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Quechee, Hartford and West Hartford are located within the municipality of Hartford.

Hartford Historical Society
1461 Maple St., Hartford, VT 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 547, Hartford, VT 05047  802-296-3132

The Society owns a turn-of-the-century house with Dr. Garipay's home office, as well as a growing collection of documents, artifacts and photographs of Hartford's past. There are four public lectures each year as well as various special events. Contact Person: Pat Stark, Archivist (days, M-F: 802-295-3077)   Hours and Admission: First Tues., 6-8pm; first Sat., 1:30-4pm, and by appointment.

Hartford Town Clerk:
15 Bridge Street - White River Jet, VT 05001 Phone: (802) 295-2785.

Quechee Public Library
41 Main Street - Quechee, VT 05059 Phone: (802) 295-1232.

THE BEGINNINGS: The town of Hartford's charter was granted on July 4, 1761 by Governor Wentworth of New Hampshire. The first proprietors meeting was held on August 20, 1761 in Windham, Conn. John Baldwin was the moderator; Prince Tracy was chosen clerk and treasurer; these two men along with William Clark were chosen selectman; Major Joseph Blanchard, Silas Phelps and Moses Hebard were chosen collector of taxes. A six man committee comprising Capt. William Clark, Lt. Prince Tracy, Silas Phelps, James Flint, Benjamin Wright and Elijah Bingham was chosen to lay out the town plot.

The first settler arrived in 1763 and he is believed to be named Benjamin Wright. By 1763, Solomon Strong, Elijah Strong, Benejah Strong, Jonathan Marsh and Benjamin Wright had taken up residence in Hartford.

Town Meetings

The first recorded town meeting in Hartford occured on March 8, 1768. Chosen were Benjamin Wright, moderator; Elijah Strong, town clerk; Christopher Pease, Solomon Strong and John Marsh, selectman; Daniel Pinneo, constable; Abel Marsh and Solomon Strong, surveyors of highways; Abel Marsh and Elijah Strong, tithingmen; John Marsh and Benjamin Wright, "Dear Reafs".

In 1769- John Strong was elected clerk; John Marsh, moderator; Chritopher Pease, John Marsh and Israel Gillett, selectmen; Lemeul Udall, constable; Eleazor Robinson, Benjamin Church and Benejah Strong, surveyors of highways; William Bramble, John Bennett, grand jurymen.

In 1770- John Marsh was chosen moderator; John Strong, town clerk; John Marsh, Christopher Pease and Elijah Strong, selectman; Eleazor Robinson, constable; Daniel Pinneo and John Marsh, surveyors of highways; david Bliss and William Bramble, tithingmen.

March 12, 1771- Abel Marsh was chosen moderator; John Strong, town clerk; Israel Gillett, Abel Marsh and Lionel Udall, selectman; Eleazor Robinson and Thomas Woodward, constables; Thomas Savage, Thomas Minor, Henry Woodward and Lionel Udall, surveyors of highways; John Strong, Abel Marsh and Lionel Udall, "comite for to lay out an alter highways where theay are wanted in said town of Hartford."

March 10, 1772- Daniel Pinneo was chosen moderator; John Strong, town clerk; Daniel Pinneo, Lionel Udall and Elisha Marsh, selectmen; Daniel Pinneo and William Bramble, constables; John Strong, Daniel Pinneo and Benjamin Burch, commissioners of highways; Israel Gillett, Daniel Pinneo, Jonathan Burch and Abel Marsh, surveyors of highways.

Hartford in the American Revolution

In 1777 Joseph Marsh was made colonel of one of the Hartford militia regiments. The following men also served in 1777: Asa Emerson, Jonathan and Eddy Burch, Beckert Chapman, Mitchel Clark, William Curtis, Barry Damon, Hezekiah Hazen, Jonathan Hill, Abel Marsh, Elisha Perkins, Phineas Strong, Seth Savage, Elkanah Sprague, Stephen Tilden, Andrew Tracy, Josiah Tilden, William Udall and Benjamin Wright.

In 1780 the after the attack on Royalton the Hartford militia under Captain Joshua Hazen took part in the pursuit of the Indians and British. But Colonel House, fearing for the lives of the captives, did not force an engagement. Joshua Hazen's company was comprised as follows: Joshua Hazen, Capt; William Bramble, Lt.; Elkanah Sprague, Ensign; Elias Chapman, Asa Hazen, Andrew Tracy, David Wright, sergeants; William Dunham, John Gillett, Hezekiah Hazen, Stephen Tilden, corporals; and privates: Elnathan and William Allen, Jonathan Bennett, David Bliss, William Burch, Erastus, Joseph and Simon Chapman, John Cheney, Daniel Clark, Nehemiah Clossen, Simeon Curtis, Barjom and Levi Damon, John Dutton, Enoch Eaton, Enoch Emerson, Daniel O., Ezekiel and Israel Gillett, Jacob, Jonathan and William Hall, Daniel, Solomon, Thomas Jr and Thomas Hazen, Thomas Holbrook, Timothy, Johnson, Abel, Samuel, John, Joseph, Joseph Jr. amd Roger Marsh, Elijah Mason, David Newton, Christopher and Daniel Pease, Samuel Pinneo, Elliott Porter, Calvin Luther, Rowland Jr. and Rowland Powell, Jonathan Reynolds, Jehial Robbins, Francis W. and Seth Savage, Simon Sitzel, Ashbel Smith, Ignatius Sprague, Benajah, Phineas, Solomon Jr. and Solomon Strong, Josiah Terry, James and Thomas Tracy, Lemuel White, Joseph Williams, Benjamin and Jonathan Wright.

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