News: Willard Spice (Feb 5 & 21, 1924)

Conact Contributor Shari Volovsek Hahn; Transcriber: Sandy Klinke


Surnames (pg 1): Anderson, Backus, Bayuk, Beley, Berendsen, Bergant, Bizyak, Boehm, Boh, Bombach, Brendemuehl, Bucher, Campbell, Celesnik, Clair, Daugenbough, Daughenbough, Debevec, Dechman, Dergance, Dragosh, Dudqack, Fortune, Foster, Gabrovich, Gerdorf, Govec, Hintz, HML & Co., Horvat, Hren, Ingham, Jamnik, Jugoviich, Kobal, Kokaly, Korenchan, Koschak, Kraintz, Kuhlman, Kuznacic, Kuznatich, Lausha, Laykovich, Libby McNeil & Libby, Marn, Mathkovitch, Matkovich, McCune, Musich, O & N Lumber Co., O'Neill, Panyan, Papesh, Papish, Payne, Plautz, Pqakish, Preisig, Quast, Rolditz, Rossman, Rotar, Ruzic, Sancer, Scharenbrock, Schmidt, Schwab, Sheets, Smith, Tomozin, Trunkel, Trunkle, Ulesich, Verschay, Waite, Willard Co-Op Dairy Co., Wilson, Wolfe, Zager, Zagozen, Zallar, Zell, Zorman, Zupance


Surnames, (pg. 2): Peterson, Clair, Ruzic, Campbell, Thompson, Quast, Taylor, Matkovich, Baldwin, Jones, Kokaly, Hintz, Dergance, Debevc (Debevec), Boh, Zallar, Ceznik, Zallar, Musich, Glass, Bizjak, Koschak, Casper, Trunkle (Trunkel), Oblock, Lunka, Verhunc, Klanchar, Pirc (Pire?), Perko

----Source: Willard Spice, Willard WI (Feb 5, 1924), Volume 1, No. 6--Tax Story

Feb. 5, 1924

Feb. 21, 1924

Oct. 25, 1924

Dec. 20, 1924

April 8, 1925

May 14, 1925 May 25, 1925


News: Willard Spice (Feb 5, 1924); Pg. 1, Pg. 2, Pg. 3, Pg. 4


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Following is a tax story puzzle containing blanks to be filled in.  The person sending in the first correct copy to the paper staff shall receive 50 cents. Watch for the Winner in the next paper. This can be done by grades 6 and 8 also. My home is in the town of _________________ in Section No._____________. My  father owns a farm of ________acres. My father pays his taxes in_______________every year. He pays taxes on his ______________and ______________ property. He pays school tax, town tax, county tax, and state tax.

Now I shall tell you how taxes are determined. Every year during the month of May, our town assessor, who is _____________________, assesses the valuation of all the real estate, and personal property. After his work is finished, he meets with the town board of equalization to arrange the assessments.

The assessor gives his books to the town clerk Mr______________ who has a record of the taxes to be raised. He makes out the tax roll.

I shall tell you how I found the amount of taxes which my father was obliged to pay in 1924. At the annual school meeting last July, the people voted to raise $____________. The total evaluation of our school district is $______________. To find the tax rate, divide the tax by the evaluation which shows a tax rate of _______________. This shows that every property holder in our District must pay almost ________________ mills on every dollars' worth of property he owns.

The rate of taxation for the county of Clark is $_____________. My father's conty tax will be ________X____________ or $______________.

My father's real estate is valued at $_____________, his personal property at $_____________. His school tax will be ___________X____________, or $_____________.

The rate of taxation for the State of Wisconsin is _______________. My father's state tax will  be __________X__________, or $___________.

My father's total tax will be $___________ and $_____________ and $_____________ or $______________.

This he will pay to our town treasurer Mr. _______________________.

The following is a list of the real estate and personal property tax for Dist. No. 5 Town of Hendren as given by the Town Treasurer.

                                Personal Property

Name of Owner                                                               Am't Tax

E.G. Ingham                                                       $13.95

Math Dergance                                                   35.03

Joe Sancer                                                            25.44

Aug Bizyak                                                            44.49

Peter Zell                                                               26.96

Frank Bombach                                                   17.59

Geo Hintz                                                              64.83

John Zallar                                                             21.87

Lizzie Clair                                                              13.71

Geo Campbell                                                       3.54

O. & N. Lbr Co.                                                  127.29

Ignac Ceznik                                                         27.98

Jacob Preisig                                                        17.89

Peter Schmidt                                                     32.05

Paul Marn                                                             15.26

Martin Kokaly Sr.                                                28.46

Martin Kokaly Jr.                                                13.96

Joe Ulesich                                                           39.42

Anton Debevec                                                                  33.55

John Musich                                                         39.61

Andrew Korenchan                                           18.79

R. Schwab                                                             38.11

John Rotar                                                              1.52

M. Pakish (Pakiz)                                               23.11

John Zagozen                                                      23.13

Orvill Smith                                                           18.67

Mrs. Orvill Smith                                                  6.08

Frank Boh                                                              48.82

Frank Laykovich                                                                  33.00

