Tacoma Illustrated

Tacoma Illustrated
Her History, Growth & Resources
A Comprehensive Review of the 
City of Destiny


By Holice, Pam, and Deb

Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for transcribing this book.  The excellent work she does continues to help many researchers!  Thanks also, to Pam Rietsch, for sharing her books with genealogists!


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The work herewith presented needs little introduction to the citizens of Tacoma, but to the public at large, whose hands it is destined to reach, some explanation may not be out of place.

The object of the publication is the embodiment, in concise and correct form, of the rise and progress of a city whose growth in population, trade, manufactures, and whose surrounding resources are almost without parallel.

The resources of the State of Washington are first given a space in our columns; then a cursory history of Tacoma and her important interests, followed by full descriptions of these interest, and concluding with histories of her leading business houses. The familiar features of some of our prominent and enterprising citizens will also be recognized in its pages; many others are equally deserving of a place in our limited gallery, but further space could not be afforded.

It is proper to say that the principle upon which this book has been published is quite contrary to that ordinarily prevailing. Not an illustration, a plate, an advertisement or a portrait has been paid for. Dependence has been placed solely upon the sale and circulation of the work to compensate for its cost and attain the objects of its publication, and its further success must rest upon a generous appreciation of its merits. These we trust are apparent, since no expense has been spared to have the data as carefully and conservatively compiled as possible, and to make the work one of the finest specimens of the typographic art.

With this brief introduction. "Tacoma Illustrated" is submitted to the favor it a city whose generosity and enterprise are not less remarkable than its progress and prosperity.


Baldwin, Calcutt & Co.




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