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EPHRAIM RANNEY SR., the son of Thomas3 (Thomas2, Thomas1) and Esther (Wilcox) Ranney was born 10 Apr 1725/26 in East Middletown/Middletown Upper Houses, Middlesex Co., CT and died 9 Jun 1811 age 87 yrs "after a long and painful sickness" in Westminster, Windham Co., VT.

He married SILENCE WILCOX on 26 Nov 1747 in East Middletown, Middlesex Co. CT. Silence, the daughter of Janna4 (Ephraim3, John2, John1) and Rachel (Boardman) Wilcox, was born 19 Apr 1726 in East Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT and died 10 Apr 1811 in her 85th year in Westminster, Windham Co., VT. Silence was a Herbal Doctress of considerable reputation.

Ephraim moved from Middletown Upper Houses to Haddam CT about 1755 and bought a 60 acre farm. He later came up the Connecticut River in a log canoe and settled in Westminster VT, about the time of the French and Indian War. The deed for house-lot No. 7, which he bought from Jonathan Thayer, was dated March 1761. He lived on that lot, which was on the upper street several lots north of Joel Holton. He kept a tavern there above John Norton's. He used to carry his grain to the gristmill in Northfield in a canoe to have it ground.

Ephraim was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Southern Regiment of Militia. He served as a captain for the State of Vermont during the American Revolution, along with four of his sons Ephraim Jr., Elijah, Daniel and Waitstill.

"He was a man of sterling Christian character, and leaves behind a godly posterity. He was one of the seven founders of the church at Westminster, and is the ancestor of as many as five ministers of the gospel and numerous deacons" (Fairbanks, 585). Ephraim Ranney and John Sessions were the first two deacons of the church in Westminster, being chosen on 4 May 1769. Ranney was deacon until 9 Jun 1781. His son, Elijah was also one of the first deacons in the church in Westminster West.

Children of Ephraim and Silence (Wilcox) Ranney:

  1. EPHRAIM RANNEY JR. born 27 Oct 1748 [in Middletown CT] and died 30 May 1835 age 86 in Westminster West. He married (1) LYDIA JOHNSON of Walpole, NH in Dec 1771. Lydia, the daughter of Isaac Johnson of Walpole, was born 22 Oct 1751 and died 13 Feb 1787 in Westminster. He married (2) RHODA HARLOW on 10 Oct 1790. Rhoda, the daughter of Eleazer5 and Rhoda (Alexander) Harlow, was born 2 Aug 1770 in Westminster and died 18 Sep 1850 age 80 in Westminster.
  2. ELIJAH RANNEY born 14 Mar 1750 in Middletown CT and died 29 Apr 1833 in Westminster West, age 83 yrs. He married (1) ELIZABETH ROOT on 10 Nov 1771. Elijah married (2) TRYPHENA (GOODELL) HITCHCOCK on 2 Jul 1822 in Westminster. Elijah was a Deacon in the church. Elijah removed from Middletown to Westminster with his father in about 1761. He was listed on the 1771 Census of Westminster and settled in the south part of Westminster West as early as 1771 or 1772 along with James Crawford. His son Elijah Ranney married Lydia Crawford. There is now a Bed & Breakfast in the house where they lived on the Putney-Westminster West Road. Ranney-Crawford House
  3. DANIEL RANNEY born 5 Feb 1753 in Middletown CT and died 5 Jan 1833 in Stockbridge VT. He married EUNICE GILL on 27 Oct 1779 in Chester, Windsor Co., VT. Eunice was born in 1762 and died in 1852.
  4. RACHEL RANNEY born 25 Dec 1755 or 27 May 1755 in Middletown CT and died 6 Apr 1830 in Westminster. She married JOB DICKINSON on 11 Apr 1776 in Westminster. Job, the son of Azariah Dickinson Jr., was born about 1755 and died 4 Mar 1817 in Westminster.
  5. SILENCE RANNEY (Sally) born 18 Mar 1757 in Haddam Twp, Middlesex Co., CT. She married OTIS GUILD/GOOLD of Chester VT and they resided there.
  6. LYDIA RANNEY was born on 18 Apr 1759 in Haddam Twp, CT [also recorded, 22 Oct 1751]. She died 11 Jun 1825 age 66 yrs in Westminster West VT. She married WILLIAM RANNEY on 13 May 1779 in Westminster VT. William5, the son of Thomas4 and Mary (Little) Ranney, was born 18 Sep 1753 in Middletown CT and died 17 Feb 1837 age 84 yrs in Westminster West.
  7. WAITSTILL RANNEY was born 3 Jan 1762 in Westminster and died 3 Jul 1839 in Westport NY. He married ABIGAIL HARLOW in 1785. Abigail6, the daughter of Eleazer5 and Rhoda (Alexander) Harlow was born in Westminster VT, lived in Chester in 1791, and probably died in Westport NY.
  8. ESTHER RANNEY born 28 Jul 1764 in Westminster VT and died 30 Jul 1841. She married SETH ARNOLD on 8 Oct 1786 in Westminster. Seth, the son of Seth and Abigail (Shaler) Arnold, was born 23 Aug 1747 or 3 Sep 1747 Haddam, Middlesex Co, CT and died 6 Jul 1849 age 101. They lived in Westminster VT near the home of her father.
  9. JANNA RANNEY born 11 Jun 1766 in Westminster and died 18 Aug 1794 age 29th yr in Westminster. He married PHOEBE PHELPS in Jun 1789 in Westminster. Phoebe, was born 25 Jul 1768 and died 1 Jan 1842. Janna was in the Revolutionary War.
  10. JOEL RANNEY born 2 Mar 1768 in Westminster and died 25 Mar 1840 age 72 in Westminster. He married REBECCA HALL [REBECCA ARNOLD]. Rebecca was born in 1771/73 and died 27 Jan 1844 age 71 in Westminster.
  11. BENJAMIN RANNEY born 18 Sep 1770 in Westminster and died 8 May 1824 in Westminster. He married MARTHA GILL ("Patty") on 26 Jun 1796 in Westminster. Martha was born 1 Mar 1768 and died 15 Aug 1848 in Westminster.


Some Ranney References & Abbreviations:

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Ranney-Crawford House


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