There were two separate and distinct David Allen’s with their families who lived in the Putney – Westminster - Rockingham area of Windham County. 


The following information  has been pieced together.  It is by no means complete and might not be totally accurate as records of these families are difficult to find.  Hopefully, you might find here something that might help you continue with your search.  If you should have any further information that could be of help to others, please send to Rachel and she will include it on this site.  Good luck.




DAVID ALLEN, the son of David and Lydia (Leach) Allen, was born 2 Mar 1800 Hopkington NH (IGI) and died 9 May 1889, age 89-2-7 in Westminster, old age, farmer, widower, b. Hopkinton NH (8:93) (11:31, son of David & Lydia (Leach) Allen).


David Allen married MARY LEACH on 16 Feb 1824 in New Boston, Hillsboro Co., NH (IGI).  Mary, the dau of Joseph and Mary (Wiley) Leach, was born 9 Jun 1797 in New Boston, Hillsboro Co., NH (1850 Census, Manchester NH, age 53).

                    Children of David and Mary (Leach) Allen:

                    a.       MARY JANE ALLEN born 24 Dec 1825 NH and died 13 Nov 1849 (A/F)

                    b.       LUCY BALDWIN ALLEN born 13 Oct 1832 NH and died 9 Dec 1965 (A/F).

                    c.       CLARINDA PRENTISS ALLEN born 13 Oct 1834 NH and died 15 Nov 1859 (A/F).

                    d.       ELIZABETH ORIAMIA ALLEN, dau David and Mary Allen, born 7 Aug 1836 NH and died 9 Nov 1869, 33-4-x, consumption, b. Newport NH (7:227) (1850 Census, age 13).


David Allen, of Wr, age 69, farmer, b. Hopkinton NH, son David and Lydia (Leech), 2nd m., MARY PETTINGILL (KILBURN) SHUTE, 6 May 1869. At Westminster by F. J. Fairbanks, Minister, Westminster (11:31) (7:1, as Mary P. Kilburn Shute). Mary Pettingill (Kilburn) SHUTE, of Newburyport MA, age 51, b. Newburyport MA, dau Jedediah and Mary (Pettingill) Kilburn.  Mary was born 4 Jun 1817 in Newburyport MA (IGI). 


Mary P. Kilburn married (1) George S. SHUTE on 5 Dec 1837 in Newburyport MA (IGI) or 18 Nov 1837 Newbury MA (IGI).  Their children born Newburyport MA; surname SHUTE: i. George Edmund, b. 10 Sep 1840; ii. Joseph W., b. abt 1844; James Henry, b. 24 Apr 1845; iii. Benjamin Franklin, b. 29 Mar 1847.


Census: 1850, Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH --- David Allen, age 51, b. NH, occupation “none;” Mary Allen, age 53, b. NH; Lucy B. Allen, age 17, b. NH; Clarinda P. Allen, age 15, b. NH; Elizabeth O. Allen, age 13, b. NH; Mehitable Quint (?), age 21, b. NH; George Clapbourn, age 23, b. Maine, mason.

Census: 1860, Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH --- David Allen, age 60, b. NH, laborer; Mary Allen, age 62, b. NH; Elizabeth O. Allen, age 24, b. NH, Op. Woolen Mill; Lucy B., age 27,  b. NH, Op. Woolen Mill; Frank Adams, age 24, b. VT, mechanic.

Census: 1870, Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH --- David Allen, age 71, b. NH, laborer; Mary Allen, age 52, b. MA, keeping house; Benj Franklin (?) [SHUTE], age 22, b. MA, machinist,; Isaac H. Stacey, age 37, b. ME, saloon keeper; Sarah Stacey, age 31, b. ME.

Census: 1880, Wesminster, Windham Co., VT --- Susie L. Leach, head of household, single, age 44, b. VT, father b. VT, mother b. NH; Mabel Leach, niece, single, age 16, b. VT, father b. VT, mother b. NH; David Allen, uncle, married, age 80, b. NH, parents b. MA; Fred Keach, single, age 18, b. VT, father b. VT, mother b. [not shown], farm laborer.


Census:1860, Ward 1, Newburyport, Essex Co., MA --- John Poor, age 55, b. MA; Mary Poor, age 45, b. MA; Mary P. KILBURN, age 71, b. MA; Mary P. SHUTE, age 41, b. MA, operative in mill; Joseph W. Shute, age 16, b. MA, shoemaker; Benj. C. Shute, age 13, b. MA.


Parents of this David Allen and their family:


DAVID ALLEN married LYDIA LEACH about 1798 in Hopkington, Merrimack Co., NH.


Children of David and Lydia (Leach) Allen:

1.*     DAVID ALLEN  -- see above


2.       JERUSHA ALLEN born 12 Oct 1801 Hopkington NH (IGI) and died 28 Feb 1877, 75-5-15, pneumonia, widow, b. Hopkinton NH (7:243) (7:19, wife Joseph Leach).  She married JOSEPH LEACH on 6 Jun 1824 Hopkington NH (IGI).  Joseph Leach, son John and Susannah (Wiley) Leach, was born 27 Oct 1801 (Rockingham4, 60) and died 11 Nov 1873, 72-1-x, heart disease, farmer, married, b. Rockingham (7:235) (7:19, hus. Jerusha Allen).

