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Bible of Zaccheus Cole

Bible of Alvan Goodell

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Marriage (p. 1)

Zaccheus Cole born March 27, 1791, died Oct 12th, 1882
Annis Harlow born June 10, 1785, died Sept. 3, 1877

Married May 31st, 1815


Cynthia Cole born Nov 29th, 1817, died Nov. 22, 1903
Lucia Ann Cole born May 31st, 1820, died Oct. 25th, 1880
George Cole born Dec. 2, 1822, died Sept. 3, 1907
Charles Cole born June 16, 1825, died Dec. 2nd, 1879
Frances Cole born Aug. 3, 1824

B. F. Richmond born April 16, 1826, died March 7, 1896

Caroline (Barter) Cole, died July 8, 1908

Children's Marriages (p. 2)

Cynthia Cole to James Smith, on June 25th, 1845
George Cole to Caroline Barter on Jany 15th, 1846
Lucia Ann [Cole] to Chas. Willard on Nov. 25th, 1847
Chas. [Cole] to Harriett Cluff, no date given
Frances [Cole] to B. F. Richmond on July 4, 1760

The Holy Bible: Containing The Old and New Testaments: Together with the Apocrypha: Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with Canne's Marginal Notes and References. Collins Stereotype Edition (Lunenburg, Mass: Matthew M. Tepress, Printer; Printed and sold by William Greenough, 1823).

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Alvan Goodell born Dec 16, 1801
married Mehetable H. Perry born May 18, 1801

Their children [all born in Westminster West, Windham Co., VT]:

Riley born Apr 28, 1830
George Alvan born Jan 20, 1832
Loren Allen born Dec 29, 1833
Hilliard Perry born May 29, 1836
Charles Colton born Mar 1, 1839
Henry Clay born Mar 12, 1844

Alvan died Jun 8, 1863
Mehetable Goodell died May 4, 1881
George Alvan died Sep 3, 1872
Hilliard Perry died Apr 15, 1861
Charles Colton died Jun 28, 1892
Henry Clay died Aug 11, 1894
Loren Allen died Mar 15, 1905

Copied from the 1846 Bible of Alvan Goodell of Westminster West, VT

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Charles Colton Goodell married Mary Jane Wilcox on Jan 3, 1864
Mary Jane was the daughter of Roswell and Melinda (Tuthill) Wilcox, born Jan 22, 1842

Hugh Wallace Goodell, son of Charles and Mary Wilcox Goodell born Dec 11, 1877
He married Fanny Hunt Washburn on Jul 21, 1909,
Fanny was the daughter of Julius and Sarah (Hunt) Washburn, born Sep 19, 1883.

Children of Charles and Mary (Wilcox) Goodell [all born in Westminster West, Windham Co., VT]:

Nellie Delyra born Jun 2, 1865
Alice Mehetable born Dec 3, 1867
Jane Melinda born Oct 23, 1869
Mary Frances born Mar 7, 1873
May Grace born Mar 7, 1875
Hugh Wallace born Dec 11, 1877
Estella Annie born Oct 30, 1879
Maude Louise born Dec 7, 1882

Nellie married May 26, 1890 [Frederick Sherman Harlow]
Jane married Jun 19, 1901 [George Mack Gould]
Mary married Jun 27, 1900 [Frank Roland Chapman]
May married Jun 26, 1912 [Harry L. Chapman]
Hugh married Jul 21, 1909 [Fanny Washburn]

Hugh's first wife Fanny [Washburn] Goodell died May 19, 1912
Hugh's daughter Elizabeth Washburn Goodell born Apr 22, 1911

Charles C. Goodell died Jun 28, 1892
Mary J. [Wilcox] Goodell died Jun 13, 1908

Maude Louise Goodell wife of Henry Lake died May 3, 1942
Maude Goodell married Sep 14, 1914 to H. C. Lake

Estella Annie married Mar 25, 1913 to G. C. Hubbard

Copied from the 1868 Bible of Charles Colton Goodell of Westminster West, VT

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