Louise Zorman                                                    21.10

Louis Koschah (Koschak)                                41.19

Math Ruzic                                                            41.95

Anton Panyan                                                     11.43

Anton Trunkle (Trunkel)                                                  42.72

John Scharenbrock                                            38.37

L. Gabrovich                                                         37.13

Peter Beley                                                            7.03

Frank Bergant                                                      34.58

Jacob Dechman                                                                  41.74

Frank Backus                                                        33.56

Mary Berendsen                                                16.78

John Horvat                                                          31.21

Arthur McCune                                                   22.89

Anton Kraintz (Krainz)                                     27.12

John Trunkle (Trunkel)                                     12.18

John Godec                                                          38.55

L. Kuhlman                                                            12.18

L. S. Butcher                                                         29.99

Martin Mathkovitch (Matkovich)                43.28

Anton Papesh                                                       1.26

Hugo Quast                                                          13.98

Quast & Co.                                                        270.26

Steve Plautz                                                         15.26

John Bayuk                                                           24.63

Peter Zagar                                                           24.40

John Verschay                                                     16.92

Frank Govec                                                         32.26

Frank Boehm                                                       18.02

Gregor Celesnik                                                                  54.28

Fredrick Pakish (Pakiz)                                       1.01

Sam Daugherbough                                            2.53

                                Real Estate Tax

Name of Owner                                                               Am't Tax

Peter Zell                                                             $ 25.44

Peter Zell                                                                26.70

Frank Zupance                                                     25.44

Frank Zupance                                                     54.69

Alouis Koschak                                                     25.44

Alouis Koschak                                                     25.44

Alouis Koschak                                                     73.75

Frank Bombach                                                    35.61

Anton Papish                                                        53.43

Anton Trunkle (Trunkel)                                                142.45

Louis Lausha                                                          53.43

Frank Boh                                                               35.61

L. Gabrovich                                                          53.43

L. Grabrovich                                                        96.66

F. Laykovich                                                           50.89

F. Laykovich                                                             9.75

F. Govec                                                                25.44

F. Govec                                                                45.78

F.Govec                                                                                 20.35

Clute & Rossman                                                11.38

A. Zupancic                                                         106.84

A. Zupancic                                                           34.33

M. Ruzic                                                                 58.51

M. Ruzic                                                                 34.33

J. Scharenbrock                                                                  43.23

J. Sharenbrock                                                    78.83

A. Papish                                                               27.98

R. Schwab                                                             40.69

J. Verschay                                                           27.08

Peter Zagar                                                           40.69

Peter Zagar                                                           12.71

Peter Dragosh                                                     27.98

Peter Dragosh                                                     11.45

L. Zorman                                                              20.35

L. Zorman                                                              25.44

A. Trunkle (Trunkel)                                          30.55

F. Dudack                                                              30.53

F. Dudack                                                              34.33

N.C. Foster Lbr. Co.                                           25.44

N.C. Foster Lbr. Co.                                           27.33

Chute & Rossman                                              22.89

Joe Ulesich                                                           22.89

N.C. Foster Lbr. Co.                                           25.44

Chute & Rossman                                              25.44

N.C. Foster Lbr. Co.                                           25.41

N.C. Foster Lbr. Co.                                           25.41

G. Celesnik                                                           27.97

G.Celesnik                                                            25.41

John Zallar                                                             40.69

Lizzie Clair                                                              38.15

Vladimir Pakish (Pakiz)                                    26.70

Vladimir Pakish (Pakiz)                                    55.97

L. S. Butcher                                                         38.15

Lizzie Clair                                                              76.29

Ignaz Cesnik                                                         12.71

S. Daugenbough                                                 71.21

Jacob Dechman                                                                  15.25

E. G. Ingham                                                        12.18

John Zallar                                                               2.01

E. G. Ingham                                                        10.17

O. & N. Lbr. Co.                                                   25.44

Libby McNeil & Libby                                        20.55

Frank Hren                                                              5.08

Geo. Campbell                                                      5.08

Geo. Hintz                                                             38.15

John Jugoviich                                                     30.53

Blaz Kuznatich (Kuznacic)                               30.35

John Bayuk                                                           13.34

Joe Ulesich                                                           58.50

A. Debevec                                                           30.55

A. Debevec                                                           61.05

M. Kokaly                                                              61.05

M. Kokaly                                                              40.69

P. Schmidt                                                             20.35

R. Schwab                                                             73.75

Jno Zupancic                                                        96.65

P. Schmidt                                                             15.26

Jno Musich                                                           73.75

Jno Musich                                                           50.89

Jno Musich                                                           45.78

Paul Marn                                                             71.21

M. Matkovich                                                      40.69

M. Matkovich                                                      81.38

A. Musich                                                              48.32

L. Wilson                                                                12.75

L. Wilson                                                                20.35

P. Schmidt                                                             20.35

A. Rolditz                                                                 2.01

A. Korenchan                                                       43.23

F. Laykovich                                                          66.13

John Zallar                                                             50.89

Frank Kobal                                                          61.05

Frank Boh                                                              89.00

Geo. Hintz                                                             55.97

Geo. Hintz                                                             76.29

John Zagozen                                                      13.34

John Bayuk                                                           61.05

John Bayuk                                                           30.53

John Zagozen                                                      13.34

B. D. Waite                                                            30.53

B. D. Waite                                                            30.53

B. D. Waite                                                               7.62

B. D. Waite                                                            22.89

Sue Backus                                                           66.13

John Tomozin                                                      31.79

Joe Godec                                                             22.89

Joe Godec                                                             34.33

Jacob Deehman                                                                  38.17

