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Surnames: Allchin, Andregg, Becker, Bennett, Bert, Bizjak, Bredlau, Brunker, Bumerson, Decker, Denman, Dobson, Dohmeier, Flores, Fravert, Friske, Fuller, Geracaris, Glazier, Goodell, Gray, Greil, Hacker, Halverson, Harris, Herbel, Herdrich, Hinke, Hoydt, Hribar, Humke, Jaeger, Jefferies, Jones, Kauffman, Keating, Kenyon, Kiesau, Konradi, Kubs, Marshall, McCabe, Mayle, Meinholdt, Miller, Mitschka, Mooney, Neilson, Noeldner, Nordness, Owen, Powell, Rassmussen, Reineking, Riedy, Rudolph, Schmidt, Schoonover, Schwarze, Sebastian, Sieloff, Skaar, Spohr, Steiger, Stoker, Suda, Svetnicka, Syth, Terhaar, Tiede, Vollrath, Wehrman, Weinberger, Wiechman, Wilson, Zettler

----Source: Immanual Evangelical & Reformed Church (now Immanuel UCC, sometimes called "West Side Church)

Warner Township, Clark Co. WI

The Families of the German Reformed Church, Warner Twp. Clark Co., WI

The information about the families of this church were supplied by the families and complied by those members. The approximate time frame is the early to mid 1900’s. In most cases, the father’s name is listed, followed by his parent’s names and then the mother’s name, followed by her parent’s names. To provide some history, about the family, there may be a link available that will give information about the parent’s history as well as a link for the father and mother of the family. If there is other information gathered it will be from census reports and links from the website: .

If you are searching family history and find a relative (ancestor) on this site, your contributions to add to the history would be appreciated.

Parents of Ernest William2 Reineking (1854-1926) are William1 Frederick Reineking (1828-1905) and Sophia Dorthea (Hacker) Reineking (1826-1905) The 1870 census lists William (42) Sophia (43) living in Herman, Sheboygan WI and their children Bertha (18), Ernest "William" (16), Karl (13), Mathilde (11), Ida (9), Theodore (6), and Otto (3).

Parents of Marie Sophie Catharine Dohmeier (1856-1937) are Simon H. and Marie Sophie (Kiesau) Dohmeier from Herman, Sheboygan WI.

Ernest "William" and Marie Sophie Catharine were married May 6, 1881, in Herman, Sheboygan and came to Clark Co of that year.

The Wisconsin census of 1905 lists E.W. (50) wife Marie (Mary) (48) and children, Bertha (20), Meta (18) Emilia (16), Hilda (14), Otto (11), Ella (9), Selma (7), Arthur (4) living in Mead, Clark, WI.

Children of William and Marie

Baby Boy b./d. 2/26/1882, buried in East Cemetery, Immanual E & R Church, Warner, Clark, WI

Lydia Caroline3 Reineking (1883-1966)

Parents of Lydia are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Parents of Albert are Peter and Elizabeth (Herbel) Miller

Lydia married 5/17/1905 Albert Gottlieb Miller (1877-1950)

The 1920 census lists Albert (42), wife Lydia (36) with their children; Martha (13), Arno (11) and Erna (7) living in Eaton, Clark, WI, on a dairy farm.

Children of Lydia and Albert

Martha Lisette4 Miller (1906-2002) m.8/22/1929 Walter Decker (1904-1988)

The 1940 census lists Walter (34) and his wife Martha (33) living in Peru, Miami, IN, working as a cheesemaker.

Arno Arthur4 Miller (1908-1980) m. 6/1/1932 Lillian

Decker (1907-1992). The 1940 census lists Arno (31), wife Lillian (33), and daughter Joan (2) living on a farm in Eaton, Clark, WI; Arno’s parents, Albert (63) & Lydia (56) are living on the farm with them.

Children of Arno and Lillian

Joann5 Miller

Sharon5 Miller

Erna Maria4 Miller (1912-1987) m. 9/24/1932 Arthur Wehrman (1911-1957)

The 1940 census lists Arthur (30), wife Erna (28) and children Arthur Jr. (7) and Jeanette (5) living on a farm in Beaver, Clark, WI, renting the farm there.

