Tacoma Illustrated

Tacoma Illustrated
Her History, Growth & Resources
A Comprehensive Review of the 
City of Destiny
Publisher's Notice


By Holice, Pam, and Deb

Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for transcribing this book.  The excellent work she does continues to help many researchers!  Thanks also, to Pam Rietsch, for sharing her books with genealogists!



The publishers of this work cannot express too highly their appreciation of the encouragement given their work and the liberal handed policy pursued during its compilation by the citizens of Tacoma; our feelings in this regard may be understood when it is stated that Mr. c. A. Snowden was our first acquaintance in the city, and this gentleman did a world of good for the interests of the book; Mr. Isaac W. Anderson of the Tacoma Land Co., interested himself to a great extent and much of the compilation as well as embellishment of the book was due to his most timely suggestions.

Many other gentlemen of Tacoma whose names we have already mentioned did everything possible in its behalf but there is one who may be said to head the list and whose name has not yet found a place in our columns. This is Mr. S. A. Wheelwright, the honored mayor of Tacoma, a man who is the embodiment of refinement, intellect, modesty, education, courtesy and love for, and pride in the city of Tacoma; there is no one in Tacoma whose friendship we can point to with more pride than that of Mayor Wheelwright, and we wish it were in our power to reciprocate his disinterested kindness; as this is not possible, we can only thank him and assure him of our heartfelt appreciation.


Is the last book that will be published under the name of Baldwin, Calcutt & Co., as by the time this work is issued our business will be greatly enlarged in its mechanical as well as art department, and will be organized as a stock company under the name Baldwin, Calcutt & Blakely Publishing Co., with their headquarters at 184 and 186 Monroe Streets, Chicago; heretofore we have outside of Chicago and vicinity solicited little else than publishing contracts, but the news company will include not only general lines of publications, but in addition a general printing, binding, engraving and lithographing business; our departments include the largest composition rooms in Chicago, our line of steam presses are of the largest and most improved patterns; the binding, engraving and lithographing departments are second to none, and out staff of artists includes some of the best known for portrait, map and scenic work to be found in the country. The variety of work produced may to a limited extent be seen in this volume; we shall establish a branch in some city of Washington, and do business with all parts of the State we well as the Pacific Coast.

We would therefore be glad to give estimates for any description of composition, printing, binding, lithographing, and map, pen, wood, half-toned, and zinc-etched engraving.







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