Frank Bergant                                                      33.07

Frank Bergant                                                      35.61

H. M. L. & Co.                                                       24.89

Mike Fortune (Fortuna)                                                  41.95

John Trunkle (Trunkel)                                     26.70

John Trunkle (Trunkel)                                     26.70

Mike Fortune (Fortuna)                                                  41.95

Joe Godec                                                             44.49

Joe Godec                                                             11.43

John Horvat                                                          13.46

John Horvat                                                          13.46

John Horvat                                                          19.06

John Horvat                                                          13.46

John Trunkle (Trunkel)                                     13.46

John Trunkle (Trunkel)                                     13.46

Henry Daughenbough                                     45.78

Henry Daughenbough                                     66.13

Henry Daughenbough                                     33.07

Henry Daughenbough                                     30.53

Mary Bevendsen                                               43.23

Mary Bevendsen                                               35.61

Sue Backus                                                           27.98

Henry Daughenbough                                     30.53

L. Kuhlman                                                            30.54

L. Kuhlman                                                            30.53

L. Kuhlman                                                            61.05

L. Kuhlman                                                            73.75

Charles Gersdorf                                                30.53

Charles Gersdorf                                                30.53

A. Anderson                                                         30.53

A Anderson                                                          30.53

Frank Boehn                                                        25.41

Gregor Celesnik                                                                147.54

Gregor Celesnik                                                                  30.53

Clute & Rossman                                                22.89

Clute & Rossman                                                22.89

Charles Gerdorf                                                                  22.89

James O'Neil                                                        22.89

James O'Neil                                                        22.89

Clute & Rossman                                                22.89

CLute & Rossman                                               22.89

James Payne                                                        26.70

James Payne                                                        26.70

Herman Brendemuehl                                     24.15

Herman Brendemuehl                                     24.15

Anton Kraintz (Krainz)                                     26.70

Anton Jamnik                                                      26.70

Anton Jamnik                                                      13.34

Anton Kraintz (Krainz)                                     58.15

Anton Kraintz (Krainz)                                     13.34

David Wolfe                                                         26.70

David Wolfe                                                         26.70

David Wolfe                                                         26.70

David Wolfe                                                         26.70

David Wolfe                                                         26.70

Peter Beley                                                          26.70

Peter Beley                                                          26.70

David Wolfe                                                         26.70

Addition to the Village of Willard

Antonia Laykovich                                                2.53

Willard Co-Op Dairy Co.                                    68.14

L. Sheets                                                                   3.81

L. Sheets                                                                   3.81


Sale of the Railroad May Lead to New Service

Sale to a Chicago and Minneapolis syndicate of the Fairchild and Northeastern road, a line extending from Owen to Fairchild and then to Foster and Cleghorn on the other side of Fairchid, built in the '90's by the late N. C. Foster of Fairchild, is announced here.

A survey is to be made at once it is announced, as a result of which the new owners of the road may decide to extend the line from Cleghorn to Caryville--10 miles south of here, where it will connect with the Milwaukee road and operate the rolling stock with gasoline equipment.

Should the extension be made to Caryville, it will open up to Eau Claire a prosperous trade territory.

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----Source: Willard Spice, Willard WI (Feb 5, 1924), Volume 1, No. 6

Contributor: Sandy Klinke; Transcriber: Shari Hahn 


Published bi-monthly by the members of the Willard Young Peoples' Club.

Subscription Rates:----10c a copy   $1.00 a school year.


Editor in Chief...Ethel Peterson

Ass't Editor...Elizabeth Clair

Editorials...Ivan Ruzic

State and National News...George Campbell

Local News...Mrs. H. Thompson

Local News...John Quast

School Notes

                Primary Room...Elanor Taylor

                Int. Room...Zorn Ruzic

                Upper Room...A Motkowich (Matkovich??)

Jokes...Harley Thompson

Jokes...Carlyle Baldwin

North Willard News...Helen Ehler

Gorman News...Frances Faic**r (print obscured)

Adv. Manager...Lawrence Jones

Printed by..."Gleaner"

Club Motto  "Let us hold fast to all that is Good."


"Entered as second-class matter November 25,1924, at the post office at Greenwood, Wisconsin, under the Act of March 3, 1879."

"Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in  section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized November 25, 1924."


Primary Items

The First Grade Reading class has completed the Laurel Primer, The Story Hour Primer and about half of the Mother Goose Primer. They have started their Reading Circle List. Edward Kokaly, Edward Trunkle, Mary Alice Hintz and John Trunkle have given reports.