Children of Erna and Arthur

Arthur5 Wehrman, Jr. (1933-) m. 1954 Mona Hinke

Children born to Arthur and Mona

Vickie Lee6 Wehrman (1955-) m. 1976 Lester John Konradi

Children born to Vickie and Lester

Jacob James7 Konradi (1978- )

Justin John7 Konradi (1979- )

Kay Mona6 Wehrman (1964-)

Jeanette5 Wehrman (1935- ) m. 1957 Charles Anthony Suda (1936-)

Children born to Jeanette and Charles

Rick Allen6 Suda (1957- ) m. 1980 Dawn Renee Rassmussen (1961- )

Dennis Lee6 Suda (1958- ) m. 1980 Patti Jean Hribar (1954- )

Dean Anthony6 Suda (1960- ) m. 1980 Debi Marie Schoonover

Eliot Charles6 Suda (1962- )

Janet Marie6 Suda (1965- )

Barbara5 Wehrman (1945- ) m. 1963 Donald Francis Noeldner (1940-2004)

Children born to Barbara and Donald

Susan Barbara6 Noeldner (1964- ) m. James Herdrich

Children born to Susan and James

Jennifer7 Herdrich

Jana7 Herdrich

Rachael7 Herdrich

Renee7 Herdrich

Peggy Marie6 Noeldner (1967- )

Kimberly Ann6 Noeldner (1972- ) m. Lee Bredlau

Children born to Kimberly and Lee

Booker7 Bredlau

Cooper7 Bredlau

Fletcher7 Bredlau

Tucker7 Bredlau

Steven Donald6 Noeldner (1974- )

Bertha3 Reineking (1885-1962)

Parents of Bertha are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Bertha married 1915 Arthur Sebastian (1884- ) The 1930 census lists Arthur (42), wife Bertha (45) and children, Milton (14) and Arlene (8) living in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Children of Bertha and Arthur

Milton4 Sebastian (1916-1991) m. 8/4/1941 Bernice Friske

Children of Milton and Bernice

Larry5 Sebastian m. Susan

James5 Sebastian m. Jacquie

Arlene4 Sebastian (1922- ) m. Howard Sieloff

Meta Louise3 Reineking (1886-1991)

Parents of Meta are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Parents of John F. Vollrath are William and Augusta (Decker) Vollrath

Meta m. 5/25/1910 John Vollrath (1883-1957) The 1920 census lists John (36) wife Meta (33) and children, Lorraine (3yr, 9 mo) and Arthur (9mo). The 1940 census lists John (57), Meta (54), children Alice (17), Bernice (14) and Orlin (12), both censuses in Mead, Clark, WI as farmers.

Children of Meta and John

Lorraine E4 Vollrath (1916 - ) m. 10/4/1941 Willas Edward Allchin (1915-1978)

Arthur William4 Vollrath (1919-2003) m. 10/22/1948 Irene Delores Hoydt (1924-2000)

Children of Arthur and Irene

Diane5 Vollrath (1950-) m.6/21/1986 Richard Wm. Jefferies(1950-)

Ronald5 Vollrath (1957-) m. 12/12/1992 Marta Lidia Flores (1968-)

Children of Ronald and Marta

James Arthur6 Vollrath (1998-)

Verona Marie4 Vollrath (1921- ) m.5/10/1942 Lester Marshall (1916-1994)

Children of Verona and Lester

Cynthia M5. Marshall (1949- ) m. 6/15/1972 Clifford L Dobson (1949-)

Children of Cynthia and Clifford

Tyler M.6 Dobson (1981- )

` Colby M.6 Dobson (1984- )

Roger Lee5 Marshall (1951- ) m. Pamela L. Bennett (1955-)

Alice4 Vollrath (1923- ) m. 3/19/1948 Wright Denman (1920-1996)

Children of Alice and Wright

Renee J.5 Denman, m. 9/17/1977 Peter Cavanugh McCabe (1953-)

Children of Renee and Peter

Alison Ruth6 McCabe (1985-)

Rayon Denman6 McCabe (1991-)

Douglas Dale5 Denman (1956- )

Bernice Irene4 Vollrath (1925-2002) m. 3/5/1948 Charles W. Spohr (1923-2002)

Children of Bernice and Charles

Donald Charles5 Spohr (1950-2007) m. 7/3/1971Diane Harris

Children of Donald and Diane

Stephanie6 Spohr (1975-)

m. Joni Bumerson (1955-)

m. 8/20/1977 Sue Mooney

Children of Donald and Sue

Scott Donald6 Spohr (1983-)

