Descendants of John GOOD aka Jean LaBONTE

First Generation

1. John GOOD aka Jean LaBONTE was born in Canada.

The name Good was originally LaBonte. Grandfather of Victor Good, John Good, was also known as Jean LaBonte, who was nicknamed that by the English who probably could not pronounce it. John Good/aka Jean LaBonte was married 2 times. [The name of his first wife is not known]. (Victor Good, Pueblo, Colorado, Aug 3, 1900, Sargent Manuscript Collection, NEHGS).

Edwin Good was born 1852.
Benjamin Good was born on 11 Oct 1814, Whitehall, NY
Victor Beaudreau Good was born at St. Johns, Canada, East
Jean LaBonte was English and went to France [?]
Jean LaBonte married in or near Canada
Jean LaBonte was a sheep drover from Canadian lines
Jean LaBonte went to Boston via Concord, NH
Wife of John Good died in Westminster, VT in fall of 1865.
Peter Good born in Colchester, VT
Good family were Catholic and Baptized in that church
Sister of Victor, Benjamin & Peter Good was the Mother Superior in a Convent in Montreal.
They have 29 cousins in Burlington, VT
(Mrs. Evoline M. Bussiere, 1611 Izard St., Omaha, Nebraska, Sargent Manuscript Collection, NEHGS)

Note: The Sargent Manuscript Collection at the NEGHS was collected by Flora Sargent Roberts of Boston and donated to the NEHGS after her death in 1949 (age 78).

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John married Jenette or Josette. Jenette was born about 1793 in Canada. She died on 27 Oct 1865 in Westminster, Windham Co. VT (VR), age 67. She was buried in New Cemetery, Westminster, VT.

According to gravestone readings by Charles B. Wright, Josette, died 21 Oct 1865, age 72 yrs in Westminster, Windham Co., VT; buried in the New Cemetery, Westminster, Lot 103).
?Census: 1850, Keene, Cheshire Co., NH - Rosette Good, age 59, b. Canada; John A. Drummer, age 32, b. VT, laborer, Mrs. J. A. Drummer, age 55, b. Canada; Charles Drummer, age 12, b. NH; John Drummer, age 10, b. NH; William Drummer, age 6, b. NH.

?Census: 1860, Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT --- Mrs. Good, age 55, b. Canada, wash woman; Lucy Good, age 30, b. Canada, wash woman.

Census: 1860, Keene, Cheshire Co., NH --- John A. Drummer, age 42, b. VT, glass blower; Susan A. Drummer, age 40, b. NH; Charles Drummer, age 21, b. NH, seaman; John A. Drummer, age 19, b. NH, sail & blind maker; William F. Drummer, age 14, b. NH.

John and Jenette had the following children:

+ 2 M i Benjamin GOOD
  3 F ii GOOD.

THIS DAUGHTER [name unknown] was a Mother Superior in a convent in Montreal (Mrs Evoline Bussiere).
  4 M iii Victor GOOD was born about 1826 in Vermont.

Census: 1850, Keene, Cheshire Co., NH -- Victor Good, age 24, b. VT, laborer; Mrs. V. Good, age 16, b. VT.

Census: 1870, Westminster, Windham Co., VT --- Victor Good, age 46, b. VT, farmer; Zewey Good, age 48, b. Canada, keeping house.
+ 5 M iv Peter GOOD
  6 M v Jacob GOOD was born about 1831 in Vermont.

Census: 1850, Keene, Cheshire Co., NH -- Jacob Good, age 19, b. VT, laborer - living in household of Hollis Blake with brother Peter.

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