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A Welcome to our new Town host,  Mike Perry. He is, himself, searching for the Perry family as they resided here for (5) generations, from the 1700's. Other Bridgewater names linked to his are: Knowlton, Tracy, Priest, Young, Chapman, Dill, Patterson.  Mike is also willing to do lookups taken from over 20 years of literature, notes and research. New additions to the site are coming  Get to know,  James Michael Perry. 

Bridgewater Town Clerk:
P.O Box 14 - Bridgewater, VT 05034 Phone: (802) 672-3334


The town of Bridgewater was chartered on July 10, 1761. The pioneer settlement of the town did not occur until 1781 with the arrival of Asa Jones and shortly after of Amos Mendall , whose daughter Lucy was the first child born in town. One section of the town is Bridgewater Mills which sits on the Quechee River. Richard Souhtgate was the first person to settle in this area. He came from Massachusetts to Bridgewater in 1784. In 1786 he built a dam across the river to run his saw and gristmill.

The first proprietors' meeting was held in Woodstock on May 18, 1781 in which Asa Jones was chosen moderator. John Ransom, proprietors' clerk; Asa Jones, proprietors' treasurer; James Cady, proprietors' collector. A committee of Asa Jones, James Cady and Amos Mendall were chosen to survey the town.

The next meeting was held on November 24, 1783 at Deacon Jones's house in Bridgewater. Two town lots were voted to Isaac and Richard Southgate for the purpose of building a saw-mill and a gristmill. George Boyce and captain John Hawkins were also given 100 acre lots for this purpose.

In a meeting held at Woodstock in September, 1784, Captain Strong, Jesse Williams, Cephas Shedd, John Hawkins and Richard Southgate were chosen as a committee to lay out a road through town.

The first town meeting was held on March 30, 1785. Asa Jones was chosen moderator; John Hawkins, town clerk; Richard Southgate, James Fletcher and Isaiah Shaw, selectman; Joseph Hawkins, town treasurer and constable; Bliss Hoisington, James Fletcher and Joseph Boyce, listers; Richard Southgate, grand juror; James Boyce, Amos Kendall and James Topliff, surveyors of highways.

Prominent Families of Bridgewater: Rodolphus Bridge, Capron Family, Augustus R. Derby, Dr. Zophar W. Furber, Josiah Josselyn, Ziba Aldrich Marsh, William Shattuck, Andrew J. Taft, Oscar F. Wasburn, Benjamin Weeden, Lorenzo O. West, Stephen S. Barrows, William C. Bugbee, Hermon G. Davis, Alonzo Madden, John P. Woods and Barnabas Woods

Births, Deaths and Marriages of Bridgewater

Elijah Walker married Anna Jones, May 28, 1789. Children: Electa, Rena, Anna, Patty, Sally, Demis, Elijah, Roene, Edwin and Edson.

Elijah Walker, the pioneer, died on February 26, 1813.

Ariel Jones married Polly Hayes, September 21, 1787. Children: Lydia, Polly, Lyman, Betsey, Betsey, and Ariel.

Asa Green married Achsa Sanderson, April 26, 1783. Children: Ephraim, Lucy, Asa, Elias, Oliver, Benjamin, Elias, Rachel, Achsa and Irenus

Joseph Perkins married Patience Hayes in Lyme, Conn. Children, born in Bridgewater: Polly and Mehetable. Patience, wife, died on August 6, 1792. Joseph married, second, Patience Denison, February 19, 1793. Children: Patience and Joseph

"Progeny" of James Topliff by Abigail, his wife: Calvin, Joseph, Abigail, Salla, James, Jersuha, Eunice and Anna

Family of Jonathan and Abigail White: Lyman, Laura, Gilman, Alanson, John, Alfred, Sullivan, Saphrona, Fanny, Juliana M. and Andrew Jackson

Challis Safford married Sally Jones, February 26, 1789. Children: Robert, Dennis, Joseph and Orrin

Ephraim C. French married Rhoda Dike, in Worcester, Mass, June 6, 1785. Children, born in Bridgewater: Anna, Pamelia, Octava and Carter

Benjamin Perkins and Demis Jones, in Colchester, Conn., June 10, 1784. Chuldren: Demis born in Colchester, Conn., Fanny, Betsey, Irene and Melvine in Bridgewater. Benjamin Perkins died February 25, 1813

