WEATHERSFIELD, (Brownsville & Acutney)

The purpose of this project is to revive, and  record data for All of the Windsor County cemeteries.  You can adopt a cemetery and record marker information.  Submit to me and surnames will be listed here.  You will be given credit for your work and can then act as the coordinator or all inquiries to your cemetery. Additions or corrections to adopted cemeteries can be sent directly to the host for that cemetery through their email address.



1. Aldrich  Weathersfield  on Weathersfield Center Road. Gary Lull, is the Cemetery Host for all town burying grounds.  

Aldrich, Belknap, Bemis, Bixby, Carter, Chamberlain, Durant Jr., Durant, Fitch, Frappeia, Gardner, Goodnow, Hadley, Haskins, Haywood, Leonard, Madden, Newton, Piper, Prentice, Rice, Weeks, Upham. for further information data, names and dates.  

2.) Plains -Location Plains Road, behind Crown Point Camp Ground
Gary Lull, Host>
Contact Gary for further information on names and dates.
Adams, Aldrich, Alford, Alford Jr., Allard, Allen, Allyn, Amsden, Atwood, Axtell, Ball, Bacon, Bailey, Barnard, Barnes, Barrett, Barrows, Bates, Belknap, Bemis, Benjamin, Bennett, Bigelow, Biglow, Billings, Birch, Blake, Blanchard, Bloxsom, Bond, Bowen, Bowman, Boyce, Brackett, Bradburn, Bradish, Bridge, Brin, Bingham, Brown, Burr, Burpee, Cady, Call, Carter,  Chamberlin, Chamberlin Jr., Chandler, Chase, Chapin, Chapin    Jr., Cheney, Chilson, Clair, Clark, Cobb, Coburn, Colby, Cole, Cone, Converse, Cook, Corey, Cory, Covell, Cudworth, Culver, Currier, Craigue, Cram, Crockett, Dartt, Damon, Dannatt, Davenport, Davis, Davison, DeGoosh, Delano, Demary, DeRochers, Desmond, Dexter, Dickenson, Diggins, Divoll, Dodge, Duncan, Duncan Esq., Dunster, Dyke, Elmer, Farnsworth, Farr, Farwell, Fish, Fisher, Fitch, Fletcher, France, Freeman, French, Frost, Fulton, Furber, Gardner, Gates, Gibbs, Gould, Gowing, Guild, Graves, Griffeth, Grimes, Griswold, Grout, Hadley, Hagar, Halkard, Hammond, Hardy, Harris, Haskell, Hastings, Haven, Headle, Henry, Hicks, Hill, Hoisington, Holding, Holt, Hoskinson, Houghton, Howard, Howe, Howell, Huchinson, Hull, Ely, Ives, Jackman, Jackson, Jenkins, Jones, Kimball, Kendall, Kenney, Kidder, Kingsbury,  Knights, Lawrence, Leete, Leland, Lincoln, Lockwood, Lord, Lull, Lumbard, Mahoney, Marcy, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Mathews, Maxham, Mayo, McCormick, McIntire, Megrath, Miller, Morgan, Montague, Mudgett, Newell, Newhall, Newman, Newton, Nichols, Noyes, Olcott, Quimby, Paine, Page, Parker, Parmenter, Peabody, Peese, Peirce, Perkins, Perry, Pike, Piper, Plant, Pollard, Porter, Potwine, Potwine Jr. Pratt., Prentis, Prentiss, Putnam, Ransted, Read, Reed, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Roys, Roundy, Royce, Rowell, Rugg, Rumrill, Russell, Sargent, Sawtell, Scales, Shedd, Sherman, Sherwin, Siddell, Slayton, Smith, Southwick, Spafford, Spaulding, Spencer, Spofford, Squire, Staples, Stearns, Stickney, Stillman, Stockin, Stone, Stoughton, Streeter, Strong, Swift, Taft, Talles, Tarble, Tarbell, Taylor, Tinkham, Tolies, Tolles, Toothaker, Thayer, Thomas, Thomson, Towne, Trussell, Tyrrell, Upham, Upham Esq., Walker, Warner, Warren, Watson, Weatherbee, Webster, Weeks, Westcott, Williams, Willard, Willson, Wilson, Winestock, Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Whitton, Whipple, Wright, Wolfe, Wolfenden, Woodward, Worcester, Young.
3.) Downers Four Corners or 
Greenbush Cemetery -
On Route 106  Gary Lull, Host>
Contact Gary for information on names and dates. 
Atherton, Bannister, Barnes, Bond, Bowen, Brewster, Brown, Bryant, Burton, Clark, Colburn, Cummings, Cushman, Davis, Dickenson, Dunsmore, Francis, Goodell, Gurnsey, Hatch, Haven, Hicks, Heminway, Hicks, Hiland, Hildreth, Hudson, Hutchins, Hutchinson, lsham, Johnson, Kendall, Morgan, Newell, Page, Paige, Plant, Pierce, Pratt, Russell, Sherman, Spafford, Stearns, Stone, Streeter, Taylor, Thayer, Thomas, Upham, Wardner. 
 4.) Ascutney Cemetery or  
Ascutneyville Cemetery.
Just off I-91  corner of route 12 and 5. Gary Lull, Host>
Contact Gary for further information on names and dates. 