The Second Grade Arithmetic class has been drilling on the combinations. We have now started the adding of two digit numbers. The class has also been working on the Studabker Arithmetic Tests.

Arth. III Class are busy making a grocery store and dry good store. They now have about 150 bills. Willard will be a very thriving town in the near future if all the intended merchants start their business career here.

It keeps the Primary room rather busy to have their room decorated in season. Next week the January decorations will be replaced with February trimmings which will consist of cherries, hatchets, valentines, etc.

The Third Grade Language class have put on two Puppet shows. The children made the scenery and characters. We divided the class into two groups. Alben Dergance was the leader of group 1. His group put on  "Jack and the Bean Stalk". Group 2 of which Eleanor Debevc was leader worked out the story of "Hansel and Gretel". We shall have many more "Puppet Shows" this year.


The Owlets

The Owlets gave a party last Friday. Games were played and then every one was given a large handful of peanuts. Six children were barred from the party this time. Both deportment and attendance are considered by the officers of the club.



The children are having great fun writing to music. It developes both rythm and speed and creates great interest for writing.


Many a small boy has been kept after school because his father worked his Arithmetic wrong.


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th.


Hot Lunches

We have served Hot LUnches for two weeks. The following dishes have been made.

                1. Macroni and Tomatoes.

                2. Creamed Potatoes.

                3. Potatoe Soup.

                4. Cocoa.

On the average of 50 children take hot lunch. A penny a day is collected from each child. Bernice Hintz is our treasurer. 47 has been collected. Two girls prepair the lunch, two girls serve and two girls wash the dishes. We shall continue the hot lunch during the cold winter months for each pupil needs such nourishment to keep their systems in a healthful condition. Some of the children bring vegetables and milk from home and they are given a Hot Lunch each day according to the value of the food they brought.


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th.


Intermediate School Society

Their meeting was called to order at 3:25 Wednesday Jan. 14 by the president Zora Ruzic. the secretary read the minutes which were approved. A motion was made that Miss Peterson keep tract on a special board of all people who leave the room. They are to make up time after school. Not carried. A motion was then made by Wm. Boh that a person be appointed to keep record of people leaving the room. Carried. The president appointed Geraldine. Motion was made that any people refusing to take part in a program have janitor duties to perform. Not Carried.

The program consisted of the follwing dialogues: "The Mothers Club," "Harry's Pocket, "An Afternoon Tea" and "The Quarrel".

Joe Laykovich, Grade 6


Application For Palmer Progress Pins

The pupils in intermediate room have completed the first one hundred drills in their Palmer Method book in writing and have arranged these drills in neat form to send to A. N. Palmer, Chicago, who will pass his examination on them and those who are satisfactory he will award with a Safety Clasp progress pin in Palmer Movement on Condition that they pay 20c to help defray the cost of mailing and packing.


Notes From The Upper Room

The ninth grade had a good civics lesson Wednesday for a change.

Ann Boh was on the sick list for the first few days of last week, however she was back to school on Friday.

We can brag of a good attendance for these last two weeks.

The D. S. girls will be taught sewing this semester to take the place of the cookery taught last semester. Last Friday was their first lesson in sewing for this year.

We Wonder

Why Miss Taylor had Ann Matkovich, Evonka Zallar, and Angella Ruzic make a "Date Pie" in Domestic Science on Jan. 25?

Who curled R. Hintz's (our shiek) hair Thursday A.M.?

Why Wm. Schwab was absent last Thursday morning?

How Cesnik's dog got into Zallars chicken coop through a closed door?

Why the dogs began to bark near Clair's when the lights went out Tuesday evening about 11:00 o'clock?


Miss Taylor: "What are people given when they have done some great deed?" (Meaning a medal)

John T.: "They are given a kiss."


Night School

An effort was made to organize a night school by which many of the people who could not read or write English readily might be taught. However for some reason this failed.

Therefore Mr. Jones then organized a class in Agriculture in which he is teaching "Feeds and Feedings." The class was organized Jan 14, 1925. The class consists of the following members: John Zallar, Ralph Hintz, Joe Musich, Bryan Glass, Joe Boh, August Bizjak, Vincent Ruzic, Ignac Koschak.

At present the boys are busy studying the Balancing of rations and in learning how to figure the nutritive ration of any feed.

They have learned the value of feeds and are learning which feeds are high in proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This will be of value to the boys in deciding what feeds to buy and which are cheapest. There are still a few seats left in the school house and any others wishing to come are welcome.


