses Warner was chosen moderator and town clerk; James Keyes, Frederick Rogers and John Simonds Jr., selectmen; Eli Pease, highway surveyor.

The first grand list bears the date of July 29, 1782: Captain John Simonds, 59 pounds 10 shillings; Lieutenant Samuel Brown, 32 pounds; Frederick Rogers, 27 pounds; John Simonds Jr., 31 pounds; Ebenezer Simonds, 11 pounds; Moses Warner, 24 pounds; John Chapin, 15 pounds; Eli Pease, 20 pounds; Thomas Adams, 20 pounds; Ezekiel Pease, 28 pounds 10 shillings; Ezekiel Pease Jr., 9 pounds; Stephen Burgess 12 pounds; Daniel Wear, 6 pounds; John Gowdy, 6 pounds.

List of Freeman about 1780

Ezekiel Pease, Solomon Howard, Joshua Jacquith, Peter Allen, Augustus Pease, David Howard, Frederick Rogers, Henry Hall, John Gowdy, Phineas Wheeler, Bunker Clark, Samuel Minard, Samuel Brown, Ebenezer Simonds, Thomas French, William Brown, Alvin Simonds, Dan Foster, Captain John Simonds, Stephen Burgess, Thomas Adams, John Stiles, Joseph Howard Jr., Aaron Nichols, Abiadiah Pease, John Simonds Jr., JohnChapin, Ezra Sexton, Timothy Nichols, Dan Simonds, Ezra Chapin, Samuel Smith, Eli Pease, Joshua Dale, Silas Spaulding, Joseph Howard, Ichobald Perry, Thomas Knowlton, Joshua Jacquith Jr., and Moses Warner

Andover in the Wars

Men Who Served in the American Revolution.

Many and possibly all of these men may have served prior to their settling in Andover. Solomon Howard, Samson Walker, David Hazeltine, Jonas Adams, Levi Adams, Andrew Bradford, Hart Balch, Peter Adams, Peter Putnam, Joseph Stickney, Joseph Abbott, Ebenezer Farnsworth, William Pierce, Benjamin Pierce, David Burton, Daniel Knights, Richard Bradford, Jesse Parkhurst, Luther Adams, John Barton, Frederick Rogers.

War of 1812

Salvanus L. Marsh, Adolpus Howard, Samuel Dutton, John Tyrrell, Jerry Adams, Cyrus Bailey, Hart Balch, Ebenezer Farnsworth, John Abbott, Jake Abbott, Caleb Cram, Joseph Cram, David Bradford, Morris Howard, Antepast Howard, Joseph Howard, Joseph Bullard, James Burton, William Kimball, Sibrean C. Taylor, Samuel Pettengill, Ira Hale, William Feltt and Andrew Bradford.


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