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Welcome To Hartland.  I am your host Gary Allen Lull, and also the 4th Great Grandson of Timothy Lull the first citizen of Harland.  If I can be of assistance in your search for Hartland ancestors, or advise you about any burials  in the local cemeteries,  we will be more than pleased to try and assist you.     Contact me at GLull@prodigy.net

Hartland Town Clerk:
 P.O Box 349 - Hartland, VT 05048 Phone: (802) 436-2444.

Hartland was actually chartered under the name of Hertford on July 10, 1761 by Governor Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire to Samuel Hunt and his associates. On June 15, 1782 the town name was changed to Waterford but two days later the name was changed to Hartland. The town of Hartland has three villages called Hartland Three Corners, Hartland Four Corners and North Hartland.

It was recorded that the first settler of Hartland was Timothy Lull who arrived from Dummerston in May, 1763. He would remain in Hartland for the rest of his life where he died at the age of 81. He would raise nine children and his son Timothy was the first male child born in Hartland in December of 1764.

The first town meeting took place on March 11, 1767 and Oliver Willard was chosen moderator and supervisor; Capt. Zadock Wright and Lt. Joel Matthews, assessors; Timothy Lull, treasurer; Ensign Laiton and Lt. Joel Mathews, overseers of highways; Oliver Willard and Joseph Harwood, overseers of poor; Nathan Call, collector; Capt. Zadock Wright, Timothy Lull, Ebenezer Call and Joel Matthews, constables.

At a town meeting on March 10, 1778, Dr. Paul Spooner was chosen moderator and town clerk; Lt. Jonathan Burk, Ensign Daniel Spooner and Zebulon Lee, selectman; Capt. Aaron Willard, constable; Capt Aaron Willard, Dr. Paul Spooner and Robert Morrison, assessors.

Men who took the Freeman's Oath

March 3, 1778- Dr. Paul Spooner, Major Joel Matthews, Ensign Mattias Rust, William Gallup, Thomas Rood, Joshua Loomis, Ensign Daniel Spooner, Oliver Rust, Moses Squire, Jonas Matthews, John Dunbar, Oliver Taylor, Nathan Harvey, Zebulon Lee, John Goldsbury, Isaac Stevens, Thomas Richardson, Ensign Saul Taylor, and George Burk.

September 4, 1781- Seth Moseley, Joseph Evens, Eleazor Bishop, Francis Cabot, James Williams, Eleazor Paine, Daniel Bugbee, Timothy Waters, Joseph Grow, Joseph Grow Jr., Daniel Short, John Grow, Ambrose Grow, Joseph Olmstead, Marston Cabot, Elisha Gallup, John Laiton, Samuel Williams.

Hartland in the American Revolution

On March 24, 1778 William Gallup was made commissioner of confiscated lands. The lands that were confiscated belong to those people who had remained loyal to England during the war, commonly known as Tories. Gallup appointed Matthias Rust and Charles Spaulding appraisers, and to conduct sales. They issued the following report: "We, the subscribers, being appointed by William Gallup, of Hartland, in the State of Vermont, to appraise certain lots, or parcels, of land belonging to Whitehead Hicks, (and gone over to the enemy,).One lot, the property of Stiversant, No. 6, second range, 300 acres, price 6 shillings per acre, purchased by John Sumner and Nehemiah Liscomb." Whitehead Hicks, the mayor of New York, lost about 1,422 acres and the person called Stiversant about 1,488 acres. From this sale Captain Gallup paid into the treasury more than 1,118 pounds.

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