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Update 02/01/2002


Welcome to the new Plymouth Vermont Town Host.

Nancy Wygant is your new Plymouth Town Host.  She is here to assist you in locating your ancestors.  Since this is a volunteer task, try to be specific with your requests. Provide the surname, given name and birth information,  and Nancy will  do her best to assist you.  She will welcome your inquiries.  
Nancy Wygant  

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Plymouth Historical Society
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Early Prominent families of Plymouth include: John Alyward, Parker Boynton, Joseph A. Davis, William Foley, Simon Gould, Christopher Hall, Norton L. Pinney, Elisha F. Sanderson, Slack Family, Newell N. Taylor, M.J. Townsend, Warren Bailey, George Cheney, Samuel Dix, Greene Family, George Hall, Simeon Hunt King, James McDermott, Harmon McWain, Henry E. Ravlin, Albert F. Sanders, Dr Charles A. Scott


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