The Stoppless Coaster

After going coasting two or three times without a coaster, Mr. Jones and Ralph Hintz decided to make a coaster of their own. So Monday noon we went to the lumber pile and got two "2x4" and two six inch boards and one eight inch board. We took them to the school house. Mr. Jones and Ralph Hintz worked on it that night. The next morning the runners were taken to Mr. Campbells, the city blacksmith. The runners were ironed and got the same night. Mr. Jones and Ralph Hintz spent another night working on it. The next night the workers went to bed to get a good nights rest much needed. The next night the work is taken up again. With the help of John Zallar and a long nights work the coaster is finished. The coaster being 20 inches wide and 12 feet long. Sunday morning looked clear and not very cold and it is decided to try the coaster out Sunday afternoon. Miss Peterson did not like the idea, because of having promised to go visiting. Sunday P.M. at 1:30 the coaster was taken out of the school house through a window. With about fifty feet of wire tied to the front runners, a small party of six start out to find a hill. The coaster is pulled a mile and a half where two more people join us. All pile on and down we go. "Hip, hip hurah." But after going up and down three or four times it is decided to go to another hill. We all started for the North Willard School hill that is iced. On our way there we stopped to pay Mr. Casper a visit. After a stop of about 10 minutes we started out again dragging the big coaster. After a while the hill is reached and the coaster was loaded to full capacity of ten and down we go, the bottom of the hill was reached with only one mishap of breaking one of the runners. The runner was fixed and the coaster was started again. When almost dark it was decided it was time to go home. Before the party had gotten nicely started it began to snow and our homeward journey was made through a snow storm.


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th


"Mamma," said Eddie Trunkle, as he was sitting at the table doing some writing, "How do you spell 'Hell'?"

"Why Eddie" said his mother, "That's a naughty word. You should never use it. Wy do you want to spell it?"

"II want to spell Helen" was the innocent reply, "And I thought I'd just write one cylinder at a time."


Gorman School Notes

Our 6th and 6th grades wrote letters to Paul Oblock who has been detained at home on account of illness.

The 7th grade classic "Evangeline" is being completed.

The 2nd graders are proud to announce that they are well into their fifth reading book this year.

The 6th and 7th grades have completed the North Central States with an extensive study of Wisconsin and have added one more map to the Geography booklets each is keeping.

The 5th and 6th grades are making a circus ground as a project in Drawing and paper cutting. They have completed for different animals in their cages.

We are planning for a small party and valentine box on Feb. 12th. The eight persons making the most words from George Washington will have the honor of passing the valentines.


Personal News Notes

Misses Frances and Anne Lunka of St. Paul and Marie of South Dakota were called home this week on account of the serious illness of their father, Mr. Joe Lunka.

Mr. Louis Verhunc of Wyoming arrived Thursday for a visit with old friends and relatives.

Miss Alice Klanchar left Monday for Minneapolis where she is employed.

Mr. Joe Pirc (Pire?) of New York has arrived and is making an extended visit at the Joe Perko home.


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th


Reasons Parents Should Visit the Schools

1--To keep in touch with the work of their children.

2--To Encourage the teachers.

3--To get firshand information about the work of the schools.

4--To show their willingness to co-operate with the administration of the school.

5--For the moral effect it will have on the pupil to know that parents and teachers are pulling together in his training and discipin.

6--To become acquainted personally with teachers and principals.

7--To learn at first hand the conditions under which their children spend five hours a day.

8--To learn the problems children must meet (Course of study, easy studies, difficult studies, time schedules, etc.)

9--To make it more possible for school officials to interpret to parents the policies under which the school operates.

10--To advise school authorities as to the needs of the city as seen from the parents standpoint.

11--To assist in obtaining certain things for the school that are sometimes difficult to get, such as cafeterial equipment, victrolas, motion-picture equipment, etc.

12--To know the conditions and needs of the school so that they may intelligently defend the reputation of the schools and assist in keeping the school from being commercialized and propagandized.

13--To view their children from an angle other than that of the home and thus be able to guide more wisely their development.

14--In order that parents themselves may understand and appreciate changes in courses of study.

15--To secure an accurate idea of the objectives of modern education and to find out how these objectives are being worked out in practice.

16--To aid in developing the real school spirit in the community.


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----Source: Willard Spice, Willard WI (Feb 5, 1924), Volume 1, No. 6

Contributor: Sandy Klinke; Transcriber: Shari Hahn


Why Should We Be Polite

First of all because it has many advantages. It is indispensible in social intercourse and in the daily transaction of life. Without Politeness this social affairs would degenerate into force and violence. Politeness smoothes the temper, is a check upon anger, prevents quarrels and disputes, overcomes hatred.

Politeness gives the final polish to education. By earnest study the scholar forms his mind, by constant self-denial he strengthens his character. But the exterior must correspond with the interior to secure its proper recognition.

Without politeness the educated man is like the rough diamond. The stone is valuable; but as it lacks its full brilliancy, it is not agreeable to the sight and does not readily sell. When it is cut and plished then it shines and sparkles, is admired and eagerly sought after.

What cutting is to the diamond, the practice of politeness is to the educated man. It gives him polish, refinement. To be polite, means to remove what is rough, vulgar, replusive in conduct and bearing.

Politeness is the outward form, the reflection of a lofty, cultivated character. Education is incomplete when this outward form is wanting. But also politeness without learning and virtue is hollow and almost worthless.