Larry Wayne5 Spohr m. 2/19/1983 Mary Lucille Schmidt (1960-)

Children of Larry and Mary

Jonathon Charles6 Spohr (1987-)

Orlin John4 Vollrath (1927-1957) m. 1/7/1950 Charleen Jane Fuller

Children of Orlin and Charleen

Nancy Dean5 Vollrath (1954- ) m. 8/19/1984 William Gile Wilson (1987-)

Children of Nancy and William

Patrick William6 Wilson (1987-)

Amelia Mathilda3 Reineking (1889-1968)

Parents of Amelia are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Parents of Alfred Henry Decker are Heinrich and Sophia (Schwarze) Decker

Amelia M and Alfred Henry m. 9/18/1909

Alfred Henry Decker in Warner, Clark, WI (1883-1957) 1910 census lists Alfred (27), Amelia (21), August (1 month) living with Henry and Sophie in Warner, Clark , WI. The 1940 census lists Alfred (57), Amelia (51), children, Leroy (21) and Nelda (19) living in Powder River, Montana in 1935 and 1940.

Children of Amelia and Alfred

August Wilhelm4 Decker (1910-1991) m. 10/23/1934 Mary V. Tiede (1910-2003)

Children of August and Mary

Gordon L.5 Decker (1940- )

Dona L.5 Decker m. unknown Owen

Irene Mathilde4 Decker (1912- 2000) m. 10/9/1930 Harry Leslie Powell (1893-1958)

Children of Irene and Harry

Unknown5 Powell

m. 9/30/1961 George W. Rudolph (1912-2004)

Lester Heinrich4 Decker (1914-1914)

Alvina (Alveria) Sophia4 Decker (1915-1916)

Leroy Alfred4 Decker (1918-2004) m. unknown

Children of Leroy and unknown

Allan5 Decker m. Janie unknown

Bonnie5 Decker m. Linn Bert

Purley5 Decker m. Rita unknown

Mary5 Decker m. Del Glazier

Nelda Marie4 Decker (1920-1960)

Children of Nelda and unknown spouse

Amelia Hazel5 Goodell (1950-1956)

Hilda Clara3 Reineking (1891-1974) m. 1918 William Becker (1886-)

Parents of Hilda are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Father of William Becker is August Becker (1850- )

The 1940 census lists Hilda (48) and William (55) living in Shorewood, Milwaukee WI, William working as a street car operator.

Otto Henry3 Reineking (1893-1954) m.5/21/1919 Sophia Meinholdt (1896-1970)

Parents of Otto are William and Marie (Dohmier) Reineking

Parents of Olga are Ernest "Theodore" and Ida (Decker) Meinholdt

The 1920 census lists E. William (65), Marie (63), Otto’s parents; Otto (26), wife Olga (34), Otto’s siblings Selma (21) and Arthur (19) living in Mead, Clark WI, farming in section #24. The 1930 census lists Otto (36), wife Olga (34) and children Norman (10) and Elvera (4yr & 2 mo) living on the same farm. The 1940 census, still living in Mead township, Otto (46), Olga (43) and children; Norman (20), Elvera (14), Eldora was born in 1932, but is not listed on the census.

Children of Otto and Olga

Norman E.4 Reineking born 3/13/1920, baptized 4/25/1920, confirmed 3/30/1934 m. 4/19/1944 Sophie Bizjak (1922-2012)

Children of Norman and Sophie

Charlotte5 Reineking

Gail Marie5 Reineking (1949- )m. 1/16/1971 John Kubs

Children of Gail and John

Erik Christopher6 Kubs (1974- ) m. 8/20/1994 Jacquelyn Kenyon

Children of Erik and Jacquelyn

Carissa Kaylan7 Kubs (1995- )

m. 12/20/2003 Amy Harris (1976- )

Children of Erik and Amy

Alec John7 Kubs (2005- )

m. 2/7/1981 David Jaeger

Gene Edward5 Reineking (1950- ) m. 8/11/1973 Mary Lee Brunker (1950- )

Children of Gene and Mary

Aaron Daniel6 Reineking (1979-)

Wayne Gary5 Reineking (1963- ) m. 8/8/1980 Jody Mayle

m. 8/1/2001 Jain Skaar

Step children of Wayne/children of Jain

Travis Greil (1981- )

Matthew Greil (1984- )

Jacob Greil (1984-2012)

