Kurn Hattin Homes

Special Comments from Rachel

The Westminster website has received several messages regarding the Kurn Hattin Homes. Most feel that it's story should be told and that is probably true. However, I personally have very limited knowledge of Kurn Hattin and do not feel that I can accurately report on it. I also feel that only historical background should be covered on this site.

As is the case with any institution, it seems that some had very good experiences there and others had very bad experiences. Maybe there are those that would like to discuss their experiences, but I do not believe that this website that is dedicated to genealogy is the proper place for this type of forum. Although this site is admittedly also for history, I still feel that these issues are not appropriate here.

I don't wish to offend anyone, but as some have been offended by the content of some messages, I have had to make a decision. This is my page and this is my call and I hope that you will respect the memories of others by finding a proper forum if you have "issues" to discuss.