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The town of West Windsor is the youngest town in Windsor County. On October 26, 1848 the Vermont Legislature passed an act creating the town. Prior to this date it had been a part of Windsor commonly refered to the West Parish. Its history prior to this date is part of Windsor. Located in West Windsor is the village of Brownsville whose main building is the Story Memorial Hall which was dedicated to Doctor Dyer Story in November 1916.

Men Who Served in the American Revolution and are buried in Sheddsville Cemetery, Brownsville, Vt.

Abel Adams Isaac Adams Oliver Barrett
Joseph Barrett Levi Bishop Silas Bannister
John Blood Calvin Chapman Cornelius Davis
Benjamin Dake Ammaso Delano James Donoghue
Joel Ely Stephen Cady Ebenezer Burnham
David Hale Israel Hale Silas Hale
Phineas Hemmenway Abel Herrick John Hewlett
William Hunter Reuben Kendall John Lombard
David Lombard Reuben McCollister Henry D. McNelly
Benjamin Moulton John Nichols Oliver Osgood
Mathew Patrick Joseph Parker Jonathan Read
Rufus Root Edward Sargent Samuel Stow Savage
Jeroham Sawin Asahel Smith Samuel Smith
John Spafford Zachariah Story George Stow
Richard Wait William L. White John Woods

  Men Who Served in the War of 1812 and buried in Sheddsville Cemetery, Brownsville, Vt

Thomas Bagley Bezaleel Jacob Clement
Albourn Delano Elijah Meacham Moses Robinson
Rufus Root Jr. Daniel Wetherby Andrew Woodruff

Samuel Hale and Samuel Lombard are buried in the Brownsville Cemetery.

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