Elvera Verona4 Reineking born 1/29/1926, baptized 3/28/1926 m. 6/4/1949 Orlin Fravert (1925-1966)

Children of Elvera and Orlin

Margaret Ann5 Fravert (1955- ) m. 10/13/1973Juan Filipe Geracaris (1950- )

Children of Margaret and Juan

Juancito6 Elmer Geracaris (1974- )

Mark Orlin5 Fravert (1959- ) m. 6/5/1982 Debbie Weinberger (1960- )

Children of Mark and Debbie

Garrett Lee6 Fravert (1987- )

Claire Elise6 Fravert (1990- )

Marilyn Kay5 Fravert (1961- ) m. 9/15/1984 Robert Zettler (1960- )

Children of Marilyn and Robert

Lynzi6 Zettler (1988- )

David6 Zettler (1993- )

m.12/16/1972 Elmer Humke (1923-2010)

Eldora Irene4 Reineking born 8/23/ 1932, baptized 10/16/1932

m. 7/30/1955 Dale H. Vollrath (1929- )

Children of Eldora and Dale

Terence Dale5 Vollrath (1956- ) m. 12/27/1980 Stephanie Jones (1958- )

Children of Terence and Stephanie

Faythe Teren6 Vollrath (1981- )

Ruth Marie5 Vollrath (1959- ) m. 12/30/1989 Edward Joseph Keating (1953- )

Children of Ruth and Edward

Yulia Marie6 Keating (1995- )

Oleysa Irene6 Keating (1995- )

Juojahnto Henry6 Keating (1993- )

Bahdmah Daniel6 Keating (1995- )

Thomas Henry5 Vollrath (1961- ) m. 6/25/1988 Ann Marie Wiechman (1957- )

Children of Thomas and Ann Marie

Luke Henry6 Vollrath (1990- )

Heidi Rose6 Vollrath (1993- )

Nicholas Thomas6 Vollrath (1996- )

Ella Sophie3 Reineking (1895-1963) m. 9/14/1916 Edwin J. Steiger (1894-1948)

Parents of Ella are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Parents of Edwin J. Steiger are August and Magdalena (Andregg) Steiger

The 1920 census lists Edwin (25), wife Ella (24), mother Magdalena (65), and children; Evelyn (18 mo) and Marion (5 mo) living in Warner, Clark, WI.

Children of Ella and Edwin

Evelyn E.4 Steiger (1918-1977) m. 9/29/1943 Karl Mitschka

Children of Evelyn and Karl

Randall5 Mitschka

Marian M.4 Steiger (1919-1984) m. 6/11/1941 Gordon Neilson

Beatrice Ella4 Steiger (1924-2004) m. Dale Syth (1924-1983)

Children of Beatrice and Dale

Andrea5 Syth m. Ted Terhaar

Jim5 Syth m. Lois

Libby5 Syth m. William

Grandchildren of Beatrice and Dale

Christopher6, Jill6, Emily6, Grant6 and Nolan6

Great-grandchildren of Beatrice and Dale

Jasmine7 and Dakota7

Kenneth4 Steiger (1927- ) m. 11/15/1947 Janice Baird

Ervin John4 Steiger (1929-2005) m.5/13/1950 Dorothy J. Kauffman

Children of Ervin and Dorothy

Keith5 Steiger m. Betty

David5 Steiger

Debra5 Steiger m. James Riedy

John5 Steiger (infant deceased)

Grandchildren of Ervin and Dorothy

Benjamin6, Mathew6, Katherine6, Kelley6 and Thomas6

Selma Adina3 Reineking (1898-1986)

Parents of Selma are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Arthur William3 Reineking (1900-1994)

m. 3/27/1923 Mable O. Gray (1904-1994)

Parents of Arthur are William and Marie (Dohmeier) Reineking

Parents of Mable Grey are Walter and Ella Halverson Gray

Children of Arthur and Mable

Bernelda4 Reineking m. Bud Nordness

Children of Bernelda and Bud

Michael5 Nordness m. Kathy

Children of Michael and Kathy

Andrew6 Nordness

Alexander6 Nordness

Wendy5 Nordness m. Jerry Stoker

Children of Wendy and Jerry

Scott6 Stoker

Matthew6 Stoker

Harold4 Reineking m. Marlene

Children of Harold and Marlene

Lynn5 Reineking m. Tom Svetnicka

Children of Lynn and Tom