Reviewing One Hundred Years of
Progress On Whidbey Island


Typical of change on Whidbey Island since its first white settlement in 1848 is this old photograph of soldiers from Fort Casey, riding in the 1918 version of the army jeep.  The island is the site of a number of military establishments, Fort Casey being the oldest, and there was a time when its shores and woodlands were the scene of Indian battles. Today the government maintains on Whidbey Island one of its most     important military establishments--the Naval Air Station near Oak Harbor, a permanent base for which a program of improvement and enlargement has been laid out.
This souvenir supplement, commemorating the first annual Oak Harbor Turkey Festival and Whidbey Island Centennial celebration of July 2 and 3, 1948, was produced at the plant of The Whidbey Press at Oak Harbor, Washington, by the photographic method of printing, and is issued free of charge to subscribers of the three Island county newspapers--The Farm Bureau News of Oak Harbor, The Island County Times of Coupeville, and the Whidbey Record of Langley.  The Centennial celebration year for Whidbey Island is fixed by the established fact that the first white settlement on the island was made by Thomas Glasgow, who cultivated land and planted crops near the  present-day town of Coupeville in the spring of 1848.
The publishers of this special edition are indebted to many Whidbey Island pioneers and the descendants of pioneer families for facts and photographs illustrating highlights of the island's hundred-year history which appear in these pages.  Worthy of special mention in this connection is Johnny Maylor, who before his death in 1913 followed photography as a hobby and among whose collection of priceless old-time photos are the two Oak Harbor street scenes which are reproduced elsewhere in this edition.
        Among the other island old-timers who rendered invaluable services in digging up half-forgotten facts was Harvey T. Hill, who willingly lent a helping hand despite his advancing age and illness.  Space forbids individual mention of all, but this acknowledgment will convey to them our appreciation of their help and their good will.
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