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North Pomfret Public Library
Stage Road - North Pomfret, VT 05053 - Phone: (802) 457-2236.

Pomfret Town Clerk:
P.O Box 286 - North Pomfret, VT 05053 Phone: (802) 457-3861.

Pomfret was chartered by Governor Benning Wentworth on July 8, 1761, to Isaac Dana and his associates, of whom there were sisty-seven. The first proprietors meeting was held in Pomfret, Connecticut (this town being named after the one in Connecticut) on September 7, 1761 where Ebenezer Williams was chosen moderator; Isaac Dana Jr., clerk; Simeon Sessions, collector, Ebenezer Williams, treasurer, Ebenezer Williams, John Williams, and Isaac Dana as a committee of commissioners. Amasa Sessions, William Winchester, Simeon Sessions, Isaac Dana, Seth Paine Jr., and William Dana were chosen a committee to survey and lay out the town.

The first permanent settlement in towm was made by Batholomew Durkee who came to Pomfret on March 6, 1770. They were followed a few days later by John Chedel and his family. The actual first settler of the town was Andrew Powers. He had purchased lands from Oliver Willard thinking they were in the town of Woodstock but when the survey of the the Pomfret lines was done Powers found himself within the town of Pomfret making Andrew Powers the first settler of Pomfret.

The first town meeting held in Pomfret, Vermont was in March of 1773. John Winchester Dana was chosen clerk and moderator and supervisor; John Chedel and Benjamin Bugbee, assessors; Seth Hodges and Jacob Burch, collectors; John Winchester Dana and Benjamin Bugbee, overseers of the poor; John Winchester Dana, Jacob Mascroft and Benjamin, commissioners of highways; Darius Sessions and Abida Smith, surveyors of highways; Bartholomew Durkee and Jacob Mascroft, fence viewers; Abida Smith, Benjaimn Bugbee, Darius Sessions and John Bacon, constables

In April of 1778 the following men took the freeman's oath: Darius Sessions, Calvin Morse, Elijah Mason, Abida Smith, John Perrin, Captain Seth Hodges, Timothy Harding, Elijah Hoar, Zebulon Lyon, Beriah Green, Abel Perrin, Henry Ainsworth, Zenas Paddock, Nathan Chaffee, John Chedel, John Winchester Dana, John Throop, Benjamin Bugbee, Abijah Child, Benejah Child, Barnes Green, William Child, Nathan Throop, Ezra Drew,Resolved Sessions, Robert Perry, Peter Perrin, William Perry, Isaiah Timkham, Benjamin Sessions, Benjaimn Skinner, Jabesh Vaughan, Samuel Snow, David Chaplin, John Bacon, John Doton, Frederick Ware, Marshall Mason, Captain Bartholomew Durkee, Samuel Winslow, Jeremiah Conant, Ephraim Peake, Barnabas Washburn, Elnathan Allen, Nathaniel Fraser, Abijah Child, Lemuel Peake, John Fraser, Isaas Wilson, Asa Paine, Ether Matthews, Charles Wolcott, Asa Morris, Abiel Bugbee, Enoch Leonard, William Perkins, Captain Timothy Mitchell, Oliver Hutchinson, John Pratt, Thomas Vail, William Holmes, Jonathan Dana, Increase Hewitt, Dexter Hawkins, Seth Hathaway, Isaac Dana, Captain Solomon Leonard.

Soldiers of Pomfret

The town of Pomfret had a militia company led by Captains John Throop and Lieutenants Bartholomew Durkee and Thomas Vail. For a brief account of the role the Pomfret militia played in the attack on Toyalton.The members of the Pomfret company were: Sergeant B. Green, Sergeant E. Peake, Daniel Ainsworth, Samuel Allen, Sylvestor Bugbee, John Bacon, Benejah Child, William Child, Nathan Chaffee, William S. Hutchinson, Seth Hodges, Edmond Hodges, John Jefferson, Israel Keith, Daniel Leonard, Asa Morris, Elijah Mason, Abial Morse, John Morehouse, Thomas Noonan, John Perrin, Daniel Packard, William Perry, Benjamin Sessions, Israel Sessions, Amos Throop, Ebenezer Winslow, Asa Child, Ezra Drew, Jeremy Dwyer, Robert Perry, Jedediah Perry, John Watkins and Nathaniel Washburn.

The following men saw service during the Revolution prior to settling in Pomfret: Aaron Blanchard, Jesse Bruce, Abial Bugbee, Nathaniel Carpenter, Jeremiah Conant, Isaac Dana, John Darling, John Dexter, John Doton, Bartholomew Durkee, Daniel Fraser, Increase Hewitt, Jonathan Hoit, Adam Howard, Joshua Lazell, Enoch Leonard, John Miller, Abial Morse, John Perkins, Robert Perry, Jeremiah Platt, Phineas Raymond, Nathaniel Ruggles, Christopher Smith, Samuel Snow, Benjamin Thompson, Isaiah Tinkham, Charles Wolcott, Frederick Ware, William Waters and William Whitman.

"Richard Evans, who was an inhabitant of Pomfret for a long time, was a deserter from the British army in the war of the Revolution.

Soldiers in the War of 1812

Moses Abbott, Levi Allen, Warren Blanchard, Daniel Boynton, John M. Boynton, Luther Bugbee, Isaac Churchill, Colonel Daniel Dana, Elias Fales, Franklin Fales, Martin D. Follett, James Freeman, Richard Gladden, Calvin Green, Benjamin Hill, Oliver C. Leonard, Alfred Leonard, Alexander Milliken, Walter Morse, John Noonan, Sheldon Parker, Jabez Parkhurst, Marcus Peake, Ephraim Perrin, Levi Pratt, Aaron V. Smith, Lewis Smith, Samuel P. Snow, Eben Snow, Anson Snow,Cryus Snow, Leonard Spooner, Hull Vail, Jonathan Ware Jonathan Ware Jr. and Jonathan Weeks.

"Tyler Burbank was under Decatur in the war against the Algerian pirates in 1815"

Prominent Volunteers from Pomfret during the Civil War

Colonel Thomas Seaver entered the service during the early days of the war, and was commissioned captain of Company F, Third Regiment, May 24, 1861. From this he was promoted major, August 13, 1861; lieutenant-colonel, September 27, 1862; and colonel January 15, 1863. He was mustered out of service July 27, 1864.

Edward A. Chandler was commissioned second lieutenant of Company F, Third Regiment May 24, 1861; was promoted first lieutenant December 5, 1861; wounded severely April 17, 1862; and mustered out of service July 27, 1864.

Charles D. Stafford enlisted as a private in Company H, Eleventh Regiment, August 8, 1862; promoted corporal June 15, 1864; company quarter-master-sergeant September 28, 1864; second lieutenant May 13, 1865; mustered out of service June 24, 1865.

Harvey N. Bruce was commissioned captain Company G, Sixteenth Regiment ( nine months service), September 4, 1862, and was mustered out of service August 10, 1863.

In the First Cavalry were First Lieutenant Alexander B. Chandler and Second Lieutenant Richard A. Seaver.

Prominent families of Pomfret: John A. Chedel, Dotson Family, Charles Hutchinson, Henry W. Leach, Charles H. Maxham, Lt. Robert Perry, Joseph H. Pratt, William C. Whipple, Bugbee Family, Jacob Gilbert, Aaron Goddard, Henry Olin Maxham, William Melendy, Reuben Whipple Newton, Joel Perkins, Nathan Tinkham, Charles H. Vaughan

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