Rachel's Wish List

The women on this list were buried in the Old East Parish Cemetery in Westminster, Windham Co., VT. They are all women whose maiden names are missing from the Westminster records.  There is a date given for the approximate year they were married, using the age 20 as a base.  Some names have been found that could be them, but documentation remains inconclusive. 

I am trying to identify these women -- with their MAIDEN NAMES and of course marriage date and place, parents and birth, etc. If you can identify any of them, please contact me.

Since first posting this to the site, many have been identified.  There are still a few left.  Any ideas?  Thanks for all your help.


Peter ADAMS married Susanna PRATT by Jun 1777 (ch born).

George G. ALLEN married Almira CARPENTER by Apr 1846 (ch born).

William ARMS married MARY ANN AIKEN by 1840 when son, William Goodwin Arms baptized.

Jacob GILSON married Phebe REED? about 1756. 
She died 1803, ae 67 yrs.  I think this is a mistake.

Jonathan KITTRIDGE married Mrs. Elizabeth (___________) DECKER about 1757.     She died 22 Dec 1799, ae 62nd yr.
Was she married previous to her marriage to Jonathan?

Elisha KITTRIDGE married Mary HINDS about 1806.

She died 8 Oct 1847, ae 61 yrs.    Note: This was possibly Mary “Polly” HINDS; any proof?.

Nathaniel KITTRIDGE married Jemima (COX) HATCH about 1781.

She died 24 Mar 1834, ae 73rd yr.


Nehemiah McNEILL married Hannah _________________ about 1745.

She died 6 Jun 1795, ae 75 yrs.


Nehemiah McNEILL married Susannah SMITH about 1792.

She died 29 Jul 1835, ae 63 yrs.


Jabez PAINE married Lavina _________________ about 1789.

She died 6 Apr 1818, ae 39 yrs.


Aaron PETTY married Abigail ________________ about 1760.

She died 1777, ae 35 yrs.


Charles RICE married Sarah HOLMES about 1777.

She died 17 Dec 1826, ae 69 yrs.


Zephion THAYER married Mary LAMBERT about 1762.

She died 5 Sep 1817, ae 75/77 yrs; formerly of Boston.


Joseph WASHBURN married Ruth WETMORE about 1765.

She died 17 Apr 1797, ae 52nd yr.
Note: This was not Ruth DAVIS.


Joseph WILLARD married Mary ELMORE about 1779.

She died 22 Feb 1834, ae 75 yrs.


John WILCOX married Nancy CROOK about 1803.

She died 21 Nov 1816 ae 33 yrs.

Barnabas WOOD married Eunice ________________ about 1782.

She died 24 Apr 1835, ae 73 yrs.


Rufus WRIGHT married first Mary ___________________ about 1791.

She died 11 Oct 1798 ae 27 yrs. 
Note: This was NOT Mary DUBY, who was his second wife.

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