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 Chester Historical Society
Main Street, Chester, VT 05143
802-875-3767 or 802-875-2497

The society rents the Academy Building from the Town of Chester and displays collections of 19th-century
household furnishings, quilts, costumes, agricultural machines, documents, and early typewriters. It also owns the former firehouse in Chester Depot, where there is a small collection of 19th-century fire-fighting equipment. Contact Person: Pat Ballou

Hours and Admission: Sat and Sun, 2 5pm, and by appointment. Free. Not accessible to the disabled.

 The Whiting Library
Main Street - Chester, VT 05143 Phone: (802) 875-2277.

Town Clerk
 P.O Box 370 - Chester, VT 05143 Phone: (802) 875-2173.

                                               THE EARLY SETTLERS

Chester was one of the first towns to chartered in Windsor County by Governor Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire. The grant was dated February 22, 1754 under the name of Flamstead. When a charter was granted the proprietors were obligated to meet certain obligations and this original group failed to meet them. A second charter was granted to New Flamstead on November 3, 1761. Chester would be granted a third charter on July 14, 1766 by Governor Tyron of the province of New York. It was under this grant that the name was changed to Chester,

The proprietors if the 1761 grant were mostly residents of Worcester, Mass and it was in this town that the first proprietors meeting was held. The meeting was held in the house of Luke Brow who, along with John Goulding and Cornelius Stowell, was chosen selectman. John Goulding was chosen town clerk; Palmer Goulding, treasurer and collector; Cornelius Stowell, constable.

Another meeting occured on March 22, 1763 and Thomas Chandler, Sr, Jabez Sargent and John Chandler were chosen selectman and assessors. Thomas Chandler, Jr., was chosen town clerk and constable; John Chandler, surveyor of highways; Thomas Chandler, Sr., hayward.

The final proprietors meeting was held in 1764 in Walpole, NH. Joshua Warner replaced John Chandler as a selectman and assessor; David Warner was elected constable; Jabez Sargeant, hayward and Joshua Johnson, sealer of wieghts and measures.

The first town meeting held in Chester occurred in March, 1765 at William Warner's house. Thomas Chandler, Sr., Jabez Sargeant, Edward Johnson, Josiah Farwell and Nathan Earle, selectman; Thomas Chandler, Jr., town clerk; Thomas Chandler, Sr., town treasurer; John Chandler, constable. This was also the last meeting to occur as a New Hampshire grant and under the name of New Flamstead.

The first settlement in this town was begun in early 1764 by Thomas Chandler and his sons, John and Thomas. Thomas Chandler Sr., son of John Chandler, was born in Woodstock, Conn., on July 23, 1709. In 1761 he settled in Walpole, NH and lived there until moving to New Flamstead (now Chester). They were soon afterwards joined by Jabez Sargeant, Edward Johnson, Isahiah Johnson, Charles Mann, William Warner, Ichabod Ide and Ebenezer Holton. These people were from Woodstock, Conn., and Worcestor and Malden, Mass. The settlement grew quickly and by January 16, 1771 the town had 152 inhabitants. Daniel Heald came to Chester in 1776, from Concord, Mass. where at the beginning of the Revolution he took part in the Battle at Concord Bridge, and was a resident of the town until his death in 1833. The following were also early settlers of the town: William Atwood came from Rhode Island in 1774; Hugh Henry became a resident prior to 1780; The Field family were from Rhode Island and located in town after 1785; Abraham Sawyer came from Templeton, Mass. in 1778 and soon built a saw-mill, by 1800 he built a grist-mill; John Putnam came from Farmington, Conn in 1783; in 1785 John Fuller moved to Chester from Rhode Island; Abraham Fullerton, along with his sons Nathaniel and Thomas S., was conducting a mercantile business by 1790. In 1790 Ichabod Onion, of Dedham, Mass., bought 100 acres of land at $1.50 and acre; and Paul Tobey, a native of Mass., came to Chester in 1788.

Prominent families of Chester: Roswell and Tyler Earle, Guild Family, Hugh Henry, Abram Lowell, Frederic P. Mather, John Newton Moore, Uriah Morris, Perry Family, Abiel and Walter Richardson, Philemon Robbins, Sargent Family, Elijah Walker, Williams Family, Adams Family, Henry L. Aldrich, Isaac Allen, Naum and Albert F. Baldwin, Brewer Family, Loammi Cutler, Jesse and Joseph Fisher, Daniel and Jonas Fletcher, Nathaniel and Frederick Eugene Fullerton, Hugh H. Henry, Dearborn H. Hilton, Nathan and William Kingsbury, Marsh Family, Sargent Family, David A. Sherwin

A list of freeman of the town dated Setember 7, 1778: Jabez, Ezra, Amos, Samuel and Jabez Sargeant Jr., John Stone, Will Atwood, Abraham Sawyer, Thomas Stone, Israel Stone, David Brooks, Thomas Chandler Jr., Daniel Ranney, Joseph Holton, Daniel Heald, Thomas Chandler, George Earll, John Chandler, Caleb Church, James Robinson, John Stone Jr., John Smith, Will Hosmer, Joseph Smith, William Gilky, William Gilky Jr., Joseph Sumner, Esick Earll, Joseph Hewlett, Ebenezer Johnson, Thomas Caryl, Joe Gilson, John E. Chandler, Asahel Johnson, Oliver Atwood, Nicholas Smith, Eli Brigham, Moses Gill, Moses Gill Jr., Ezekiel Colburn, John Caryl, Joshua Turner, Amos Gille, Thomas Ruggs, Amos Hosmer, Nehemiah Field, Timothy Olcott.


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