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Reading was granted a charter on July 6, 1761 by Governor Wentworth of New Hampshire. The first settler was Andrew Spear who came to the area in 1772. By 1779 he was joined by James Sawyer, John Weld, David Hapgood, Joseph Sawyer, Jedediah Leavens, Seth and John Sawyer, Samuel Gary and Hezejiah Leavens. In 1780 Benjanin Sawyer, Nebediah Cady and Benjanin Buck settled in Reading.

Reading Historical Society Museum
Reading, VT 05062 

The museum is located in two floors of a 19th-century house with an additional gallery containing farm implements, 19th-century gadgets, and machines. Collections are of town records, church documents, clothing, furniture, tools, books, photographs, portraits, and paintings.       

Contact Person: Walter Mendoza

Hours and Admission: mid-June to mid-Sept, Thurs, 2 4pm. No access to the disabled.

Town Clerk
 P.O Box 72 - Reading, VT 05062 Phone: (802) 484-7250.

Prominent Families Of Reading

Ebenezer Abbott Abel Amsden Charlotte Amsden
Charlotte Lucretia Bailey Levi Bailey Rev. George W. Baldwin
Otis Bixby Younglove Bolles Delia I. Bowen
Daniel Bowen Elisha Bowen Isaac Bowen
Silas Bowen Dr. Silas Buck Benjamin Buck
Benoni Buck John L. Cady Nedabiah Carter
Rev. Ira Clark Dr. Ripley Clark Frank H. Clark
George M. Cooke Charles Cooke Milo B. Coolidge
Lorenzo G. Davis Asa Davis Gilbert A. Davis
John Eastman Albert Estabrook Thomas Fay
Corydon M. Fay Lillian W. Felch Hosea Felch
William Forbush Rufus O. Goddard Dea. Aaron Hapgood
Daniel Hathorne Collins Hawkins Ferdinand Hawkins
Josiah Hawkins Lewis Hawkins William A. Herrick
Ebenezer Herrick Henry, Keyes Elmer D. Mahoney
Daniel S. Morgan Austin L. Ray Leonard A. Robinson
Ebenezer Stearns Paul Swain Albert Thomas
Hiram F. Townsend Thomas Wetherbee Rev. Josiah White
George Whitmore Oliver Wilkins, William

If you would like information on any of these families contact Jamie Fugate.

Men Who Served In The American Revolution 

      A star after a name means that there is more information available about that person. If you would like more information contact Jamie Fugate.

Abel Amsden* Asa Bixby*
David Burnham* Rufus Forbush*
Moses Chaplin* Benjamin Hathorn*
William A. Hawkins* Solomon Keyes*
Abiah Rice* Nathaniel Pratt*
James Robinson* Ebenezer Robinson*
Thomas Townsend* ? White
Abiah Rice George Clark
Oliver Davis ? Darling
Timothy Fullaham Abel Gibson Jr.
Nathan Hatch James Hall
Josiah Harris Jeremiah Johnson
Gideon Kirtland Thomas Nichols
Moses Nutting William Rist
Benjamin Sawyer Cornelius Sawyer
Amos Wetherbee Daniel Wetherbee

Men Who Served In The War of 1812

Abel Gilson Jr. Rufus Forbush
Asa Belden Elijah Chandler
Samuel R. Dudley Levi Grandy
Willard Holden Amos Lane
Seneca Marks Joshua Sawyer
Josiah Wetherbee John Y. Sawyer
Kendall Boutwell David Burnham
Robert Dunlap John Haggett
Henry Giddings Benjamin Grandy
John Grandy Samuel Johnson
Benjamin R. Nutting Abiel Persons
William Robinson Elisha Sawyer
Joseph Wood

Men Who Served In The Spainish War, 1898

Charles L. Douglas George A. Roy   

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