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Bambi Morton

6 Jan 2001


I've been looking for information on Edith LERAY married to Frank B. RICHARDSON born around 1874 and died around 1921.  They lived on Ames Hill Rd., West Brattleboro, VT., Windham Co.




Bob Bouley

6 Feb 2001


From what I've seen very interesting site..Interested in CROSSMAN - MCIVER around 1900-1910 from Acworth-Unity NH..When my Grandparents passed away family was split up, some going to Vermont...lost all track of all at that time.

Thank You.  Bob




Heidi Nichols Diver

4 Mar 2001


Very interesting website.  Found some useful information.  I think more should be said about Kurn Hattin.  I grew up close to there and knew some of the girls at that time.  Sometimes it is more painful to hide the truth than to let it out. 




Arline L. (Taylor)

16 Mar 2001


I find this very lovely and informative !

Keep up the good work.

I am researching BROWN, DUTTON, GALE, and TAYLOR.


Native of Paxton, Worcester County, MA; living in Florida, but longing for New England !




Rachel Duffalo.

23 Mar 2001


As author of this website, it has come to my attention that there have been some people offended by the use of this guest book as a forum for issues regarding the Kurn Hattin home.  I have had to make a decision on this and it has not been easy.  I would like to request that from now on this questbook not be used to discuss personal experiences, good or bad, unless they deal directly with historical or genealogical research.  Thank you for your cooperation.




George Roberts

24 Mar 2001


The Westminster site keeps growing and getting better.  Thanks Rachel.

It's a pleasure to check in and see what's new.




Mary Burns

10 Apr 2001


Thank for creating a place to mingle with others with Windham County roots. I have “hit the wall”; researching my NICHOLS line. Looking for information about Reuben NICHOLS (ca 1770-1850) and his ancestors and descendents. It's my understanding that he was the son of James NICHOLS and Anna FIELD, and was married Sally HOLBROOK.




Michael Crowley

19 May 2001


Kurn Hattin is part of your history, like it or not.  Why does that offend people?  Truth is reality.




O. K. (Zack) Belknap

20 May 2001


Caught your site while surfing for anscestors who settled in Lynn, Massachusetts, 1635 from England, and moved up through Vermont and New Hampshire, and settled in Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada in 1807.


Great Site.





HomePage: The BELKNAP Family


Richard W. Houghton

5 Jun 2001


Richard W. Houghton. My line is as follows: Ralph1, James2, Edward3, Capt. Nehemiah Houghton4 (American Revolution Veteran), Daniel5, Silas6, Pvt. William Edgar7 (Continental Guard Louisiana 7th Confederate Civil War Veteran), Edward Fenton8 (Sheriff of Middlesex County), and Maurice William9, as I Richard William10.


I am author and a (Tenth Generation American). 


American Revolution Veteran -- Service Recruitment for the Area New York


Capt. Nehemiah4 Houghton b 03/23/1737/38, married Eunice CURTICE. Of Winchester, NH via Ponfort, CT. buried NSDAR Ashuelot Chapter of Keene,NH placed grave marker 14 Oct

1997 at the Evergreen Cemetery, Winchester, NH.


Daniel5 Houghton b 1861 d ___; married abt 1775 Susannah PRICE b 8/8/1787.  Of Rockingham, VT, Montpelier via Winchester, NH; second marriage Lidia STEELE 3/30/1817 d 1826 buried ? Winchester, NH


Silas6 Houghton, b 9/28/1810 d  __; married Alida Ann WATERMAN (I have her family Bible).  Via Rockingham,VT, Mtperlier, VT, Orleans,VT, New Brunswick,NJ buried somewhere?




Lewis Neill

10 Jun 2001


Just visiting. Great site.




Marilynn Jan Myers

14 Aug 2001


I am looking for any information on Jonathan GOOLD (GOULD)and his wife Anna WHITNEY.


Jonathan GOOLD / GOULD was born Abt. 1766 and died Feb. 28, 1865 Claridon Township, Geauga County Ohio.  He was in the Vermont Military. His head stone was erected by the goverment.  He was a Pvt. Capt. Reed's Co. VI Militia.  I would like to know how I can get a copy of his record with Reed's Co. 


Anna WHITNEY b. July 27, 1770 Surry, Cheshire, New HampshireShe d.Nov. 26, 1850 Claridon Township. Geauga County, Ohio


There some of there children were 1) Harriet b. Aug. 17, 1807, 2) Alden b. May 22, 1802, 3) Theron W. b Aug. 17, 1805 4) Frederick H. b. July 22, 1793 5) Electa Ann b. Sep. 7, 1809 All were born in Westminster, Windham County, Vermont


Any help would be greatly appreicated.  Thank You Marilynn Jan Myers




Katharine Dickinson

8 Sep 2001


I am researching the family of DICKINSON, especially Charles S. Dickinson, who is buried with some of his family, in the Old Saxtons River Cemetery, d. 1885. I believe he was the owner at one time of the Saxtons River Inn. I have exhausted all avenues of research that I can

find and am desperate to find that branch of my family.




Kathryn M. Sellers

20 Sep 2001


Very nice site!My research has been primarily centered on the RICHARDSON family to include James RICHARDSON, w. Molly DODGE and James Jr., w. Lydia BETTERLEY. More recent others include Henry Elsworth RICHARDSON, my mother`s uncle. One of his daughters married Fred OSGOOD,son of Dr. Frederick OSGOOD of Saxtons River.  Other family in the area include TYLER`s,

Keep the information coming! Thank you.





25 Sep 2001


great site




Keith Moore

30 Oct 2001


" Some have been offended ".  Offended by truth?




Joy Kirk Little

1 Nov 2001


New to computers; hooked on genealogy.  My maternal great grandfather was Albert J. KEITH, born in 1843, Pavilion, Genesee Co.New Your.  In every census, he listed his parents as being born in VT.  When he was 7 yrs, 10 months old, he was living with the LaDuce family in New York which makes me think his parents died due to a tragedy.  Anyone have information on the Keiths in Vermont?  I would love to get over this brick wall and on to the

genealogy search of the KEITH family.  Albert J. was in Civil War, married Phebe A. Tisdel in 1865 in Little Valley, New York.  Do you know of Clarence Keith who married a LaDuce girl?  There is a John Keith burried in the KEITH family plot along with his 2 wives in Little Valley Rural Cemetery.  Thanks.




Janet Schoenheit

18 Nov 2001


My John GOOLD / GOULD (b. 1732 Palmer,Ma);

Abigail HALL (b. 1732/9);

Benjamin WHITNEY (b. 5Oct1740);

Jerusha BROCKWAY (b. 1747 Lyme,Ct ?);

William MAKEPEACE (b. 1662 Taunton,Ma;

Abigail TISDALE (b. 15 Jul1667 Taunton,Ma);

Mary CROSSMAN (Crosman) (b. 16Jul1655); and

Anna BROOKS (d. Bef 24Aug1760)

all lived in this area, so it's a wonderful site. 

Hopefully enough of us will be able to get together to find out even more about our families.  Thank you.



HomePage: Genealogy,


Marcia Briggs

24 Nov 2001


I am researching Amos CARPENTER b Rehoboth MA 1715, d Westminster 1787; mar. Mary (Polly) GOULD / GOOLD; Comfort Carpenter, son of Polly and Amos, b 1763 Westminster;


This site is a real treat with a lot of great information, background and resources.  Great Work!




Lucy Parker

16 Dec 2001







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