Tacoma Illustrated

Tacoma Illustrated
Her History, Growth & Resources
A Comprehensive Review of the 
City of Destiny
Chapter 7


By Holice, Pam, and Deb

Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for transcribing this book.  The excellent work she does continues to help many researchers!  Thanks also, to Pam Rietsch, for sharing her books with genealogists!



No Eastern city of Tacoma's size can boast a better class of citizens than those who form the body of this community. Indeed, it is almost wholly made up of young men and women who left the East to link their fortunes with this city, knowing its destiny; many of them with large means, and all of them with strong and well-defined purposes in life, and ambition to rise and prosper. It is the class of men with their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters, who, accustomed to the refinements, pleasures and luxuries of the East, with broad ideas and busy hands and brains have undertaken to build a city on Commencement Bay that shall copy only the best features of the cities they have left behind, and avoid a repetition of their mistakes. Benevolent, beneficial, church, Masonic, fraternal, literary, amateur theatrical, musical, bicycle, riding, and other social clubs are numerous. Perhaps the most notable of these is the Union Club, an organization formed of a number of the foremost young men in the city. the club is now building a handsome clubhouse to cost $15,000. The members are young men of means, and propose to perfect an organization and equip their resort in a fitting manner.


A beautiful structure, the New Tacoma Theater, which will be found on our pages, has just been completed, and will furnish the finest attractions. Mr. John W. Hanna, a gentleman of large experience is manager, and Mr. Thomas G. Moses scenic artist.

Germania Hall is a handsome building and fine playhouse under the management of Mr. J. Howe, and presents fine attractions.

Mr. J. M. Junnett, who has managed the Alpha Opera House and given pleasure to thousands, intends building a fine new theater in the near future, and intends to make it one which will rival in point of beauty and magnificence the new Tacoma theater.




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