Good manners secure to the young man of the young woman the confidence of those among whom they live. The good and virtuous wins the love and confidence of men. The hard and vicious, on the contrary, provokes repugnance and distrust.

When a man is amiable and obliging toward his neighbor gentle, and considerate in his speech; when he avoids whatever annoys and provokes others, when he seeks to please others, such a man is polite. But if he is rough and unpolished in his actions vulgar in speech, unconsiderate for others, such a man manifests want of politeness. A person of former character attracts and succeeds, because sympathy of people is with him. The other man repels, meets with coldness, he is a failure.

Ambassadors, diplomats, men who treat important affairs, are men of tact and politeness. A young ambassador asked for good advice how to succeed and his superior told him. Be a good listener, reflect much and above all things be polite.

Politeness rests upon certain virtues, which are modesty, or humility. If a young person claims to be polite, he must not be proud, haughty, he must not be full of self. He must deny himself, ready to listen in silence. His speech must not be harsh, offensive, boastful, dictorial. His bearing should not be defiant, imperious and regardless of others, but calm, modest, retiring. He should have respect for those to whom the respect is due.

Another virtue is self-control. A polite person will curb the spirit of anger and hatred, he controls his appetite, must not eat or drink too much or too greedily. Not to be careless in his walking, standing, or sitting. All this requires vigilance, self-control. It costs many a battle but politeness once acquired is the greatest asset to education and a sure way to success in later years.

Rev. J. Novak


Joe Bayuk (at last club meeting) "God that was the toughest pie crust I ever ate in my life."

His partner: "My land, you have eaten the paper plate upon which it was served to you."


Home Talent Play

A few changes have been made in the characters since the last issue of the "Spice". Mrs. Hickey, A neighbor, who hates to gossip, will be Gertrude Bayuk; Billy Blossom-Tubbs is Louie Matkovich.

Strenuous effort has been made to learn the first act and practices are held daily. Act I to have its next practice Saturday at 8:00. Following is a synopsis according to acts.

Act I--Mrs. Mollie Tubbs (Miss Peterson) and her happy family (Geraldine, Wm. Schwab, and Mary Matkovich) in shanty town. The pretty, young school teacher (Miss Taylor) and the Census taker (Ivan) have a disagreement. Mrs. Tubbs as first aid to Cupid. Mrs. Hickey (Gertrude B) expresses her opinion of Simon Rubbles (L. Jones.) Miss Clingie Vine (Mrs. Thompson) has her census taken. "My maw was a Virginia Hamm, and whenever we had company, Pa-paw always wore full evening garbage." Bad news from Kansas. 'there ain't no way too far for a mothers' love. I'm going to my boy." (Roland H.)

Act II--A month later Mrs. Tubbs returns. "There ain't a bit of use in histin' your umbrella until it begins to rain". Simon Rubbles (L. Jones) decides to find a wife. "If he ain't a red headed hippopatamus there never was one on this green earth." A shantytown high jinks with song and managerie. Clingie Vine (Mrs. Thompson) decides to be a siren. A light is in the window for Jimmie (Roland). "I've got my babies and I've got their love, and all the money in the world can't take that from me; so Mr. Simon Rubbles, the honorable Mrs. Tubbs respectfully declines your offer of matrimony."

Act III--Same scene as Acts I and II. A Shantytown Thanksgiving. Mrs. Hickey brings the news and Miss Vine (Vera) inherits a fortune. Mr. Rubbels worries Mrs. Tubbs again. "You kin turn me out in the streets tomorrow, but tonight this house belongs to me. Now there is the door and there's your hat. I won't detain you no longer." "Miss Vine and the good looking grocery boy. "Jimmie, my boy, my boy!" The return of the Prodigal Son. "I reckon I'm the happiest woman in the United States of America. My cup runneth over, my cup runneths over!"


Joe Verschay: "When a person is choking we should hit him between the shoulders or cat crusts so it will go down."


Geraldine Crotzer: "Everyone should learn how to swim so that when they go in swimming and get cramps they are apt to drown."


Teacher: "How many hours does Mary study if she studies from 8:00 to 10:00?"

Jenny Horvat: "2 hours and 10 cents."


Guess What:

Tables on legs.

Stands still and yet runs.

One does when he falls into the creek.

The difference is between an elephant and a fish.

Makes more noise than a pig in a stile.


Louie: "Please, sir, may I leave the class to jump rope?"

Teacher: "And why the kindergarten act?"

Louie: "I've just taken my medicine and I forgot to shake the bottle."


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th


Delamatory Work Begun

These people have been given there declamations and are learning them during every spare moment. The titles of their readings are as follows: -

The Bear Story--Ann Matkovich

How To Tell Bad News--Ann Parkel

Cohen On The Telephone--Bill Schwab.

