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Purpose of the Westminster Historical Society

The purpose of the Westminster Historical Society shall be to preserve for our posterity, information and objects of historical, pre-historical, artistic or scientific interest, which can serve as a resource for study and interpretation of our community, its environment and its people, by present and future historians, scholars or other interested persons and the people of Westminster. The Society collections and archives will also be used to actively communicate to the residents of Westminster their historical heritage."

The Board of Trustees are: Hank Anderson, Patricia Haas, Robert Haas, Karen Larson, Obe Lisai, Richard Michelman and Frank Walter.  This board meets monthly. There are two membership meetings each year.

Museum of the Westminster Historical Society

The Society operates a museum open to the general public on Sundays, 2 - 4 PM, from early July through the first Sunday in September or by appointment. There is no admission charge. The museum is located on the second floor of the Westminster Town Hall, U. S. Hwy 5, Westminster, Vermont.

Of special interest are architectural artifacts from the first Meeting House, 18th, 19th and early 20th century household and agricultural objects, photographs of Westminster, its people, events and houses and a growing genealogical collection.

Gifts & Donations

We are always happy to receive gifts of objects or documents, and especially diaries or journals that will further enhance our collection. We are especially anxious to have photographs of Westminster buildings, businesses, social activities, or identified people. Please do not discard any items that may contribute to the history of Westminster. We will also accept documented genealogies of our early residents.


This is an all volunteer organization and therefore we are not able to conduct extensive research for the public. Our archives are available for use by individuals by appointment. If you plan to visit to use the archives, please make arrangements in advance to insure that someone familiar with the archives will be available to help you locate what you need.


Because there is no heat in the museum, it and the archives are closed from early October until the beginning of June.

When the museum is open, we have two people who are willing to make brief searches and a maximum of 5 photocopies of materials that will not be compromised by the photocopy procedure. If there are more than 5 pages, we will request a minimum of $20.00 to cover the cost of time given to the research, the copying and the mailing costs. We will advise you of the charges before we proceed.

Please include a SASE and address your requests to:
Westminster Historical Society
P.O. Box 2
Westminster, VT 05158-0002

Society Membership

Annual Membership Fees, which include Historical Society Newsletters

$10.00 Individual ~ $20.00 Couple ~ $50.00 Business Sponsor ~ $200.00 Life Membership

Membership term is from October 1st to September 30th


Books Available from the Westminster Historical Society

  • Revolutionary Westminster from Massacre to Statehood, by Jessie Haas (Charleston SC:  History Press, 2011).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         $19.99 + postage
  • "Headstones and Epitaphs in Westminster, Vermont" compiled by Bertha Miller Collins, edited by Alice Caggiano. Transcriptions of gravestones in the old cemeteries in Westminster, Vermont, published 1990, paper, spiral bound, 131 pp., alphabetical in individual cemeteries, no index.

Close Out Special - $12.00 $15.00  +  postage

  •   "Old Cemeteries of Westminster, Windham Co., Vermont," compiled by Rachel V. Duffalo (2010), 139 double sided pages, index, maps

      NEW            $25.00 + postage

  • "Monuments & Headstones in the New Cemetery, East Parish, Westminster, Vt., as of November 10,1999," compiled by Charles Byron Wright, 138 double sided pages, index, maps, list of lot owners.                                                    

$16.50 +  postage

  •  “Around Bellows Falls - Rockingham, Westminster and Saxtons River,” part of the “Images of America” Series, published by Arcadia Publishing in 2002, 128 pp.  Includes 30 pages of early photos from Westminster, Westminster West and Gageville.  The pictures are from the collections of the Westminster Historical Society, Bob & Pat Haas and Richard Michelman.  The originals are photos and postcards. $19.95 + postage
  • Fanny Grout's Journal, Westminster, Vermont 1855-1856 (Westminster Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 2, Westminster, VT 05158), published 2010.   $10.00 +  postage

  • "History of Westminster," revised edition, by M. Elizabeth Simonds, published 1983, hardcover, 242 pp., no index.

$12.00 +  postage

  • "Vignettes of Westminster" written by Frank Miller and Bertha Miller Collins, compiled and edited by Rachel V. Duffalo, a collection of historical and personal recollections from Westminster, Vermont, published 1993, paper, spiral bound, 97 pp., index

$20.00 +  postage

  • "Long, Long Ago", by Gretta Wood, a personal recollection of life in rural Westminster in the early 20th century, published 1987, paper, 17 pp., no index.                

$3.00 +  postage

  • "A History of the First Congregational Church in Westminster, Vermont" by Phyllis Norman. A history of the first church in Westminster from 1767 - 1993, published December 1993 by the First Congregational Church, Westminster, Vermont, paper, 81 pp., no index.   

$10.00 +  postage

  • Set of "Abenaque Machine Works History," by Patricia Haas and Alice Caggiano, a history of a gas engine manufactory in operation between 1894 and 1921 in Westminster, Vermont, published 1985, paper, 80 pp., no index, plus two reproduced Abenaque Machine Works Catalogs.

$10.00 +  postage

Postage for each book $6.00.

Make checks payable to: "Westminster Historical Society" and mail to:

Westminster Historical Society
P.O. Box 2
Westminster, VT 05158-0002

 Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for processing. We are an all volunteer organization.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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