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  Town Clerk: RD 4 Box 365 - Chester, VT 05143 Phone: (802) 263-5274

The town of Baltimore was created by an act of the Vermont legislature passed October 19, 1793. Formerly the town was part of Cavendish but Hawks Mountain seperated it from Cavendish and it was deemed necessary to form a new town. The first town meeting was held March 12, 1794 at the house of Waldo Cheney.

Among the early settlers, who were mostly from Massachusetts, were Joseph Atherton, Joshua Martin, Jonathan Woodbury, Noah Piper, Jonathan Boynton, Caleb Leland, Benjamin Page, Isaac Chamberlain, Stephen Richardson, Amasa Gregory, Ephraim Martin and Luther Graves.

Prominent families of Baltimore: Leland Family, Martin Family, Preston Family, Jonathan and Jonathan M. Boynton, Luther and Zenas H. Graves, Piper Family


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