          Children of Joseph and Jerusha (Allen) Leach:

          a.       EMILY HENRIETTA LEACH, dau Joseph and Jerusha (Allen) Leach, died 21 Jun 1900, age 75-1-23, heart disease, widow, b Rockingham (9:7).  She married LaFAYETTE WARD.

                    1)       Arthur A. Ward, son LaFayette and Emily H. (Leach) Ward, died 9 Dec 1894, age 40-6-28, consumption, farmer, married, b. Rockingham (8:103).

          b.       JOHN S. LEACH, son Joseph and Jerusha (Allen) Leach, died 14 Mar 1898, age 67-6-25, thrown by a horse, widower, b. Rockingham (9:3).  He married Etta [Henrietta] Parker (ch 7:57).

          c.       LAURA J. LEACH, of Wr, age 39, b. Rockingham, dau Joseph and Jerusha (Allen), 1st m., and D. NEWTON VOORHEES, 25 Dec 1878. At Westminster by Sylvester S. Stoddard, Justice of the Peace (11:117) (7:19).

          d.       DAVID WARNER LEACH, of Wr, 28, farmer, b. Rockingham, son Joseph and Jerusha (Allen), 2nd m., and ADA L. SPAULDING, 8 Dec 1870. At Westminster by F. J. Fairbanks, Minister, Westminster (7:3) (11:39).  Ada L. Spaulding, of Wr, age 19, b. Windham, 1st m., was the dau Henry and Annette Spaulding.

3.       FANNY ALLEN born 10 Dec 1802 Hopkington NH (IGI).

4.       ____ ALLEN born abt 1804 Hopkington NH

5.       FANNY ALLEN born 10 Nov 1806 Hopkington NH (IGI).  Ann was born cal 11 Nov 1805 in Hopkington NH and died 1 Nov 1863, 57-11-20, tumor on face (25 years), married, b. Hopkinton NH (6:44) (Rockingham2:790, wife of Ira Wiley).  Fanny married IRA WILEY on 27 May 1826 (IGI, Hopkington NH).  Ira, the son of Robert and Abigail (---) Wiley, was born 4 Jan 1802 (Rockingham4, 138).

          Children of Ira and Fanny (Allen) Wiley:

          a.       FRANCES H. WILEY, of Wr, age 42, b. Rockingham, dau Ira and Fanny (Allen), 1st m., and JOHN H. SMITH, 12 Nov 1874. At Westminster by P. F. Barnard, Minister of the Gospel, Wr (7:11) (11:77).

6.       CLARINDA ALLEN born 1807 Hopkington NH (IGI).

7.       HANNAH ALLEN born 1809 Hopkington NH (IGI).

8.       ____ ALLEN born ca1812 Hopkington NH (IGI).

9.       JONATHAN ALLEN born 14 Sep 1814 Hopkington NH (IGI).

10.     SEWELL ALLEN born 1816 Hopkington NH (IGI).


DAVID ALLEN, M.D., son of Silas and Esther (Hastings) Allen, was born 22 Aug 1796 Heath, Franklin Co., MA (g.s.) (Putney VR) (IGI, Heath MA, 24 Aug 1796 Heath MA) and died 8 Jul 1876 Putney VT (Putney VR, 79-8-20) (g.s., WW Cem). 


He married (1) ELIZABETH GRAVES on 16 Apr 1826 in Charlemont, Franklin Co., MA (IGI).  Eliza, the daughter of Ebenezer and Olive (Flint) Graves was born 28 Aug 1802 in Charlemont, Franklin Co., MA and died 12 Aug 1860 (g.s., WW Cem).   See Putney VR, "Church Admissions and Dismissals"  See also 1850 Census, Putney, Windham Co., VT   Eliza (Graves) Allen, died 12 Aug 1860, 59-x-x, of epilepsy (6:40) (Gs-2, wife David Allen) (CR4:101, 2 Aug 1860)


                    1.         _____ ALLEN, child died 29 Jan 1829 (g.s., WW Cem)

                    2.         TIMOTHY FIELD ALLEN born 24 Apr 1837 in Westminster (age 13, 1850 Census Putney) (IGI, son of David and Eliza (Graves) Allen).

                    3.         MERANDA ALLEN born ca 1843 (age 7, 1850 Census Putney)


One David Allen of Putney married MARY FIELD on 2 Jan 1861 (Field Gen, Vol. I, p. 328).  Mary, the dau of Fifer Phineas (Moses, Ebenezer, Samuel, Zechariah, John, John, Richard, William, William) and Eunice (Lyman) Field of Northfield MA, was born 9 May 1805 and died 27 Dec 1868, s.p. (Field Gen, Vol. 1, pp. 324-328).


David Allen of Putney (70 yrs, physician) married (2) SOPHRONIA H. HOUGHTON of Cambridge MA (58 yrs) on 9 Sep 1867 (Putney VR).  Saphrona, the daughter of Timothy and Olive Houghton, was born ca1806 Boston and died 16 Dec 1877, 71‑4‑2, widow (Putney VR) (g.s., Mt. Pleasant Cem/Putney VR).



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