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  Town Clerk Vital Records Office
 P.O Box 98 - Weston, VT 05161 Phone: (802) 824-6645.

The town of Weston was created on October 26, 1799 by an act from the Vermont legislature. The town was formed from a tract of land, about 5,000 acres, known as Benton Gore; Previous to its froming it was part of Andover. For this reason the early histories of Weston and Andover are the same, please check the Andover for more information.

The first town meeting was held at the house of Captain Oliver Farrar on March 3, 1800. Amasa Piper was chosen moderator; Alvin Simmons, town clerk; Amasa Piper, Augustus Pease and Henry Hall, selectmen; Augustus Pease, town treasurer; David Spafford, Oliver Farrar and Gideon Pease, listers; and Joseph Bullard, constable.

Prominent families of Weston: Drury Family, Hans Hamilton, Isaiah Heseltine, Rollin B. Jacquith, Parker Shattuck, Spaulding Family, Charles W. Spargue. Cragin Family, Foster Family, Rollin B. Jacquith, Samuel Peabody

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