Westminster, Windham Co., Vermont

Heads of Households

1771 Census
Westminster, Cumberland Co., New York

On 16 January 1771, the Governor of New York, his Excellency The Right Honorable John, Earl of Dunmore, Captain and General and Governor in Chief of the Province of New York requested that a complete census be taken. The following list of heads of households in Westminster has been extracted from that census.


 Jacob Albe

 Azariah Dickinson

John Norton

 John Albe

 Job Dickinson

John Patterson

Lemuel Ames

Joseph Ervine

Joseph Perry

Bildad Andross

John French

Aaron Petty

Asa Averill

Jonathan Fuller

John Petty

John Averill

Jonathan Gilson

Joseph Phippen

Thomas Averill

Michael Gilson

Samuel Phippen

Samuel Baley

Zachariah Gilson

Jedediah Priest

Jabez Bates

Abiel Goodell

Ephraim Ranney

Isaiah Burk

John Goold

Ephraim Ranney Jr

Jesse Burk

Seth Goold

James Richardson

Jonathan Burk

William Goold

Samuel Richardson

Silas Burk

Caleb Green

John Sessions

Simeon Burk

Eleazer Harlow

Edmond Shipman

Benjamin Burt

David Heaton

Ephraim Spencer

Amos Carpenter

William Hill

Joshua Stoddard

Timothy Carpenter

Francis Holden

Gideon Todgers

Atherton Chaffee

John Holt

Jehiel Webb

Robert Cook

Joel Holton

Joshua Webb

Samuel Coon

Joshua Holton

John Wells

James Crawford

Ichabod Ide

Jethro Wheeler

Andrew Crook

Josiah Johnson

William Willard

William Crook

Burgess Metcalf

Ephraim Willcox

David Daley

Michael Metcalf

Azariah Wright

Elijah Daley

Oliver Metcalf

Medad Wright

Thomas Davis

Joseph Molton



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