Street Richards

Street Richards was born in Waterbury, Connecticut 12 December 1750 to Abijah Richards (1718-1773) and Huldah Hopkins (1725-1773). Street died in Westminster 13 July 1835 and is buried in the old East Parish Cemetery with his wife, Eunice, who died 22 May 1829.

On 28 December 1775 in Waterbury, he married EUNICE CULVER. She was born 19 March 1753 in Wallingford, Connecticut to Stephen Culver (1722-1789) and Eunice Miles (1725-1809).

Street lived in Waterbury during his early years. His younger brother Mark ran away to join the Revolutionary Army and Street was sent after him by the family. During the war he was a member of the committees of clothing and the hiring of soldiers and inspection. In May of 1883, he was elected ensign of the 8th company, 27th Regiment, Waterbury militia and remained active until October of 1804. Street remained active and a resident of Wolcott at the 1873 centenary recalled seeing him leading his regiment in a parage, "clad in the old Colonial or Revolutionary uniform with well powdered wig, ruffles on his bosom and at the wrists, high white-topped boots and a three cornered hat. They moved to Westminster in 1815, his younger brother Mark had moved there in 1796.

They had the following children; all born in Waterbury, Connecticut:

Polly (1778-1780)
Miles Hopkins (1779-1834)
Ashsah (1783-1847)
Luther Abijah (1785-1840). He lived and died in Westminster.
Sally (1789-1855)
Amanda (1792-1868)

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