Uncle Podker Hangs A Picture--Martin Gregorich

Billy Brad--Elizabeth Clair

Algemon Jones--Mildred Clair

The Face Upon The Floor--Joe Ule

Tommy's Prayer--Gertrude Bayuk

Mrs. Cludles Lecture On Shirt Buttons--Evonka Zallar

How Jinny Eased Her Mind--Louie Matkovich

Uncle Carter and the Peg Leg--Roland Hintz

Jane (From "Seventeen")--Ann Trunkle (Trunkel)

Back in Squatville--Angeline Ruzic

A New Lease on Life--Elizabeth Scharenbrock

Aunt Dinah in Matrimony--Ann Boh

On Babies--John Matkovich

Before the Milliner's Mirror--Angeline Koschak

Grandma's Phottogragh Album--Mary Koschak


The principal called one of his students to his desk "John, I wish you'd go down town and get the correct time."

John: "But I aint got no watch"

Prin: "A watch, a watch, why in the world a watch? Write it down on a piece of paYer, you imp!"


Mr. McCune: "How foolish we were when we were young."

Mr. McCune: "Yes, how young we were when we were married."


Mrs. Campbell: Weren't you dreadfully cold on that automobile ride home?"

E. Peterson: "Well, I didn't think I was until I read about the terrible trip in the newspaper."


A Timely Suggestion--Eh?

Prof. Jones wants to know what to do with his week ends?

The other teachers suggest that he keep his hat on it.


Dates Figged

She broke a date with me one night and later explained she had spent the night with friend Helen. Now what could I do, for I had spent the whole same evening with Helen myself.


L. Jones: "Why did you put quotation marks at the first and the last of that exam paper?"

Reinhold: "I was quoting the girl in front of me."


Mrs. Clair: "Arnold, Arnold! Wake up."

Arnold: "I can't"

Mrs. Clair: "Why can't you?"

Arnold: "I ain't asleep."

According to some poets the best meter of all is to meter alone.


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th.


Advertisements on this page include ones from Plautz & Son General Merchandise, of Willard; Leach & Son City Meat Market, Greenwood; and Quast & Company Implement dealer, Willard.



Page 4


[Photo of Pg. 4 Pg. 1, Pg. 2, Pg. 3, Pg. 4

----Source: Willard Spice, Willard WI (Feb 5, 1924), Volume 1, No. 6

Contributor: Sandy Klinke; Transcriber: Shari Hahn

Surnames: Taylor, Peterson, Thompson, Jones, Noah, Ingham, Preisig, Godec, Ehlers, Baldwin, Quast, Trunkle (Trunkel), Kokaly, Debevec, Scharenbrock, Baccies, Glass, Clair, Zallar, Lunka, McCune, Schwab, Salter, Knipfel, Ociejek, Casper, Korenchan, Zevnik, Bayuk, Matkovich, Parkel, Govek, Musich, Celesnik, Ulesich, Ceznik, Crotzer, Ruzic, Boh, Plautz, Casper, Fainter, Schmidt, Petrich, Lesar, Campbell

(Advertisers: Clute, Keiner Knight, Gullord, Hoehne, Schwarze)

 ----Source: Willard Spice, Willard WI (Feb 5, 1924), Volume 1, No. 6


Local News

Misses E. Taylor and E. Peterson spent a short time at the H. Thompson home on Monday night practicing the play "Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown". Later they were served pinoche and buttered popcorn.

Mr. Jones and Miss L. Noah attended the dance at Greenwood Thursday night, Jan. 22.

E.G. Ingham has a new electric motor attached to his pump and has extended his aerial for his radio to the mast of the school tower.

Mrs. J. Preisig is on the road to recovery. Miss Cary Godec has been assisting with the house work for the past few weeks.

Miss H Ehlers spent last weekend with Miss Taylor.

Everett Baldwin's and Hugo Quast's car with a bunch of fellows opened up the road between Willard and Trunkle's corner on Saturday, Jan. 24.

Miss Taylor spent Sunday evening and night at the Kokoly home. She also called on Mrs. A Debevc.

Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Thompson who have been visiting with their son, Harley Thompson, for the past month, left on Friday A.M. for Black River Falls and Baraboo to spend a few weeks and will then return to Willard for the rest of the winter.

Miss Peterson spent Saturday afternoon and early evening at the Scharenbrock home

Mr. Bacchies, Byran Glass and Arnold Clair have been loading bolts for E.G. Ingham.

Mr. Zallar and son, John, are cutting logs up north and are hauling them to the saw mill at Debevc.

Misses H. Ehlers and E. Taylor suppered with Mrs. H. Thompson on Saturday Jan 24.

Mr. Frank Lunka is very low with pneumonia at his home in Gorman and his daughters Anne and Francis have been called home from St. Paul.

Ethel Peterson drove home with Mrs. McCune after Sunday School last Sunday morning and spent the afternoon and evening returning to school on Monday morning.

Mrs Wm. Schwab has been confined to her bed for the past week. Bill was kept out of school on Thursday morning to help.

There will be a teachers meeting at Greenwood on Saturday Feb. 14 beginning at 9:30 A.M. The meeting will be in the High School building and is to be a Teachers Reading Circle Section Meeting. All teachers ae requested to come. Miss Elizabeth Salter, As'st State Club Leader will talk on club work. Mr. Knipfel will also be present to present his interest in club work. The book "Health Education in the Rural School" by Andress will be discussed. A talk is to be given on it by Miss Ehlers, Miss Peterson, and several others. The probabilities of a group singing contest will be discussed at the meeting.