Samuel Hawkins married Betsey Miller, May 4, 1796. Children: Lucy, Laura, Ann, Julia, Betsey

James Walker married Reny Parmenter, February 6, 1794. Children: Roswell, Horace, Rodolphus, Orrin, Alden, Fanny, Nelson, Mandana and Fanny

David Thompson and Betsey Leech, December 17, 1795 in Massachusetts. Children, born in Bridgewater: Alvinzy, Eunice, Edwin, Calista, Ovid and Roxlena

Abel Thompson married Polly Stacy, December 5, 1799. Children: Patty, Hosea, Anna, Oliver H., Noah, Elihu and Polly

Thomas Vickory Vose married Sarah Little, December 20, 1781 in New Hampshire. Children: Elizabeth, Phebe V., Samuel, Roger I., Thomas V., (the last three born in Hartland, Vt.), John, Sally H.M., Esther, Joseph and Gilman

Isaiah Shaw married Abigail Timkham. Children: Isaac, Rebecca, Abijah (daughter), Isaiah; by second marriage with Anna Stacy, Michael, Moses, Enoch, Rufus, Ansel, Gideon, Franklin, Alonzo, and John

Elihu Smith married Susanna Grow, November, 1799. Children: Lorenzo, Minerva, William, and Philander

Samuel Vaughan married Ruth Bowker, February 14, 1799. Children: Elizabeth, Samuel, Mary, Marcy, Joanna and Jeremiah

Selah Montague married Electa Winter, January 11, 1781. Children: Betsey, Clarissa, David, Moses, David, Daniel, Otis, Electa, Rosena, Laura. Selah Montague died May 17, 1812.

Richard Southgate married Phebe Raymond, March 1, 1799. Children: Richard W., Phebe, Napoleon B., Marquis L., Caroline E., Julia, William B., Giles,, Winfield Scott, Peter B., Porter and Mercy Emily.

Nathaniel Miller married Betsey Lewis in Massachusetts on October 20, 1794. Children: John, Ansel, Abigail, Lewis, betsey, Nelson, Nathaniel, John, Oliver H.P. and James Monroe

"Progeny" of Joshua Woodbury and Eunice his wife: Nancy, Polly, Eunice, Lucy, Sally, Melinda, Eunice, Joshua, Betsey and one other that died unnamed.

List of Freeman from September 1, 1801

Amos Mendall, Joseph Hawkins, Thomas Southgate, James Topliff. Thomas Palmer, Benoni Shaw, Isaiah Shaw, John Palmer, Eleazor Meacham, William Grois, James Southgate, Joseph French, Isaac Jones, Jonathan White, Jeremiah Thomas, Zebulon Thomas, Benjamin Perkins, James Pierce, Ariel Jones, Selah Montague, James Fletcher, Zachariah Barrett, Joseph Perkins, Ariel Jones Jr., Barnabas Thomson, Robert Palmer, Ivory Bostworth, Zebina Eaton, Thomas Eastman, George Washburn, Abner Jones, John Walker, James Walker, John Foster, Elkanah, Job and Daniel Shaw, George Boyce, Cephas Sheldon, Challis Strong, Elijah Walker, Stephen Rice, Aaron French, Elisha Gillette, Joseph Boyce, Challis Safford, Gideon Maxham, John Gaylord, Richard Southgate Jr., John Strong, Lemuel Gibbs, David Maxham, William Lamb, Jedediah Damon, Nathaiel Miller, Jonathan Pratt, Cyrus Perkins, David Thomson, Noah Thomson Jr., Renel Simmons, John Ayres, Stephen Woodward, Enoch Young, Wade Jones, James Woodward, Ezra French, Ichabod Churchill, Joseph Benson, Aaron Lamb, John Harris, Samuel Harris, Stephen Gibbs, William Pierce, Josiah Gibbs, Henry Hakett, Nathan Avery, Willard Lamb, Abisha Bingham, Reuben Washburn, Abner Woodward, Samuel Babcock, Isaac Osgood, Abel Thomson, Johua Leonard, Phineas Sanderson Jr., Abithar Polland, John Pratt, second, Samuel Keech, Job Hoisington, Stephen Slater, William White, Noah Thomson, Abel Tracy, John Hawkins Jr., and Daniel Barrows.


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