Adams, Allen, Allyn Allison, Angier, Atwood, Babcock, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Bates, Beckley, Billings, Bisbee, Bisby, Blakeslee, Blanchard, Bowen, Boyd, Boynton, Brigham, Brown, Bryant, Buckley, Burlingame,.Burnap, Cabot, Cady, Carey, Carlton, Carner, Chamberlin, Chase, Clarke, Clark, Clement , Coistan, Comstock, Cone, Conner, Cook, Cree, Crocker, Dannatt, Davis, Dean, DeWain, Diggins, Divoll, Downer, Durant, Ephraim, Flint, Garfield, Gay, Gaylord, Gilmore, Gowing, Graves, Gravline, Grimes, Griswold, Grout, Farwell, Fay, Field, Fifield, Filley, Firman, Fish, Freeman, Franklin, Gould, Hall, Hammond, Harlow, Harrington, Harrison, Haskell, Hatch, Hathorn, Herrick, Heustis, Hitchcock, Hicks, Hosley, Howard, Howe, Hubbard, Hulett, Johnson, Kemp, Kimball, Morse, Kendall, Kenson, Kent, Knap, Lawrence, Lazelle, Leete, Leighton, Lewis, Litchfield, Lombard, Lovejoy, Martin, Marcy, Mason, Matthews, Maynard, McEwan, McGill, Messer, Mitchell, Morgan, Morse, Mudget, Murray, Nathaniel, Newell, Newhall, Norton, Noyes, Nutter, Nutting,Osborn, Parker, Parkhurst, Parmelee, Patnode, Percis, Perkins, Perry, Phelps, Pierce, Pond, Porter, Pratt, Preston, Price, Proctor, Prouty, Putnam, Quinn, Ray, Raichard, Redfield, Reed, Relict, Rice, Richards, Robbins, Robinson, Rollinson, Royce, Sanders, Sargent, Sevigne, Sewell, Sherman, Smith, Spencer, Sprague, Stevens, Stiles, Stone, Streeter, Strow, Stowell, Sturtevant, Swallow, Swan, Taylor, Tibbets, Tidd, Thrasher, Thomas, Tuel, Tuell, Tuttle, Upham, Van Ness, Warner, Warren, Waterman, Weston, Westford, Wetherbee, Willett, Williams, Wilson, Whitaker, White, Whitcomb, Whitmore,

5.) Richards Cemetery - On Rte 5 at Rte 131 and North   Allen, Butler, Ford, Goodrich, Hatch, Kile, Parker, Plant, Richards, Sabin.
6.) Deane Grave Yard -
South of Weathersfield Bow 
Bernard, Deane,
7.) Eddy Grave Yard - Located in the Greenbush Cemetery Eddy
8.) Grout Cemetery or Sherwin Yard Aldrich, Alverson, Barrett, Billings, Biglow, Boynton, Bryant, Burrows, Butterfield, Chapman, Delano, DosRochers, Fuller, Graves, Griswold, Grout, Hall, Hatch,
Holmes, Hutchinson, Knight, Lawrence, Leonard, Marsh, Mudgett, Pierce, Ryder, Sherwin, Warner, Wheeler
9.) Hubbard Cemetery 
(Old Weathersfield Bow Yard
Curtis, Cutting, Downer, Dunphy, Goodhue, Hatch, Hubbard, Mason, Steel. 
10.)Tolles Cemetery  Brigham, Dartt, Huntington, Lovell, May, Moseley, Prouty, Spencer, Tolles.
11.) Tuttle Cemetery Blakeslee, Kidder, Tuttle.
11.) Wetherbee Cemetery  Reed, Weatherbee.
12.) Weathersfield Bow Cemetery  Angus, Bailey, Bartlett, Bassett, Beal, Belknap, Billings, Blood, Bond, Bronson, Butterfield, Chase, Cone, Cowles, Danforth,Deane, DeForest, Deming, Divoll, Dodge, Dunbar, Eames, Fellows, Fisher, Fitch, Gill, Goldsmith, Gould, Hatch, Haskell, Horn, Hunt, Jackman, Jarvis, Jasper, Knight, Lawrence, Litchfield, Littlefield, Mann, Mason, Miller, Moore, Newton, Morton, Nelson, sNoyes, Parker, Pike, Praeg, Putnam, Ranstead, Richards, Richardson, Reed, Robinson, Row, Sargeant, Sawyer, Schofield, Sheldon, Skinner, Sparhawk, Streeter, Taylor, Tenney, Tolies, Tower, Tucker, Tuttle, Upham, Warren, Weed, White, Wilbur,Wilson.
 1. ) Brownsville Cemetery - Next to Brownsville - on Hartland Road just outside of town.   
2.) Sheddsville Cemetery - outside of Brownsville, on Sheddsville Road.