Arnold Clair and Bryan Glass are busy cutting wood.

Everybody is busy hauling gravel for the new Hall. We're getting anxious. Why not all help so it will be completed sooner?

Sally Ociejek, Frank Casper and E.G Ingham went to Greenwood on the train Friday.

Mrs. A. Korenchan went to Greenwood Wednesday Jan. 28.

Frank Zevnik has a new snow mobile.

Gertrude Bayuk and Angelie Ruzic spent Sunday afternoon with A. Matkovich.

Mr. Parkel, Mrs. Musich, and Mr. Celesnik are hauling gravel on the road and going through this vicinity.

John and Joe Ulesich and Ignac Cesnik attended the dance at Greenwood Thursday night January 22.

Mrs. H. Thompson called at the schoolhouse at 4:00 Friday.

Miss E. Taylor spent the weekend at the Parkel home.

Church was held in the school house on Sunday at 3:00 P.M. Sunday school preceded it beginning at 1:30.

Miss Anna Trunkle called at the Govek home on Sunday P.M.

The teachers have received letters from Mrs. Paul Baldwin who is spending the winter in Niles, Mich. She says the weather seems anything but cold to her that some days it's almost like spring. Quite a bit of the snow has already melted but then it keeps freezing causing it to be very slippery. She received the last "Spice" and asked to be put on the mailing list. Had heard we abanded our choir practice but she just knew that it would be impossible to have a choir without her beautiful voice.


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th


Notes From The Y. P. Club

The last meeting was held Jan 23 and was called to order at 8:20 by the president, L. F. Jones. A roll call was read and secretarys report was read and accepted. A short treasurer's report was rendered by Mr. Thompson.

The president then announced the plans regarding the home talent play.

A motion was made that at our next meeting Feb. 6 all are to come masked or costumed to fit the occasion as this is to be a costume party. Failure to do so means the forfeiting of 25c. This motion was lost through acclamation but upon calling for a standing vote the motion was carried. So now folks, don't be "pikers" but come on! get or make a mask and dress to represent and Indian, Negroe, Bride, Clown, Humpty Dumpty, Rastus a barefoot boy, (acted by a girl) a maiden or vamp, (acted by a boy), a raggedy maid, a Palm Beach dude, a sailor lad, an old fashioned lady, a Duchess, an old fashioned girl with Norwegian national dress, a French maid, etc.

If you can't get a mask use paint!!! The refreshment committee have planned to serve ice cream and cake and will also have a clever way of getting partners for lunch. As this meeting is the one nearest Valentine Day you will get your partners in the form of valentines. A price of $1.00 will be given to the best dressed lady and best dressed man. Mr. and Mrs. H. Quast to be judges. The entertainment committee have made very few plans for this time in regard to a program for the next meeting as it has been suggestsed to them to have Feb. 20 known as "Parents Night" and to invite all parents and non club members to attend and to entertain with a good lengthy program. Thus they will need the next three weeks preparing for that.

The following program was rendered at last meeting:---

Community Singing

Folk dances (Highland Fling, Highland Scottish) by Intermediate Girls.

Dialogue "The Quarrel" Geraldine Crotzer, Amelia Matkovich.

Dialogue "Harry's Pocket" Zora Ruzic and Francis Schwab.

Solo "To the Slums, Boys" L.F. Jones

The business meeting was adjourned at 9:35. The new members which joined at this time were: Mary Ulesich, Anna Boh, Steve Plautz, Frank Casper, Francis Fainter.

Our enrollment has now received 61 members and we feel that our meetings are becoming more and more successful. The following have already paid dues for the second quarter: Elizabeth Claire, John Zallar, Joe Bayuk, Ethel Peterson, Hans Schmidt, Chas Petrich, Lawrence Jones. Evonka Zallar, Martin Matkovich, Eleanor Taylor, Mildred Clair, John Matkovich, John Celesnik, Joe Lesar, Elizabeth Scharenbrock, Caroline Korenchan, Mary Ulesich, Ann Boh, Frank Casper, Steve Plautz, Frances Fainter.

There has been a rumor that following the grand march in costume and the decision of the judges as to the prize for Feb. 6 we should have stunts instead of games some of them to be a pie eating contest, ducking for (line undecipherable) apples, eating apples from a string, introduction to the Robinson Family and meet the Fly Family.

Don't fail to come and see our "Two Shicks" which will be given Friday, Feb 6 at Y.P. Club.


Don't Fail To Be In Costume February 6th.



Mrs. Baldwin: "I've an awful cold in my head."

Mrs. Campbell: "Well, that's something."


Advertisements included on this page: L.C. Clute, Willy Knight and Overland Sales and Service; Gullord Pharmacy; O & N Lumber Co, Willard; North Side Meat Market, C. Keiner & Sons, Greenwood; C.C. Hoehne Hardware Co., Greenwood; Schwarze Bros.



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