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Hello. My name is Leif Johnson, and i'm from Mt. Vernon, WA.
I was wondering if you had any information regarding early baseball teams (circa 19020-1935) from the stanwood/conway area.
Specifically, i'm looking for information about a particular game in which the two teams were actually families; 10 brothers against 10 other brothers.
One of the families involved had the name Sande; both families were norweigan, and they were considered "farm teams," because it was usually one family farm playing against another.
The game Ii'm interested in was apparently a big deal and made national headlines. mainly, i supposed, because of the novelty of 10 brothers from one family (ages 29 to 11) playing 10 brothers from another.
Finally, my main goal is to locate a newsreel from the time, which features this game. Fox-Warner arrived at the game to film it.
Also, an article was recently written in either the Skagit Valley Herald, or the Skagit Argus, about the game.
If you can help me, i would be much obliged.
Thank you very much, Leif.