Here is a tiny bit of Washington History that I lived.
I found your site while looking up how to spell Grays river.
Lawrence Mahoney
Green River, Wy
From: renzo
They say it helps to write about one's past.
Those Pacific forests are beautiful!
I grew up among those Loggers.
I carved an emblem on one of those trees the day that my Father died in 1938 when I was eleven years old.
I was there in a peaceful Pacific Forest two years later watching a "Friend" die. He was my second "Father".
He was a Logger.
He was only 52 years old, He had heart disease, unusual in 1940; He was so sick that He could not climb a flight of stairs. He had been a game Warden.
He was shot for a Bear by friends of a man He had convicted. He almost died from that. Instead of a pension the State made him a Fire Warden and gave him assignments in beautiful places on the Grays River.
The first year I visited Him; He was living in a Cabin right on the River, It was a mile hike to get to it!
He decided that He would die in his beloved Forest and that a 13 year old Boy would be a satisfactory witness:
The second year that I visited His Cabin was at the end of the road.
So He took me "Fishing": We hiked in a mile to the Grays River. I walked, "Bill" rode his Horse, carrying his lifelong tool, a Crosscut Timber Saw.
At the River, He said He had to cut a log that was blocking the trail and that I should get my fishing pole ready.
He stopped sawing the log and I found him on the ground, His face was purple and He was coughing a little.
Then it was over.
I got on the Horse and rode back to the nearest phone.
The first man to get there, ran the two miles in to see if Bill was dead or?
They put his body on the Horse and brought him out.
This was in a most beautiful part of the Forest.
It is like a Cathedral in there!
Unfortunately Bill had a mental disease also or He would not have used me that way.
Best Regards,

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